Mom’s Laptop, Part 4


I stood in my bedroom doorway and watched my son, Toby, masturbate. He noticed me and a slight smile crossed his lips. He’d stroke for maybe ten seconds, then he’d move my laptop’s mouse and go back to stroking.He looked good. Toby was standing up, completely naked, but his hair was combed and his posture was straight. His hips moved back and forth slightly. I couldn’t see what he was looking at, the laptop was turned away from me, which made me curious. He might be watching just about anything. All I knew was that it made him hard.I was torn between watching Toby masturbate – like any mom, I enjoyed watching my son do just about anything – and leaving him to privately engage with whatever it was. Just as I was about to turn away, Toby ejaculated. He came on my desk, streams of cum pooling together. He turned toward me.“Hey, mom,” he said. “You like to watch?”I’m sure I blushed, but I said, “No, Toby, the, uh, timing of my arrival was a coincidence. What are you looking at?”“Bongacams. It’s nothing special.”“Can you show me?”“Sure,” Toby said, with the assurance of a 16-year old doing computer things.He cleaned off his hand on a towel… I’ve got to remember about how he uses towels… and put us on the homepage. Lots of cams, all approximately live, although you had to keep the cursor on one to see it actually move. But the short answer was… the cams displayed almost everything. Although the page showed mostly women, my age and younger, lots Magosa Escort of boobs and asses and pussies, there were couples, one of them having sex, and lots of the women were half or entirely naked and lots of those were using dildos or vibrators. And there were pairs of lesbians, one pair kissing, that caught my attention.“Wow,” I said, “that’s enough.” It made me breathless. Bongacams showed too many people doing too many things.Toby closed the page, picked up his clothes, and left. Seeing him masturbate wasn’t that big a deal anymore. COVID-19 Stay At Home rules had made us closer and sex was part of that. It was, after all, just Toby and me at home. All the time. I looked at my laptop again and did what seemed like the only obvious thing. I took a nap.Several hours later, I heard the shower running. After a minute’s thought, I took off my clothes and, naked, walked into the bathroom. I saw that Toby was masturbating again. How many times a day did he jerk off? Although I’ll admit I expected that he probably masturbated in the shower often. I stopped and just looked at him and saw his eyes on me. They ranged over my boobs and down to my cunt and back to my boobs. He never stopped stroking.I put my hands on my hips as though I were angry. I turned toward the sink and showed him my butt. I turned back, my legs spread just a bit. He continued to masturbate… and not look at my face, not look me in the eye. Kıbrıs Escort My hand moved slowly, but inexorably, toward my cunt, reached it, and felt how wet I was.Toby smiled and his hand slowed, while mine speeded up. I finger-fucked myself with two fingers, looking at Toby’s cock and, I noticed, not his face. I closed my eyes and thought of him cumming. I fucked myself more quickly. Opening my eyes, I saw Toby just playing with his balls, rubbing them gently, his cock still hard and bouncing around.My fingers moved to my clit and rubbed somewhat frantically. I was so eager to cum. Toby must have sensed something, because he started fondling his cock again, jerking it faster. I was rubbing my clit like crazy. And I felt my orgasm start at the top of my cunt and blossom, rushing up through my body. I shook with it, clamped my hand with my thighs. I saw Toby cum.Actually, I didn’t exactly see him cum, because of the water streaming from the shower, but I could tell he was cumming by how his hips jerked and his tummy pushed out and I briefly saw some cum on the glass between us. I was suddenly embarrassed and left the bathroom.Back in my own room, I lay on the bed and thought about it. There was certainly nothing to be embarrassed about… what we’d done was normal, especially in these COVID-19 days, at least it was normal for Toby and me. We’d masturbated together before… and more. But I’d never gone Lefkoşa Escort out of my way to see him naked (and masturbating) and I’d never shown myself nude to him quite so brazenly.I decided that I was just getting used to the idea of my son as a sort of sexual partner. Sort of. Masturbating together was OK, and maybe giving him blow jobs. I wasn’t at all sure about intercourse. Fucking. We’d done it, but only a couple of times. But fucking my son was the first sex I’d had in months and I kind of liked it. OK, I really liked it.I had a lot of thoughts about what was wrong about sex with Toby, not least that it was illegal in California. I’ll spare you those thoughts… I googled a lot of stuff on my laptop, where was incest legal, for instance. I came away from all that still feeling bad, but not that bad. Incest is legal in some countries, including Spain and Portugal and pretty much France and Belgium and Luxembourg, which helped a lot, and what Toby and I were doing was legal in Rhode Island, which helped even more.Anyway… I took a shower after a dinner of vegetable pies, basically roasted vegetables roasted further on store-bought pie crust. Toby loves it for some reason. Around 10 pm, a little before I usually went to bed and probably a lot before Toby did, I went to his room dressed only in a bathrobe.“Hey, Toby…,” I started. “I thought maybe you’d like a back rub.” OK, this was really weak and I knew it, but Toby either didn’t notice or decided to ignore it. I hadn’t rubbed his back in at least a year.“Sure, mom.”As usual, he was naked in bed, although covered by the sheet and bedspread. I pulled the covers down to his waist, sat on the edge of the bed as he rolled over onto his tummy, and began to massage his shoulders.

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