Dick girl lust


OK, I’ll give you a short version of my twenty nine years of existence. I was born in 1982, I was born a girl, but I had something wrong with me when I was in my mother’s womb so the doctor’s said when I reached the age of twelve I would have to have an operation. I had the operation with machines to me. But somehow during that time, while in theatre, something out of the ordinary happened. I grew a boy’s penis and balls. The doctors told my parents there was nothing they could do.So, during Girne Escort my junior year in high school, I started puberty and started producing male and female hormones. I grew breasts on top and started having wet dreams that boys got when they started puberty. What made it even worse was when I had to change in girls locker rooms and the girls changing made me ever so horny seeing their breasts. I had to hide in the loo as the result of my horniness Magosa Escort lead me to have a huge hard on through my school skirt. Kids called me a freak of nature. My first sex experience was with a school goddess called Melissa Godden, who had the most amazing set of knockers.I am now twenty nine and run a stripper club. I thought it be a lot easier for me to do than in any other job. I hired the most beautiful, sexy, gorgeous strippers all over the Kıbrıs Escort world and brought in loads of customers. I have been proposed to by a few sexy men and when I tell them that I’m half and half they run a mile.One night after closing, I stubbed out my cigarette in the ashtray at the bar and hopped off the stall. There was only me and this gorgeous exotic looking dancer called Lolita only eighteen left. All the other staff had gone home. I sat down in front of Lolita slowly moving up and down the stripper pole in just a black pair of knickers.I felt a sexual arousal in my groin area triggering a reaction to my dick which moved. It was getting excited. I kept on watching lustfully wanting to touch her, hold her, taste her, taste her sweet pussy juices in my mouth.

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