Camilla’s Valentine’s Day Party



Camilla Abercrombie and Suska Patel lay topless by the pool of the Abercrombie’s luxurious home. The house was a neo-modern structure built in a gated community on a bluff. Ten acres of wood surrounded each house on three sides, each with a private beach. Other homes faced the same lake at intervals but were built to maintain the illusion of isolation.

Suska Patel was 54 and in an arranged marriage. Culturally she was Indian, having come to the States with her parents and husband at 18. She was raised to be a good wife to the man they chose for her. However, her Americanization made her conclude that while she respected her husband, she did not love him. Her friend Camilla was the outlet for her frustrations.

“Honestly, Camilla, he drives me crazy with the preemptory way he speaks to me. It’s like I’m a servant in my own home!”

“Well, Suska, tell him, make him understand that you see life differently now than you did at 18 when you married him.”

Suska thought about what her friend had said but knew it was too late for her to change. Her husband was 71 and ill. She felt obligated to take care of him. To compensate for a sheltered home life, she sunbathed topless while wearing a micro bikini bottom at her 25-year friend’s home.

At barely five feet and 130 pounds, she had the full curvy figure that was popular in America. Rather than hide it, she flaunted it.

When she and Camilla went on their frequent shopping trips, she wore colorful flowing lehengas custom cut to fit tighter across her full hips. The matching blouses were unpadded, emphasizing her 36D cups while deemphasizing their mature sag. She was slightly pear-shaped with firm, womanly hips, and legs.

At 54, Camilla was physically similar to Suska. However, culturally, they were miles apart. Camilla was a California native. Although born in the ’60s, she still had the 1960’s attitude about sex and drugs. As a young woman, she was part of the free love culture, where she viewed sex as a full-contact recreational activity.

She met her husband, Larry, in college. Early in their college courtship and eventual marriage, she and her husband engaged in routine partner-swapping with close friends. The lifestyle fitted Camilla’s progressive attitude about sex. She loved the feel of a new cock in her cunt and frequently the taste of another woman’s pussy.

That lifestyle tailed off as Larry’s business prospered. At some point, appearance became more important than adventure. She still routinely toked the occasional joint and enjoyed white wine.

“Hell, Suska, there’s nothing wrong with a little sexual teasing. It adds spice to life. And God knows I could use more spice in my sex life. In 32 years of marriage, Larry and I have gone from swinging to almost monkish behavior.”

Suska turned toward her friend, resting her head on her hand. Her breasts sagged comfortably to one side.

“For the life of me, I can’t imagine how that would go. How do you have sex with someone other than your husband in the first place? However, to do it in the same room, sometimes in the same bed, blows my fucking mind.”

“Try it! You’ll like it,” Camilla laughed.

“Sanjay would never agree to that. Part of our marriage contract was that I was a virgin. I have never had or seen another cock.”

Suska lay back down and ran her hand down her side and over her thigh. These conversations with her friend always left her horny. While she never had sex with another man, she routinely fantasized about it.

“Look, let’s stop talking about sex. I’m getting horny! By the way, you said your son Derek’s coming home.”

“Yes, he broke up with that skinny redhead bitch,” Camilla said. “She was never right for him.”

Camilla rose to her knees, her breasts swung gently. Her bikini bottom was styled as high-leg French panties. She reached for Suska’s glass.

“Let me freshen your drink.”

“Tell me more about this Valentine’s Day party.”

Suska handed Camilla her glass. She watched the soft roll of Camilla’s 38″ hips as she moved across the entertainment room to the inlaid tile wet bar.

Although a virgin when she married, Suska and her older sister shared an intense sexual relationship. They progressed from mutual masturbation to oral sex before she was married and moved out. She had secret sexual fantasies about Camilla that she never shared.

“Yes, the party! I was tired of getting chocolates for Valentine’s Day. Besides, my ass is big enough!” She emphasized her point by slapping her behind.

Camilla stepped behind the bar and filled their small brandy snifters half full of the golden liquid in the decanter. The liqueur was called bhang, an Indian concoction of distilled marijuana oil, fermented honey, and butter. It was 60-proof, smooth, and sweet on the palate but packed a significant kick. Indian culture said it had a mild aphrodisiac effect.

“Please,” Suska laughed, “Let’s not talk about big asses! I could put a wide load sign on mine!”

The Magosa Escort two friends shared a giggle. Camilla walked back across the floor and handed Suska her drink.

“How many glasses have we had? We need to be careful. This stuff packs a punch. Do we have to dress up for the dinner party?”

“Initially, that is what I was thinking of a formal dinner. However, when I called Arabella Krone, she suggested Valentine’s theme dress. You know, red stuff, hearts, and all.”

“Really! That’s a surprise! She looks like she just sucked on a sour lemon and has a stick up her ass. Her recommending costumes is out of character. “

“Come on, Suska! She’s not that bad. I have known her for 25 years. She has her moments.”

“If you say so! By the way, you know my husband Sanjay is not coming, so it will be my daughter Chandra and me.”

“He never does!”

Camilla paused for a moment. The mention of Suska’s husband triggered a thought.

“Earth to Camilla! Where did you go?”

“Look! I just had an idea. Nobody knows about bhang except us. So why don’t I serve it as a cordial to loosen everyone up and not tell them?”

She and Camilla usually drank the potent Indian cordial while sunning themselves by the pool. It relaxed them and helped to overcome Suska’s cultural inhibitions and self-consciousness about nudity.

Sometimes they overdid it.

Once, their playful tussling in the water turned into an intense lip-lock with their hands lustfully exploring each other’s bodies. Suska shivered as she recalled her hands down Camilla’s bikini bottom, fingering her pussy while Camilla did the same to her and sucked her nipples. Only the sound of Larry’s car pulling into the driveway stopped a full-on bisexual tryst.

“You…uh…know the effect that can have,” Suska said haltingly, recalling the tryst and licking her friend’s pussy juices from her hand afterward, “things could get out of hand.”

“Nonsense,” Camilla said blithely, “we’ll use it as a before-dinner drink to sharpen everyone’s appetite and loosen their tongues. If it keeps Frank and Larry from discussing business at the dinner table, it’s worth it.”

“Consider it a done deal then.” Suska glanced at her fashionable Fossil watch. “Jesus! I didn’t know it was that late! I need to get home and let Sanjay’s nurse go.”

Chapter 02

Later that night, Camilla lay on her back, looking up into the sweating face of her husband. Larry’s eyes were screwed shut, and the veins in his neck stood out prominently. She could almost see them pulsing. His face was florid and his breath came in sharp gasps. It would signal a heart attack on any other man at any other time. But, experience taught her that her husband was going to come.

As she wrapped her legs around her husband’s back to push him to his orgasm, she noticed the stress crack in the bedroom ceiling. She thrust up hard and flexed her Kegel muscles, causing her pussy to contract rhythmically, forcing her husband to cum. She thrust her full pink hips up hard against his frantic pumping.


Larry stroked hard once, twice, three times into his wife’s pussy, dumping his load deep in her. He collapsed on top of Camilla, his heart beating like a trip hammer and gasping to catch his breath.

“Mmmm, that was nice, dear,” Camilla said, her hands sliding down his back and patting his ass.

She made a mental note that it was probably time to remodel the bedroom. The guy who did Suska’s house would be perfect.

“Mmmm, that was fantastic, baby!” Larry rolled off Camilla and lay flat on his back, sweat streaming off him.

“It was good for me too, Larry!”

Camilla rolled to her side, threw one plump leg over her husband’s leg, and stroked his chest.

“Have you thought about the Valentine’s Day party?”

“Is that why you put that good fucking on me,” Larry laughed, “you were softening me up to agree to a costume party?”

“Baby, you know I love making love with you! However, if we’re going to have the party, I need to do some planning.”

“So, who are you inviting?”

“I want to keep it small. The Patels, your business partner Frank Krone and his wife, Arrabella. The kids, Derek and Carol. Suska Patel says her daughter might come.”

“Chandra Patel? Why would the Patels’ daughter want to come? You said it was going to be a little risqué..”

” I said risqué, not freaky! Chandra is a 22-year-old woman and more than old enough to attend an adult party,” Camilla said. “Besides, she has had a crush on Derek since she was 18 and he was 20. Carol says he is all she talks about.”

Camilla kissed Larry’s chest as she grasped his limp cock and squeezed it gently. It was not a hard sell to get him to agree. However, she knew what she needed to do to seal the deal. One of the many skills she was renowned for in their partner-swapping days was blowjobs. Their old swapping friends called her hoover.

She kissed his belly as she slowly stroked Kıbrıs Escort his hardening cock.

“Although if I have too much to drink, I might let everyone see me sucking your big cock! “Would you like that, baby? Would you like our friends to see me suck your cock?”

Camilla felt the tremors in his abdomen as she took his cock down in her mouth. Larry loved for her to talk like that. It reminded him of watching her suck off their friends back in the day. She pursed her lips and blew her warm breath on his sensitive mushroom head.

“Fuck! Baby, that feels incredible! But I’m not sure if…!”

She took his cock, still covered in their juices, into her mouth. Her husband was a one-and-done kind of guy. Still, she loved the taste of her pussy on his cock.

She indulged in her fantasy as she sucked on her husband’s semi-hard tool. It was not Larry’s cock in her mouth; it was her son’s rigid tool. And the juices weren’t hers, but Suska’s.

She humped her husband’s thigh as this recurrent fantasy filled her mind. She was not sure how it started, but the thought of watching her son fuck her best friend caused her pussy to tremble and her hips to slide harder on her husband’s thigh. Camilla orgasmed with the image of her son’s long thick cock spewing its baby batter into her Indian friend. There was only one hotter fantasy. It was her being fucked by her son!

Chapter 03

It was 3 am when Derek stepped from his Cadillac SRX in his parents’ driveway. He stretched, trying to get the kinks out. With only brief stops, he had driven cross country. He briefly reflected on what it meant that at 26 years old, his refuge in crisis was still his childhood home.

The breakup with his longtime live-in girlfriend was traumatic. Anne hurled invective at him, accusing him of being a momma’s boy. All of this was because he did not want to get married.

Sighing, he reached back into the SUV and retrieved his backpack. The remainder of his clothes and other personal items filled the cargo area of the SUV. He fumbled in a pocket and found the key.

Derek smiled as he walked up the driveway. His mother gave him the key when he and Anne were here for Christmas. In a private moment, she said she could tell the relationship was in trouble. She told him he could always come home. And here he was, he thought ruefully as he walked up the drive toward the kitchen door.

Camilla was expecting her son. She did not expect it to be at the ungodly hour of three in the morning. The car coming up the driveway awakened her from a fevered sleep.

Unusual for this time of year in central California, the nights were warm and humid. She had taken to sleeping nude. Not that it mattered to her husband. Only his snoring indicated he was not dead.

She rolled out of bed, her large breasts swinging as she moved. She stretched languorously, her hands out above her head. A light sheen of sweat covered her lush body. She stood and retrieved her diaphanous robe from the back of her dressing table chair. Camilla yawned expansively as she strode down the narrow hall past her daughter’s room.

Her robe flowed back across her naked body as she descended the stairs to the kitchen door. Through the curtained glass, she can see the outline of her son filling the window. She smiled indulgently as she watched him fumble with the key. She reached for the door and realized she had not buttoned her robe. She lifted the hem of her robe and began buttoning it.

Derek finally got the key in the lock and opened the door. Lit only by the patio light, mother and son were at first startled. Camilla stood with her partially buttoned robe waist-high, revealing her cleanly shaved pussy,and full mature thighs. Above that, her breasts were bare, her nipples hard and gleaming slightly with her sweat.

Derek’s mouth gaped open, and his cock hardened as he beheld his mother’s partially clothed body. Flashes of memory of growing up here and seeing her like this added to the moment’s unintentional eroticism.

The tableau, her body exposed, with Derek openly ogling, lasted brief seconds. Camilla dropped the hem of her gown, threw her arms wide, and embraced her son. She was ashamed of the sexual heat suffusing her body.

“Welcome home, Honey!”

Camilla stepped forward and wrapped her arms around her son’s neck. As she kissed him on the cheek, the bulge of his cock on her thigh disconcerted her.

Derek’s cock sprang to attention as his mother’s voluptuous figure pressed against him. Sweet Jesus! Mom has a fantastic body!

“Uh…thanks, mom! Sorry to be so late.”

“Nonsense! Anytime I can see my son is a good time!”

Camilla clung to Derek for a beat longer than was comfortable for a mother and son. She dreamed about him tonight as she often did after sex with her husband. The embrace, and her moistening pussy, was a residual from the fog of the dream. She released him and stepped back.

He is so fucking handsome, she thought!

“Are Lefkoşa Escort you hungry? I have some potato salad and cold cuts,” Camilla said, taking his hand and leading him inside

“Thanks, mom, but no! I need a stiff drink to unwind and about a week of sleep.”

“Poor baby! I knew that red-headed bitch was the wrong woman for you!”

Camilla flipped on the hall light, leading her son to the entertainment room with its wet bar. She was unaware that the subdued LED lights made her sheer robe transparent. She was virtually naked.

Derek dropped his backpack in the kitchen as his mother led him down the hall.

Through the translucent sheer robe, he saw the soft roll of his mother’s behind as she walked. As she chattered and walked, she turned sideways, giving him a side view of her large pendulous breasts with her prominent nipples. Despite his fatigue from the long drive, his cock was painfully erect in his jeans.

Camilla indicated he should sit at the bar as she moved behind it. She turned to the control panel behind the bar and turned on soft mood lighting. That lighting continued the effect of exposing her body.

“Rather than hard liquor, Suska, you remember Suska Patel? Well, our new favorite drink is a concoction her husband makes. Try it and tell me what you think.”

She poured three fingers of the golden-hued liqueur into two tumblers and handed one to her son.

She held the glass up in a toast. “Welcome home, baby!”

Derek tapped his glass to his mother’s glass. “It’s good to be home.”

He took a large sip, rolled it around in his mouth, then swallowed it.

“Mmmm, smooth!” he finished the glass and held it out for a refill.

Camilla followed suit and refilled both of their glasses. The potent liqueur immersed their bodies in a warm glow. Camilla walked from behind the bar, took a stool, and turned it to face her son. She crossed her legs at the ankle, causing the robe to fall between her thighs. Only the dim lighting prevented her son from seeing her nether region. She took another sip of her drink, then leaned toward her son.

“I cleaned up your old room. There wasn’t much to do. It’s clean from when you and Anne were here.”

Derek openly stared, less uncomfortable with his mother’s partial nudity as the liqueur warmed him.

Camilla was aware of her son ogling her body. It was at once arousing and embarrassing. She dreamed of intimate moments like this with her son in her fantasy world. These were moments when she cast aside the societal strictures and indulged her incestuous lust for him.

The fact that she had these secret fantasies was embarrassing. She fumbled with the buttons, trying to finish the job she started at the kitchen door. However, the bhang made her fingers feel like unresponsive sausages.

Derek smiled as his mother fumbled, trying to button her sheer peignoir. “Here, mom! Let me help you with that.”

He sat his glass on the bar and scooted forward on the stool. Fatigue and the liqueur impaired his reflexes. When he grasped the two halves of the gown in his hand and tried to insert the button in its hole, the other fingers of his hands brushed his mother’s warm breast.

Camilla felt an added warmth as her son fumbled, buttoning her gown. On the second button, the palms of his hands lay on the fullness of her breasts. She was dimly aware of the impropriety of this. However, she rationalized it was only a few more buttons, although the warm heat of his palm on her breasts was hard to ignore.

Derek leaned further forward. The last button was on his mother’s belly. He felt a tremor in her abdomen as he fumbled and finally buttoned it. The blood roared in his ears as it rushed to his rigid cock.

“There,” he said, “you are not flashing your son.”

Indignant and a little buzzed, Camilla sat erect on the barstool and placed her hands on her full hips.

“Flashing you! I’m your mother! Mothers don’t flash sons. What has that skinny bitch been teaching my son?”

Derek laughed and leaned forward, placing his hands on Camilla’s thighs.

“Now we’ve gone from you flashing me to asking about my sex life. What’s been going on around here?”

Camilla picked up the decanter and refilled their glasses. “Well, it’s not sex!”

Her voice was slurred. She realized that drinking on an empty stomach was not a good idea. The sweet, potent liqueur was going straight to her head.

Laughing, Derek held up one hand. The other flexed, squeezing Camilla’s thigh just above the knee.

“TMI, mom, TMI! That is WAY too much information. The last thing I want to hear is my parents’ sex life!”

When he dropped his hand, it ended up high on her thigh, with his thumbs on her inner thigh.

“It wouldn’t take too much time,” Camilla giggled, “it’s a short story with few chapters!”

Camilla realized she was talking too much. The cordial and the proximity of her handsome son was loosening her tongue.

She glanced down at her son’s large hands flexing on her thighs. She saw the bulge of his tool in his jeans; it almost seemed to pulse.

They were sitting so close she felt his breath on her face. Derek’s hands flexed, then slid up her thigh pushing her robe up. Alarms went off in her head, and she grasped Derek’s wrist.

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