Wedding Reception Roulette Pt. 06


Connor felt the hot wet sensation around his cock, it started his rise towards wakefulness. He heard a cry muffled moan of pleasure, as his dick was fully engulfed. He opened his eyes and saw the glorious sight of his Auntie Vanessa, hot and eager, as her mouth swallowed his rock-hard dick.

Lifting off his cock for just a moment, Vanessa cooed, “I just woke up a few minutes ago, and with your cock so hard and eager, I wanted to fluff you up, and flood my mouth. Lay back my sweet nephew, and enjoy the sight.”

Connor was happy to do so, as Vanessa’s mouth took him back in with a single hard thrust of her mouth, swallowing him right to the balls She gently gripped his balls, eager to make his cock a red hot poker, Connor grunted, the wet rush that surrounded his prick felt so fucking good.

Vanessa settled into a rhythm, she had sucked so many cocks, she knew exactly how to deliver the best blowjob.

Vanessa looked up towards his face as she sucked and slurped all over his dick, her hand was gently toying with his swollen balls, her full lips had the cocksucker tight grip, her tongue swirled around his cock, and he was extending down her throat, she was an expert at deepthroating.

Connor felt his cock, steel hard, jerk and swell. So did Vanessa, as she drew back, squeezed his balls just a little bit tighter, and fired her mouth down one last time, feeling his cock slide into her throat, she swallowed rapidly around his cock, Connor grunted and growled, Vanessa could feel his dick pulsate there as her warm throat milked him.

She felt the first two ribbons heading for her stomach, then she pulled back, squeezing his balls gently, letting his cock jet more thick gouts of spunk, Mmmmm, she adored the tase, and sucked hungrily, wanting to drain his cock of every drop.

After a short rest, Vanessa cooed, “I have a minimum of 4 requirements for a great sex session. You licked my horny eager cunt to a real explosion, I got my eager Girne Escort cunt fucked and flooded, I gave you a hot, creamy blowjob, and I need to get my ass eaten then buggered. We got three of those down, time to go 4 for 4.”

She went to hands and knees, lay her head down on the pillow, reaching back, she cupped her ass and pulled her cheeks apart. Connor was looking right at the tight little pucker, oh fuck, it looked so lickable, and he eagerly dived in. He loved to do ass munching, it always drove his cock up to the max, and this time was no exception.

Vanessa, swimming in the pleasure, purred as Connor’s tongue lapped at her ass cheeks. She squirmed her ass, letting Connor know how much she relished it. Connor moved his hands to her ass, and Vanessa let go as he gripped them. Vanessa brought her hands down to the tits, grabbing them and tweaking her nipples, almost breathless with the anticipation of Connor’s mouth.

Connor moved in, he put her lips to the delicate hole of Vanessa’s ass, running her tongue around at the tight clench, then running his tongue fully over her asshole, enjoying the sounds of pleasure that rose from his Auntie Vanessa. A passionate shiver rippled over Vanessa’s naked body as she felt Connor’s mouth take control of her asshole. His lips pressed hotly against the tight little pucker, then his tongue followed, licking and probing, pressing slightly into the tight clench, he brought his finger into play, and gently drove his finger in, pumping slowly, gently finger buggering her, her gasps and loud moans of pleasure drove his cock up to maximum.

“Fuck oh fuck, take my ass now, I need to get well buggered, let me have it!”

Connor rose, he lubed up his dick, and the large head was pressed against her ass. He pushed, and Vanessa let out a loud gasp as the head drove in.

“Keep going, don’t stop!”

Vanessa felt the twinges, her asshole at first resisting the entry, Magosa Escort as Connor slowly pushed his dick in. it would take just a little bit more, there, Mmmmm, right there, her ass wanted it all, now welcoming the filling, and she growled, “Now, shove the rest in, let me have it!”

She let out a pleasure-filled cry as Connor did exactly that, she was stuffed, and his balls smacked against her pussy as he bottomed out.

“Yes, yes, I love it, bugger me, give it to me!”

The acceptance was the best part, mmmm, getting her ass reamed drove her crazy, and she grunted, growled, and gasped as Connor was urged on to bugger her harder, faster, she was moving wantonly backward to meet Connor’s lustful strokes, as she rotated her buttocks around and around Connor’s hard-driving shaft in sexual need, grinding her greedily clinging asshole back over the dick plunging into her.

“Do you like it, my dear nephew? Do you like having an Auntie slut, who needs lots of hard cock? Tell me!”

“Oh yeah, you little cock crazy auntie, a little slut fuck doll, letting your nephew fuck every hole you have, gonna love flooding your sweet tight ass!”

That hit Vanessa’s kink button, she loved being called what she was, and the sounds of wet, sweaty bodies slapping together rose up. Her hand was buried in her cunt, masturbating wildly. She was getting a hard, driving buggering that she needed, and when she felt his dick swell up tight, the other hand grabbed his balls, squeezed, and as she stroked herself to orgasm, she felt her ass clamp down even tighter, she felt the hot bloom of his load jetting into her ass, a thick pasting of cum to drench her dark asshole, mmmmmm, that felt so good, Connor’s grunts joined in as she moaned and shook with orgasmic bliss.


They were relaxing in the post-orgasm glow, when Vanessa asked him, “Connor, I’m very curious, and I wonder if you could see clear to telling me, who was Kıbrıs Escort my anonymous fuck at the reception?”

Connor said, “Are you sure you really want to know?”

Vanessa pleaded, “Oh please, I need to know my mind won’t let it rest!”

“Okay, here it is. Your son Scott was your anonymous suck and fuck!”

Vanessa was floored, her face a mask of shock and surprise. Even in her shocked state, she could feel the tickle of lust deep inside. her son had fucked her. Mommy-son incest, so perverted, so nasty…but deep down, she could feel the SO HOT button being pressed.

Before the day was through, Connor had done twice her minimum, after a shower, they were both ready to go again. Vanessa was fully in the grip of her lust-driven urges, she had fucked her son, god, it powered her up beyond anything she had felt, and she fucked and sucked Connor like a wildcat in heat.

Vanessa had taken a butt plug while Connor was reaming her cunt, and the way his dick rubbed against her butt plug made her lust roar, and the explosions both of them enjoyed were nothing short of stunning, as Vanessa’s screams of pleasure filled the bedroom.

Vanessa was doing her slut Auntie best, she fully enjoyed draining his cock again into all her holes, fantasizing that Scott was fucking her, and Connor was happy to oblige, flooding her with more hot loads.


Late that night, after Connor had left, she needed one more, and with her trusty butt plug stuffing her asshole, she masturbated wildly, her 8-inch dildo reaming her cunt. She thought about Scott, the way she’d sucked his dick to a mouth-filling load, Mmmmm, his skill at licking her tight little cunt, and the solid, power-filled lunges as his swollen cock packed her vaginal vault, getting stuffed with lust-driven plunges, god, oh fuck, his cock swelling, fuck, fuck, and as the fantasy cock exploded a sizzling load into her overheated cunt, she screamed in orgasm as her holes clamped down, her body squirming and writhing in the grip of another explosive orgasm.

As she drifted, she knew that she needed it again, Scott’s skills were superb, especially his cunt licking, but certain details needed to be worked out. With that thought in mind, she drifted off to sleep.

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