Stacys Step-Brother

Double Penetration

The girls stood around in a circle, the plain hat filled with names between them as the cheer captain stood just outside the circle giving instructions. All the names inside the hat were known nerds, and virgins to boot.

Their task was simple, take the virginity of the nerd written on their paper. Easy. Until she got the name of her step-brother on her piece of paper.

They had a week. A measly seven days to get each of their nerds to succumb to their cheery flirtations and give away their virginity.

Meagan didnt even care that she had pulled David’s name. The bitch smirked and asked if she wanted to pull out of the squad. As if!

She spent the first day in denial. Trying to convince some of the team that it was unfair – that Meagan was setting her up for failure – and wasnt it a bit weird if her step-brother gave her his virginity??

None of them listened. They all gave her the same sympathetic look, and the same simple ‘if you dont want to do it, just quit’ talk. But cheer was the only way she was getting into college, and if it meant seducing her step-brother, fine.

Day two she started dressing to impress. She had it easier than some of the other girls she supposed, having twenty-four seven access to her intended victum. She’d walked in on David watching porn before, and knew the type of thing he went for.

So she dug deep into her cupboard to find the crisp white button down that was tight against her chest and the orange and red clip on tie from the same halloween costume she’d worn that year. The plaid skirt was also mighty short and she debated forgoing it entirely for something different, but she only had five more days after all, and her step-brother wasnt going to seduce himself.

He frowned when he saw what she was wearing, but shifting in his seat she knew she’d made the type on impact she was hoping for.

“What-ya-wearing that-for?” He asked around a mouth full of toast. God, no wonder he’d never been laid.

She smirked and leaned onto the table, giving him a good eyeful of what lay between the strained buttons of her shirt. “Party tonight. Costume.” She pulled a lollipop from the fruit-bowl turned lolli dispenser and stuck it in her mouth.

He shifted Kıbrıs Escort again and she smiled, giving him a wave before turning quickly – giving him a flash of her cheeky pink underwear before departing.

Yes, this was going quite well.

Day three. The weekend was fast approaching, and if she wanted anything to happen, it would have to be over the weekend. She knew her brother didnt exactly plan to go out and about on the town, so that gave her ample opportunity to do what she needed to do.

But it was a school day, which meant a uniform that by the rules of the hazing, they were unallowed to alter. Fine, so she would attend school as per normal, with a slight difference. She would stick to her step-brother during lunch, make herself interested in his day and his plans. He would be drooling after her by the end of the day.

Day four. Saturday morning, and her alarm was blaring softly from under her pillow. She groaned, but if she lifted her head – yep, as expected her could hear the shower running from the bathroom that lived between her and David’s bedrooms. He was a creature of habit, thats for sure.

Stretching, she removed her shorts and changed out her oversized sleep shirt for a cropped bra and looked over herself in the mirror. A hint of sleepiness still hung around her eyes, and her hair was a mess – all in all she was perfect for the next step.

Stumbling down the hall slightly, she pulled open the bathroom door, steam assaulting her senses as she hummed quietly and stepped into the room, just as her step-brother was stepping out of the shower, towel hung around his waist.

He stood staring at her dumbly while she began to brush her teeth.

“S-Stace! What are you doing!” Her spitting seemed to break him out of her stupor and she finally deigned to glance over at him – finally getting a good look at what she had to work with.

He had an alright body for a geek, a little chubby around the edges, and the pimple growing on his forehead was unseemly, but overall, nothing unexpected.

“Brushing my teeth?” She responded, her tone indicating ‘well duh’

He huffed, tying the towel around his waist tighter. A move that only allowed her to see Lefkoşa Escort the outline of his cock. “I was trying to shower?” He gestured towards the shower in question with one hand and she shrugged before offering him a cheeky smirk.

“You dont have to be embarrassed.” She gave him a clearly appraising look. “You look good.” She shrugged. “So unless you’re uncomfrtable looking at me?” She raised an eyebrow.

The blush on his cheeks indicated she had won this round and he had to conceed stammering out “N-No Stace. You look g-great.” He shuffled on his feet slightly and she offered him a small smile before playing with the hem of her underwear.

“You dont think this is a bad colour for me?” She asked sweetly, as if she would ever ask David for colour advice. He was the kid who mixed mustard yellow and seaweed green together for christ sake. But he ate it up, his eyes lingering on the curve of her legs as he gulped.

“N-No. Looks great.” He shuffled, and stepped closer to the door, looking like an animal ready to bolt. “Gotta go though.”

Fuck. Stacy wasnt ready to let him go quiet yet, she needed him primed and hungry for her before tonight……”Actually David I was hoping for your help…..”

Her step-brother immediately stopped at the tone of her voice and she saw him watching her carefully in the mirrors reflection.

“Can you help me study for trig?” She bit her bottom lip, and his eyes darted to the motion before wrenching back up.

“O-Of course Stace. Gimme ten.” She nodded, offering him her best smile before letting him exit the room.

Stage one complete. She finished brushing her teeth before returning to her room – debating what to wear for her ‘study’ session. She considered her options briefly, before a wicked idea struck her and she left her room without anything extra.

A bra and panties seemed exactly the type of study gear she would need today.

She decided to offer David the respect of knocking on his door, and waited exactly ten seconds past him not answering to decide to just let herself in.

She found him in exactly the type of position she thought she would. Sprawled on the bed with the towel under him, cock in hand Girne Escort as his eyes squeezed closed and his breathing labored.

Either he hadn’t heard her come in, or he was trying to deliberately ignore her presence.

Either way, Stacy had a good idea how to get the ball rolling. Without making a sound she strolled around the bed to where her step-brothers legs dangled off the firm mattress and sat herself between his legs.

She braced her arms on either side of him and leant forward, watching the movement of his hand on his thickness until – as his hand hit the bottom of his shaft Stacy dove forward, sucking the tip of him into her mouth and exploring the seam with her tongue.

David jolted beneath her sudden intrusion, and she watched as fear, confusion and finally satisfaction flittered over his features and he groaned loudly, releasing himself to her ministrations.

She took that as consent and began to work him over with her fingers, stroking and playing with his balls all while her mouth sucked and licked the length of him.

He cursed, a word she was almost certain he didnt know flying out of his mouth as she deepthroated him, the tip of him just hitting the back of her throat and she held. Hallowing out her cheeks to create a vacuume of pressure as she rolled his balls in her hands.

He shuddered and she knew her was close, extracting herself from the base of him and decided to focus on the tip, swirling her tongue and letting her other hand pump the rest of him while she lavished him with attention.

“S-Stace-” He warned, but before he could finish his sentence he was done, hot liquid spilling into her mouth and down her throat before she licked the tip of him, and her lips clean.

David flopped back onto the bed, and she rose, feeling slightly sheepish now that all was said and done.

“Sorry. Was that your first?” She asked, carefully sitting on the edge of her bed. She couldnt leave until she was sure.

“What?” David asked, sitting up to look over his step-sister. “No, of course not.” He scoffed. “Bianca.” The name was enough to illicit a scoff from Stacy. Her step-brothers former girlfriend.

Go figure. She never imagined the petite girl was much of a cock-sucker.

“You still ok to help me with trig?” She asked David carefully, and her step-brother gave her an astounding look.

“I think I owe you more than a little trig help Stace.” She smiled.

He didnt know how right he was, after all, he now owed her his virginity.

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