Holiday with Mum, chapter two


“Mum, where the hell did that come from?”I could hardly see her through my tears of laughter, it was the most remarkable thing I’d ever seen her do.She was still shaking with laughter too, rocking back in her chair and lifting her knees up under her chin to hug herself.”For God’s sake mum,” I laughed. “Will you please stop flashing your pussy at me?””Yup no problem,” she said and sat upright, knees together with her hands folded demurely in her lap.”Is that better?” she was dying to laugh again, I’d never, ever seen her like this before.”No, actually it’s not,” I said as I poured myself another vodka. “I think I prefer the wild you, the one that tells my ex-girlfriend I’m fucking you.”She blushed and grinned at me. “Say that again.””Bloody hell,” I laughed again. “I’ve already forgotten most of it.””Doesn’t matter then.””Yes it does, or you wouldn’t have said it, come on what bit did you miss?”Looking up at me, she actually looked like the innocent little schoolgirl she’d pretended to be earlier, sad, very sad and vulnerable.”He doesn’t love me anymore, Jamie.””Aw mum, come on baby, of course, he does.”God, I’d called her baby!It was probably down to all the gin she’d imbibed, but before I knew it, she was sobbing and sitting there like the loneliest person in the world.”He’s going to leave me, Jamie, I just know he is.”I pulled her to her feet and wrapped both arms around her as she sobbed.”He’s not mum, he’s just a bit infatuated.”That was completely the wrong thing to say, but at eighteen I wasn’t exactly a sage!”He’s fucking her now you know, I bet you anything you like, they’re in bed now, and he’s fucking her brains out.””Mum, come on, snap out çapa escort of it, what’re you gaining by thinking like that?”I kissed the top of her head as she clung to me, still sobbing.”If he’s fucking her it only goes to show that he’s got no taste, no taste at all.””What?” she looked up at me through her tears.”He’s got no taste mum, he’s gone off to drink brown ale and left champagne at home.””Oh Jamie.” she lifted her head up and kissed me, not on the cheek, or motherly like on the forehead, but on the lips and it wasn’t a peck either it was a full-blown, man to woman kiss. “Someday you’re going to make one lucky lady a very good husband.””Mum, right at this moment, the only woman I’m concerned about is right here with me, she’s upset, slightly pissed, feeling very sorry for herself and – – – -.”For the life of me I can’t think what possessed me to say what followed, the only thing I can say in my defence is that I’d probably had a vodka or two too many.”And what?””And she’s got an absolutely beautiful little cunt.”I’m not sure whether I expected a smack round my head or even a kick in the groin, given the mood she was in. But what I didn’t expect was her mouth on mine, her breath warm in my mouth, her tongue snaking between my lips, nor did I expect to feel her moving against me sensuously as we kissed.I ran my hands down over her back onto the delightfully soft curves of her bottom, and she moaned into my mouth.”Jamie.” that’s all she said and even then I barely heard her. The tee shirt got caught up in my roaming hands, and suddenly I was caressing her naked buttocks.I didn’t realise what fındıkzade escort she’d been doing until my shorts gaped open and I felt her hands gripping my penis.”Jamie.” she breathed it again as we sank to the grass, her legs parted as if of their own accord, I certainly didn’t force them apart, my mind was in a turmoil, this couldn’t be happening, it just couldn’t be, for God’s sake I was about to have sexual intercourse with my own mother.It was happening though and it did happen, she sighed and I groaned as my cock was surrounded by warm, wet velvet that moved, clutched at me, squeezed me.”Do it Jamie, do it to me, do what your dad won’t do, fuck me, oh God yes baby fuck me.”Still hardly able to believe what was happening, I let my body do what seemed natural, I began to fuck her with long deep strokes. Every stroke bringing a gasp from her mouth. I’d only ever had sex with Jenny, and it had never been like this. Not quite a wham bam, thank you, mam, but if I was lucky she grunted once or twice and even on one occasion she’d even managed to touch my buttocks and mutter, “Oh yes, that’s nice.”This wasn’t like that, beneath me was a woman, a woman who writhed with pleasure as I fucked her, a woman who whispered delicious little obscenities in my ear and raked the naked flesh of my back.”Do it hard Jamie,” she clawed at my buttocks and thrust herself up to meet me.”Fuck me, fuck me stupid, make me scream. Hurt me, Jamie, ram your cock up into my cunt, do it baby, fucking shag me.”I couldn’t last, I knew I couldn’t. Even as I tried to think of things that would turn me off, she clutched aksaray escort at me, her tongue duelled with mine, she heaved herself up at me and wrapped her legs around me, she swore at me, and suddenly she stiffened.”Jamie, oh Jamie, yes, yes, yes.”Her eyes seemed to roll back into her head, she shook, her whole body trembled, her lips drew back over her teeth in what was almost a snarl, and suddenly it was all too much for me, I exploded. I didn’t just cum, I literally exploded, I came so much and so hard, it almost felt as if I was pissing. It wasn’t. It was all sperm, I think she drained me in those few seconds as we clung together, sating our lust, our need, our love.Neither of us spoke, words weren’t necessary, our bodies had just said everything that had needed to be said.Hand in hand we walked into the house and upstairs.We stopped at the door to her bedroom, their bedroom.”No,” she said softly and I nodded in agreement, I understood.We made love again in my bed, this time it wasn’t urgent, it was gentle, loving, sensual and tender, no legs wrapped around me, no nails scratching at me, drawing blood, I didn’t fuck her, I made love to her, she made love to me.I think possibly we may have even cried a bit, not once did either of us close our eyes, not once did our mouths leave each other. We moved rhythmically, harmoniously like two dancers, our fingers entwined I pushed her arms up above her head, she sucked at my tongue and came with little squeals of pleasure.Her cunt squeezed me, milked me, drew me into her warmth, and I fell asleep on top of her, her head tucked into my neck, still together in our incestuous coupling.I really didn’t want to open my eyes in the morning, she wasn’t there next to me, but the bed was warm where she’d lain.“Oh fuck, where does this leave us?” I thought and then I heard her.”Are you planning on staying there all day, or are you game for a month of sun, sand, sea and – – – – -,” I waited for what I hoped would come next, but nothing came.

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