Split Second Thoughts


Katie and Debbie are identical twins, and they are also best friends. All their lives, people often mixed them up. They used to dress the same, keep their hair the same, even did their makeup the same way. As most twins do, they used to fool their teachers and sometimes their friends when they wanted to have fun.

As similar they were in just about every way, one of the main differences was their social activities. In high school, Debbie was always the wild one while Katie was much more conservative, so to speak. After her dates, Debbie would always tell Katie the stories as to what went on, which often times led to her being in the backseat of a car after a movie.

Katie had a steady high school boyfriend, and she didn’t like to talk about her dates in the same way, as she was shy talking about those things. However, she was hanging on every word Debbie said as she wished her sexual escapes were more like her sister’s.

After high school, they both went off to the same local university. They still remained best friends, but their situations slowly changed. Katie and her boyfriend broke up and she started dating and found herself in different kinds of relationships, which she was more and more willing to open up and talk about.

Debbie, on the other hand, fell in love and never strayed, which resulted in her getting married. She absolutely embraced the way her life had worked out, and was extremely happy. His name was James, or Jim.

Jim and Debbie started an insurance business together and over the years, it became more and more successful. Jim did the selling and Debbie ran the whole operation. Together, they couldn’t go anywhere without someone recognizing them. Eventually, they bought a house out in the suburbs with their son named Jimmy.

Katie never found her true love, but it was fine with her as she focused more on her Real Estate career, which she built up over the years and was very successful. Through her connections, she ended up buying a condo on the 17th floor of a high rise with a great view overlooking the city.

Through the years, Katie and Debbie talked every day, and their lives were always co-mingled and they still did a lot together. One of the things they both enjoyed was having lunch together once or twice a week at a little coffee shop.

They would talk about the usual, family and business. Debbie would talk about how little Jimmy was growing up, his adventures through school and baseball, how Jimmy and his father were best of friends, and how well their business was doing. Of course, Katie already knew everything because she would often be at their home babysitting Jimmy while he was growing up, but she enjoyed hearing about her sister’s family and how she adored them.

Katie was also talking about her business and her lifestyle, which was filled with on and off relationships, dates, dinners, and sex. The older they got, the wilder her sex life seemed. Over the years, Katie and Debbie’s lives were slowly becoming what the other’s used to be. Debbie was envious of the freedom her sister had, but was thankful she didn’t have to deal with all the drama. Maybe it was because she went through it all when she was younger. But, over the years, she missed that lifestyle more and more.

One thing Debbie never wanted to know was who Katie was sleeping with, unless it was a serious boyfriend. This was because since Jim and Debbie knew a lot of people, she didn’t want to “judge” anyone by being a sexual fling with her sister. It was just easier this way.

One day, Katie started telling about a new guy who was younger, handsome and didn’t want any commitment, just pure sex when they both could do it.

“We will text each other throughout the week, which would include pictures of, shall we say, various stages of dress. After some back and forth, I would then send a picture of what I was currently wearing and tell him to come over to my place, usually on a Saturday evening. He would show up, I would answer the door and the aggressive make out session would immediately begin! I would usually get dressed up for him as that’s what he likes. Of course, the clothes don’t stay on long, but it’s just fun knowing how it turns him on. A few weeks ago, we had a marathon sex session! I swear that young guy lasted two hours, came three times, and never got soft! I felt like I came twenty times, but I lost count. I was worn out! We slept for a few hours, and he was ready to go again! Oh, and did I say he can eat pussy with the best of them? That’s worth getting all dressed up for all by itself!”

One thing Katie never let on was that this young man was her nephew, little Jimmy, who wasn’t so little any more! How it all started was since Jimmy was at the local college on a baseball scholarship, he lived in the city. He would sometimes meet his aunt Katie for lunch or dinner. After all, they were aunt and nephew, not at all a romantic thing. One time, they met for happy hour at the lounge on the first floor of her condo building. Katie got a little Girne Escort tipsy, Jimmy helped her up to her place. At the door, she leaned in for a hug and, because of how tipsy she was, the hug turned into an innocent “thank you kiss”, which eventually turned into more than a thank you kiss. From then on, he came over several times, which is what her stories to her sister would be. It was so taboo, it was so hot!

Debbie was in awe at the giddiness in her sister’s voice. She loved hearing about the passion and the pleasure with her stories, but always felt a little down when it was over. Katie started to pick up on this feeling and asked her about it.

“Katie, please don’t get me wrong, I love hearing your stories and please don’t stop telling them to me, it’s just that I don’t get to experience that any more. The older Jim gets, the less and less interested in sex he gets. Heck, I’m only 45 years old and still want to experience those sensations. I don’t know if I ever will.” Katie reached over to Debbie, They both hugged, talked it through, finished their meal and went on with their day.

A few weeks later, while at the coffee shop, they were talking about the old days and had an idea. They decided to have some fun like when they were younger and to see if they could fool the people who worked there. After all, they’ve been having lunch at this place for years and they knew most of the workers and patrons in the place.

They decided to get their hair and makeup done at the same time and the same place. They even went shopping together and bought the same outfits. When they arrived at the coffee shop, the workers were stunned! They couldn’t tell who was who, it was uncanny!

Debbie then told Katie, “I don’t mean to spring this on you, but Jimmy will be joining us today. Since he’s in college now, and has moved to the city, I don’t get to see him much anymore.”

“Oh, that’d be great! I love hanging out with ‘Little Jimmy’! I wonder if he could tell us apart today. This should be fun!” But what Katie was really thinking was “Too bad you don’t see him much, I get to see quite a bit of him in more ways than you think!”

As they were chatting, Jimmy showed up and stopped at their table and just stared.

“Holy Cow! You two look identical! What in the world is going on?”

“Just reliving a part of our younger days. Now, can you tell us who is who?” Debbie asked?

Oh course, he knew exactly who was who, to him it was obvious. But, he wanted to play along and said, “you’ll have to give me a few minutes to figure this out.” Then sat down and all three started talking. A few minutes later, Katie excused herself and left the table. Jimmy, still wanting to play along said, “Aunt Katie, I knew right away who is who. Do you really think you can fool me?”

Debbie, who was stunned that she actually fooled her own son, said, “I didn’t think we could fool family members, but everyone else…it was quite easy. It’s been fun!”

They chatted until Katie finally came back. Debbie started laughing and finally said, “Jimmy…we have a confession, I’m actually your mother. She is Aunt Katie.”

Still acting surprised, even though he really knew, said, “Wow, you two could fool anyone with this trick! Warn me next time before I say something embarrassing to my mother!”

“Hey young man, you can say anything to me! I’m no prude, mister! I was once young and wild, you know? I would probably surprise you with some of my….well…we’ll just leave it at that!” She said, chuckling!

With a giggle, Jimmy said, “But you’re my mother. I can’t picture you being like that. It’s just not right!”

“I’ll give you right, mister!” and playfully smacked him with the lunch menu.

They all laughed and continued with their lunch.

A couple of weeks later, while at lunch again, Debbie said, “My friends and I are having a night out with the girls coming up. This time, we are coming to the city and will be hitting a few of the more swankier places. Would you like to come with us? After all, you know all the girls and we’ll all be in your area.”

“Oh, that would be fun! When is it?”

“Not this Friday, but next Friday.”

“Great! The girls would love to see you again!”

They went on with their discussion and after a bit, Katie went silent.

Debbie could tell something was up and ask her what she was thinking.

Katie said, “I’ve been thinking about your situation with Jim. You know, the one about not having enough sex?”

“Shhhh….not so loud, someone may hear you!”

Chuckling, Katie said, “Don’t worry, no one can hear us. Anyway, here’s what I’ve been thinking. Hear me out before you make a decision. Since we have recently proven we can fool everyone with our looks, how about you be me and I be you that night, your girls night?”

“What do you mean?

“Obviously, Jim knows about your girls’ night. Tell him, because it’s in the city, you’ll just spend the night at my place as you don’t want Magosa Escort to drink and drive. After all, you’ve done that before, so it’s nothing new. Then, instead of YOU going with the girls, it’ll be ME.”

“OK, so what would I do then?

“This is where it gets fun for you, I’ll set something up with one of my friends and have him meet me at the downstairs lounge. His name is Steve and he’s another Realtor. We’ve never done anything sex wise, but he’s always flirting with me. You go down and meet him, as me. If something comes from it, great! If not, nothing lost. Since we’ve never done anything, he’s not expecting anything. And if something happens, I’d be willing to let it happen again. After all, he’ll think it’s with me anyway. What do you think?”

“I don’t know. Why would some young guy want to hang out with this old broad?”

“First of all, it won’t be the younger guy I talk about, ok? It’ll be someone closer to our age. Someone who’s not a horn-dog. He’s classy and more mature. If something beyond a drink happens, great! If not, he’s not going to pout and blow up my phone all night. The worst that can happen is you have a drink or two with a nice guy and have a pleasant evening. Also, with me being a Realtor, you always have a perfect exit if you decide not to go through with anything. You can just say you have an early morning house showing and you’ll have to wake up early to get ready. He’s a Realtor as well, so he’ll understand.”

“I still don’t know. I don’t feel attractive.”

“Are you kidding me! You’re hot! You’re a MILF! A five foot six inch red head with a smoking hot body! All those workouts keep you looking much younger, and sexier, than you think. We look alike, right? I get hit on all the time by young guys, old guys, heck even girls come on to me. You don’t see it because you’re usually with your husband. But believe me, guys check you out just as much as they check me out. So, quit being so negative and enjoy what you have!”

Debbie stayed silent for a minute and then spoke up, “Well, I guess having someone pay attention to me like before I was married would be nice again. I probably wouldn’t go through with anything sexual, but GOD…..I can just imagine how good to have that feeling again. I’m just worried someone will see me and recognize me. I would never be able to face Jim again if that happens. Jimmy would be so angry at me for this if he found out as well. It would destroy our family. I don’t know if I should take that chance.”

“You’re silly, people at that lounge recognize me. I meet clients there all the time. If someone does recognize, they will just think it’s me. Besides, I’ll be playing you with the rest of the girls. We have everything covered. If someone does talk with you, just play it up and pretend you’re me. Heck, we fooled Jimmy and he sees you all the time. This will be a piece of cake.”

Debbie couldn’t argue the logic, if that’s what it’s called, and decided to go with it. After all, if no one knew, what could it hurt?

Katie was all excited! “Great! We’ll get our hair and makeup done again next week, just like we did a few weeks ago! You’ll have to wear one of my outfits, one which you don’t have. Then, when you get to my place, I’ll put on one of your outfits and we’ll get you dressed up in something from my closet. Oh, I’m already getting excited for you!”

For the next week, Debbie was nervous. Her sexual thoughts were getting her more and more excited. The closer that Friday got, the more it would build up. Too bad her husband didn’t know as he would really have his world rocked, that’s for sure.

Katie, on the other hand, kept to her business and prepared everything for her sister. She set up the date with her Realtor friend Steve. He was to go to the lounge and wait on her. Then, just play it by ear for the rest of the night. He was cool with that.

Also, throughout the week, her and Jimmy kept texting and flirting. She would send pictures of herself posing in different outfits in different positions. One day, she felt bold and lifted her skirt and took a picture of her neatly trimmed pussy and nothing else. Jimmy, being a typical guy, couldn’t wait until the next time he would be with her!

Friday came, Debbie and Katie went to lunch then their hair appointment. Debbie had already packed a night bag and told her husband she would just stay in the city and hang out with her sister, which he was fine with. After all, it would be a long drive to go home and back to the city for girl’s night. He was watching the game with his buddies anyway, so all was good.

Debbie followed Katie back to her condo and parked her BMW in one of the guest spots in the parking garage. They walked into Katie’s condo and started getting ready for their evenings.

Debbie was getting more and more nervous and Katie was getting excited for her. In the shower, Katie started thinking about Jimmy and began touching herself, which led her to a wicked idea. She decided to Lefkoşa Escort shave her pussy completely bare, and send him a picture of it, with nothing else. After all, the next night, Saturday, is when he would be coming over. May as well get him all worked up, right?

She then dressed in the outfit Debbie brought, which was a stylish, blue skirt with a classy blouse and jacket. Nothing she would pick out herself but it was a good look. She didn’t mind because, after all, she was Debbie this evening.

Debbie, in the guest shower, was getting more and more worked up. She wanted to masterbate, but chose not to just in case something did happen with her date. She wanted to be ready and willing when the time came. It was difficult for her to not touch herself, but she knew she could always do it later if nothing actually happened with Steve.

After the shower, Debbie opened Katie’s closet and was amazed at all the sexy clothes her sister had. She finally decided on a white, figure hugging, sweater dress. The dress came down to just above her knee. To finish the look, black thigh highs and some heels. Since she couldn’t wear a bra with this outfit, she also chose not to wear panties, as they would probably be soaked from the way she was feeling anyway. She looked at herself in the mirror and thought what a fucking knockout she was! Katie was right, she was a looker!

Debbie walked out of her room and said, “I’m supposed to meet the girls around 8:30pm. We usually go to three or four places; eat, drink, talk about all our girl stuff, and are usually home by midnight.”

Katie replied, “No worries, I know all the girls so it should be fun. You’re supposed to meet Steve in the lounge about 9pm. He’ll be the nicely dressed gentleman sitting at the bar. You’ll be fine with him. He’s a perfect gentleman.”

Debbie was a bit saddened to hear this as she has worked herself up to a near frenzy and didn’t want a gentleman. She decided she wanted an evening with pure, animalistic sex! She wanted to get this out of her system and move on. No relationship, no nothing. Just pure unadulterated sex! Yup, she had decided to just go for it and leave it all on the table. After all, she was Katie tonight!

“Now,” Katie said, “Let’s have a glass of wine, or two, to loosen up a bit. After all, it’s only 7:oo, we have time to kill.

She poured two glasses of wine. Katie, wanting to make sure Debbie was excited for the evening (even though she secretly already was) again told her about the young guy who’s been coming over and fucking her for hours! How good this guy eats her pussy and, she added, came with a nice size cock! The sound of the word “cock” sent shivers down Debbie’s spine, which only added to her excitement.

After a bit, Katie went to her room, closed the door, hiked up her skirt, and took another picture of herself in the full length mirror. But this time, she hiked up her skirt, showing her entire outfit plus her blue panties. Send the picture to Jimmy with the caption, “this is for you when you come over! And I expect another marathon session. ” Which, in Katie’s mind, meant Saturday night, not now.

Jimmy, however, got the text from Aunt Katie earlier and now this one, took it to mean come over right now. He thought to himself, “Aunt Katie sure is more flirty today than usual. She also wants me to come over now. This must mean she’s ready for a great night. If she wants a marathon session, I’ll give her one.”

Being in college, Jimmy knew where to get the hook up for alcohol and drugs. But he wasn’t going to drink this evening, and he didn’t do drugs, but he wondered if someone he knew had some Viagra. He knew he didn’t need it, but thought it would be fun to experiment with it just for tonight. He wanted to see if he could last longer than their last marathon sex session! Besides, she’s asking for it, right? He made some calls and purchased three pills. He wasn’t going to take all three of course, but just wanted some for the future in case this worked out how he wanted.

Instead of driving, Katie decided to leave her car in the parking garage and call an Uber. So, about 8:00, she called for an Uber. She didn’t want to be driving as she would be drinking, plus parking in the city was a pain.

She hugged her sister and said “Remember, you are me tonight! Do things the way I do them! Heck, if you need to, think about the stories I’m constantly telling you and make sure you do the things which I would do!” and chuckled.

Debbie grinned with a shy but excited grin and said, “You got it Katie….I mean Debbie!” And Katie shut the door and went to catch her uber.

Just about that time, Jimmy was at the stoplight waiting to turn into Aunt Katie’s condo parking garage. He decided to take one of the pills now so it would have time to kick in for when he really needed to keep going. He was a bit nervous as he’s never taken any kind of pills and didn’t know if it would affect his mind or judgment at all. Well, it was too late, as he was so excited he had already swallowed it. Whatever happens now…..happens.

He parked in his usual spot and saw Aunt Katie’s car. Down a few spots he noticed a BMW which looked like his mothers, but never gave it much attention. His focus was on the make out session as soon as he walked in Aunt Katie’s door.

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