A Perverted Party


It was another Friday night get together, just eight friends who liked a good time and knew how to have one.This party was at Paul and Jenny’s place and as usual the booze was flowing like water. I was with Jimmy my boyfriend, Lisa and Karen were together in a big old chair and Sheila was sitting with her boyfriend Michael on the floor. Paul is my brother, older by three minutes so as you would imagine, we’re close.He was quite drunk as always at these parties and Jenny wasn’t far behind, they were dancing together in the middle of the floor, smooching would probably be a better word, he had both hands up the back of her short skirt stroking her sexy little bottom through her almost non-existent panties and she was loving it.Lisa was casually licking Karen’s neck and whispering in her ear whilst Sheila was wriggling her bottom on Michael’s bulge and I was enjoying Jimmy’s hand up my skirt stroking the naked flesh of my thighs above my stockings.”Keep that mood big man,” I whispered to him. “I’m as horny as hell tonight.””Hey everybody,” he shouted. “Polly’s horny.””Polly’s always horny.” Lisa laughed and pulled Karen up to smooch alongside Paul and Jenny,”You bastard,” I laughed at Jimmy and got up to take Girne Escort Lisa up on her offer to dance, although she and Karen were lovers and currently living together, they were both bi-sexual and both enjoyed other lovers whenever the opportunity arose.”I think we’re all horny Polly,” she smiled, “we ought to play a game.””Good idea,” I said softly. “Let’s play go upstairs and lick some pussy.””I’ve never heard of that one, is it new?””I just thought of it,” I giggled and wrapped my arms around her neck as she kissed me, her perfume filled my nostrils and I felt my juices running as I kissed her back and felt her large unfettered breasts pressing against mine.”Right everybody,” Jenny called out, “we’re going to play truth or dare, everyone game for it?”Paul refreshed everyone’s drink and we all sat on the floor in a big circle.Taking an an empty bottle, put it in the middle and twirled round, it pointed at Sheila who shrieked with laughter.”Truth or dare Sheila?” he asked,”Truth,” she replied.”Is it true that you sometimes go to work without wearing panties?” Jenny asked and Sheila nodded.”Yes, quite often in summer.””Tart!” Lisa said but without any malice and Magosa Escort Sheila span the bottle, it pointed at me and bravely I said, “Dare.””Take your panties off,” said Michael and earned himself a playful dig in the ribs from Sheila, the penalty for refusing was a forfeit and in the past they’d been pretty wild, so I stood up and eased my panties down to step out of them,”Ooh stockings,” Jimmy leered. “Sexy!””Pervert,” I giggled and threw them to him, he put them over his head and rolled his eyes in mock ecstasy as he inhaled my aroma and I set the bottle twirling.Jenny chose a dare too and she had to take hers off, but braver than me, she sat with her legs open stroking her pretty little cunt.It was Michael’s turn next and he chose truth.”Have you ever had sexual thoughts about a close family member?” Jenny asked and unhesitatingly he answered, “Yes.””Who?” she asked, but got shouted down for asking two questions,Jimmy had to choose next and he opted for dare,”I dare you to snog Karen for two minutes,” Michael said and damned near got bowled over by Jimmy in his rush to get to the sexy girl. Karen was as keen as Jimmy and by the time the two minutes were up, everybody Kıbrıs Escort was a bit hot under the collar.Another round of drinks and the bottle pointed at me again,”Dare,” I laughed.”Take your dress off.”I stood up drunkenly and slipped the dress off my shoulders to a chorus of wolf whistles and cheers, my bra was a quarter cup that left my nipples free.Jenny smiled at me and licked her lips lasciviously. “Nice nipples, Polly.””Thank you.” I blew her a kiss. “Nice pussy.”I span the bottle then and once again it pointed at Michael.”Truth,” he said again and carried on caressing Sheila’s breasts inside her sweater.”Which family member have you had sexual thoughts about?””Sandra, my sister.”The atmosphere was getting more heavily charged by the minute as Michael volunteered another answer. “I saw her fucking her girlfriend one night and I’ve had the hots for her ever since.””Incest is best,” Karen laughed and then cursed merrily when the bottle pointed towards her.”Oh fuck it, Dare,” she laughed. “All right, I’ll take my panties off,” but Michael waved a finger in admonishment,”No let Jenny take them off.”Jenny weaved drunkenly around us and knelt at Karen’s feet as the giggling girl hitched her skirt up, but the giggles changed to low moans as Jenny kissed the front of her panties and ran her tongue down the whole length of her slit before easing the delicate little garment down and off.The girls sat together then as Karen twirled the bottle and Paul groaned as it pointed to him,

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