Molly’s Revenge


Atlantic Springs is a quiet place, except for the occasional times when gossip about who’s sleeping with whom behind whose back creates a physical altercation. It’s a modern suburban neighborhood, only plagued by bored, creative teenagers with too much time on their hands. Honestly, even the bored teenagers don’t cause as much trouble as all the gossiping adults, mostly men.On this particular night, things are different and not just because of the severe thunderstorm warnings, confirmed lightning strikes hitting rooftops, and howling winds ripping trees out of the ground. Tonight is different because it’s the first night Molly wants to sleep her own room. Since she moved in, she’s slept in her little brother’s room with him.Obviously, siblings sleeping in the same bed caused some commotion within the neighborhood, but Darren, her little brother, explained her situation and everyone calmed down. Once everyone understood what was going on, they stopped asking the twins personal questions and continued spreading rumors behind their backs. Everywhere they go, together or separate, people speak in hushed whispers, point, and giggle.She hasn’t slept in her own room in months, and she can’t wait to have her own bed again. Six months ago, she had to wake up every few hours and push her Darren’s hard dick out of her back. Eventually, that led to some inappropriate thoughts about her brother’s big dick. It’s not that she likes thinking about his dick; it’s that she wants to like thinking about his dick.Obviously, she never tried anything serious with his dick while he was sleeping. Occasionally, if she absolutely couldn’t control her urges, she may have stroked him once or twice but that’s it. It’s unclear whether he knows about it or not, and if he does, he’s keeping quiet about it. The point is: none of her dreams manifested into real actions, except when she stroked him once or twice.After dinner, they head off to bed; both excited to sleep alone again. It’s awkward how weird going to their own rooms feels; they’ve slept with each other for months. Still, they say their strange-feeling goodnights to each other and head off to bed. The neighborhood follows their lead, going to sleep before the nasty storm hits and keeps everyone awake.As the storm blows nearer, the community falls quiet; everyone peacefully sleeping, or in some cases, making love to someone else’s spouse as rumors suggest. Soft roars of thunder in the distance hum Molly to sleep, while at the same time, making her wish her brother was there to protect her from the storm. Her mind drifts into a blissful dream before the sound of shattering glass rudely wakes her up.She jumps up and looks around, seeing if the storm threw a rock or something through her bedroom window. With no glass on the floor, she knows the sound came from another room. Before she can get out of bed, she hears the backdoor jiggling and abruptly opening and quickly closing. Scared for her life, she runs to Darren’s room, but his door is closed.She looks down the hall and sees a shadow moving in the moonlight, creeping toward their rooms. Darren’s door opens, and he pulls her inside and hides her in the closet. Darren isn’t scared of anything and the thought of someone breaking into his house excites him. He can’t wait to see how he matches up against the intruder.He holds his bedroom door open, hiding behind it so that the intruder can see the man-shaped pillows under the covers. The intruder walks into Darren’s bedroom; like all criminals, he believes he has the upper hand. Once the intruder walks past the door, Darren jumps on him and throws him to the floor.Darren jumps on top of the guy and wraps his arm around the intruder’s neck. He tries choking unconscious, but the man breaks free and rolls Darren on his back. They punch and elbow each other, trying to knock the other out but none of their hits lands properly and with force.Molly, hidden in the closet, peeks through the cracked open door and watches her brother fight and curse the larger man. While fighting to get up, the intruder pulls something shiny from his pants, but Darren knocks it out of his hand and pushes it away. In the moonlit room, Molly makes out the metallic shine of a small gun.She moves against the back of the closet, overwhelmed by fear for her and her brother’s güngören escort lives. The sounds of the men’s fight reveal that the intruder is going for the gun, and Darren might not be able to stop him in time. Overcome by her protective instincts, Molly bursts from the closet and grabs the gun and points it at the crawling intruder.Stricken by fear, the intruder stops fighting Darren, and Darren punches him in the head as hard as he can. The intruder’s face smashes into the carpet, bouncing his head like a rubber ball; he lies unconscious and snoring. Molly, barely standing, continues pointing the gun at the immobile stranger; her hands shake from the rush of fear and adrenaline.Darren stands and moves toward his sister, grabbing the gun from her hand and taking her in his arms. She falls against him and bursts into tears, pulling him closer and away from the intruder, who she fears may be pretending. He moves her against the wall and flips the light switch next to her quivering shoulders.As light illuminates the room, they see a puddle of blood spilling from the masked man’s head. Darren goes to check the intruder’s pulse, which slowly beats against his fingertips. The intruder’s wearing a cheap Halloween mask, a werewolf, which Darren pulls off to reveal a much more frightening creature, Molly’s ex-boyfriend.Molly gulps and covers her mouth to stop herself from screaming in terror. Tears pouring down her face, she drops to her knees and sobs in her hands. Darren sees the terror in his sister’s eyes and covers her ex’s face with the mask, placing it on backward as a joke. He pushes the limp, bleeding body under the window and lays him on his hands.He leaves Molly alone to go get some duct tape but comes back before she notices. Knowing his sister is genuinely terrified right now, he stops and checks on her instead of securing the intruder, who could wake up at any time. When he knows she’s okay enough, he goes over and tapes her ex’s hands and feet until he’s out of duct tape.After making sure her ex can’t get free, he goes to her and sits her on his bed. He holds her tightly, whispering gentle comforts in her ear. Sitting with his sister, focused on calming her down, he realizes he completely forgot about the gun and the broken window.He looks around for the metallic death-bringer and remembers he carried it with him when he went to get the tape. The window’s still busted, but he can get the guy who lives down the street to fix that tomorrow. Molly starts panicking more, frightened that he can’t remember something important and life-threatening. Again, she jumps into his arms and holds him until he reassures her that they’re safe.Only now does he see all the blood on his hands from sliding the body across the room. He looks down and sees Molly’s and his pajamas covered in blood. Calmly, he walks Molly and himself into the bathroom, leaving the door open to watch the unconscious, possibly dead, intruder.When he turns the bathroom light on, Molly sees their reflections in the mirror and screams. Darren tries to calm her, but she frantically rips her pajamas off and kicks them away. He tries hugging her, but all the blood on him is only making things worse. She screams for him to clean off the blood, so he washes his hands and forearms, removing every spec of red.Once his hands and arms are clean, he tries to wrap his arms around her again but she refuses him. He starts taking his pajamas off; carefully showing her there’s no more blood anywhere on or near him. Following her lead, he kicks their bloodied pajamas away before she lets him finally wrap his arms around her.Molly tears up and falls into his arms, hysterically shaking and crying, still in fear for her life. His arms wrap around her tighter, clinging to her while moving her away from the door. He feels her body twitching as horrifying thoughts of blood and fear fill her mind.She grows more frightful as the first signs of the storm finally make it to their neighborhood. The bright bluish-purple lightning strikes flash high in the sky, illuminating the sleeping community. He feels her quivering hands trying to pull him closer and knows her fear is taking over.It’s his brotherly responsibility to take care of his sister, and there’s only one way bağcılar escort to do that. The impending thunderstorm trapped her in her home with her jackass ex-boyfriend sleeping in the next room. Behind every lightning flash, thunder abruptly follows, bellowing from miles away and shaking the ground as it gets closer.The only one way to calm her down is to cross a line that he promised himself he’d never cross. She loves taking showers in his room, but she can’t be alone, so he has to shower with her. He knows that if sees her naked and gets to touch her wet, naked body in the shower, his sexual urges may take over. With no other choice, he slowly walks her over to the shower and turns on the water.Once the water’s the right temperature, he politely pushes her away just far enough to push her lacy panties down around her thighs. She anxiously grabs at him but becomes surprisingly relaxed by her twin brother pushing her panties down. Their eyes lock as her thighs spread and allow the silky fabric to tickle her legs while falling around her ankles.Still looking into her eyes, he slides his hands up her sides and around her back, giving her goosebumps. The old, undersized bra does a poor job of supporting her massive globes and hiding her big brown nipples. He barely touches the hooks, and the bra snaps loose and sags on her shoulders. Using his fingertips, he slides the bra off and reveals her glorious mountain peaks.Faint whispers of tornado sirens sing under the crashing thunder, warning of inevitable destruction. Their minds shift from temptation to the storm as it gets closer. Fear crosses her mind for only a second before luxurious thrills cloud her judgment. No threat of storm can distract her, as her eyes lock with her brother’s identical eyes.She slides her hands down his flexing abs to the front of his gradually bulging underwear. A soft groan escapes his mouth, sending chills up his spine, as her hands massage his hardening weapon of relaxation. The harder he bulges, the tighter she squeezes until he’s throbbing and oozing against her palms.Using her fingernails, she slides his underwear low enough to free the eager beast. It throbs and squirts a small string of pre-goo on her thick bush as she strokes more wanton out of him. His hands gently squeeze her waist before pushing her into the shower. Water rushes over her body, making her glisten like a picturesque mermaid luring entranced sailors.One hungry look from her pulls him into the shower and against her body. The warm water feels cold against their hot bodies as their lips meet for the first time. Secretly, they’ve both wanted to taste each others’ lips since their teen years, never allowing themselves the sensual pleasures in fear of how the other might respond.Their bodies press together and pulsate in rhythm as their tongues slither into the other’s mouth. Her pouty lips taste sweeter than he ever imagined, and his feel softer than she imagined. The water soaks his underwear, making them too heavy around his hips. She pushes her underwear down more, wanting to squeeze his firm ass and the underwear falls around his ankles.Intoxicated with blissful wishes, her legs open and invite his girthy brotherhood to her depths. Eager to please, his pouncing pistol finds its way to her entrance. The tight squeeze brings trinkets of pain that immediately turn into sheer jolts of elation. As every inch pushes her further into a trance, she feels her velvety splendor stretching to new limits.Pushed past previous pleasures, her stomach swells with her brother as he achieves full penetration. She can only speculate how long he is, but his girth is a more pressing and satisfying matter. This is the first time she fears the thrusting power of a lover and the fact her lover is also her twin brother makes her all too horny not to overcome her fears.Empowered by lust, he grabs behind her knees and lifts her off the shower floor, sliding an inch deeper. Their kiss breaks as an earth-shattering moan pushes her head against the wall. He feels her quivering and digging her nails into his back as his lengthy girth pushes her into the introductory spasms of gleeful delight.The soft orgasm titillates her body and soaks her swollen womb, giving him plenty of lubrication merter escort to use his weaponized delectation. Starting with slow, long pumps, he waits for her orgasm to wash away and free her to feel all his might. Surprisingly, she stays hot and moaning; her body goes from one orgasm to another within seconds.Content with her endless parade of soft orgasms, he starts thrusting harder. Her already tight grasp tightens more, squeezing his shaft so hard; he fears she’ll make him cum too quickly. It’s their first time, and he wants it to be long and glorious, showering her with orgasms and flooding her womb, impregnating her with his child; he must slow her down.She leans against the wall and lets him power hammer the hollow of her sweetness. Lingering orgasms continue showering her brain with twinkles of bliss, but she wants to impress her little brother with some of her own tricks. Once she feels her strength returning, she twists her hips, whipping him with her gripping power.One quick whip makes his jaw drop and his body tense and seize uncontrollably. His head fills with wondrous spiraling explosions and drifts into another paradise, where he pounds his big sister’s tightness like a madman. In the real world, he slams into her hips and hits her cervix, making her scream in jollied pain.His bulging chest presses against her jiggling breasts and she presses her lips against his. There’s a slight response from his lips, but the cum gushing from his balls has his full attention. The hot goo explodes from his spasming sack and launches from his missile silo, bombarding her womb.Her kisses wake him from his trance, and he realizes he’s cumming in his sister’s cunt. Too explosive to stop, he pushes his body against hers in frustration; he hates that he didn’t give his sister enough orgasms. She feels his frustration pumping through his veins and comforts him by moaning delightful thanks for coating her insides with their future babies.He sets her feet on the floor and allows himself to spew empty while accepting his sister’s comforting thank yous. Their hips gently rock together, pumping his piston dry until his spasms are just passionate throbs. Infatuated with his slime, she uses her grip and holds him tightly, ensuring no goo spills out.She moves her lips from his to speak, but he continues hiding his shame with kisses. The forceful kissing and bulging muscles tell her he’s angry about cumming so quickly. Calming him down only takes a few squeezes from her honeyed cunt, and he realizes her pussy tricks caused him to cum.Overcome with horny rage, he thrusts his still hard cock into her deepness, making her squeal. The slick juice and goo inside her fizz around his shaft, producing a sticky-piston sound as he thrusts. She runs her hands through his wet hair, pulling softly as his thrusts mix their love fluids into a thick whipped cream.He holds her against the wall and pummels her cunt until she moans in his mouth. As her body begins to convulse, he quickly pulls out, releasing a deluge of whipped cream and emptying her womb. She moans both in pleasure and desperation while feeling her cumming cunt spill its treasure on the shower floor.The water quickly washes the liquid white gold down the drain, leaving her twitching in orgasmic horror. Though part of his plan, he hates watching her pussy empty more than she does. He quietly promises to control his next orgasm and force her to keep his seed inside her womb twenty-four-seven until she’s pregnant with his twins.While shaking and rocking against the wall, her tits jiggle in front of him, driving him wild. Before she stops cumming, he grabs her waist and lifts her spasming body over his shoulder. He turns the water off, steps out of his underwear, runs her into the bedroom, and throws her on the bed.His ravenous behavior surprises and excites her, so she crawls to the center of the bed and opens her legs. Her twitching twat titillates his senses, beckoning his tongue’s tender touch. Like a moth to a flame, he slides in between her legs and lays his tongue on her hot, slimy lips. The heat generated by her flower wholly matches its sweet smell.Unable to hold back, he flicks his tongue the length of her slit; he carefully tastes and savors every drop of juicy slime. The first taste is a mixture of water, salty sweat, fruity man cum, and sweet Molly juice. This isn’t the first time he tasted his own goo, which he usually hates, but the combined flavors of his sister’s pussy make his goo more than bearable.Without hesitation, he explores her slit with his tongue, finding all her neglected hot spots. Knowing his sister’s body, he stays away from her…

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