My Twin Sister (Part 1)


A Night Of Surprises It was Friday night and our parents had gone to our beach house for the weekend. Rebecca, my twin sister and I had decided to spend the night at home and watch a movie. Bec and I had just turned eighteen and were about as close as a brother and sister could be. I’d watched with amazement as Bec developed from a little girl into a beautiful young lady, popular with everyone she met. All the guys in our area were chasing her and I used to feel quite jealous when she’d bring a new boyfriend home. I knew it was unfair but I just put it down to being a little over protective. Bec had a beautifully proportioned figure with straight long blonde hair and nice size boobs. She had a great sense of humour too, and we used to tease each other all the time. We really were great mates. We drove down to Blockbuster and poured through the movies, finally settling on American Beauty. Neither of us had seen it and we’d heard it was good. Arriving home, we showered, got into our pyjamas and settled onto the lounge to watch the movie. Not long after the opening credits, there’s a scene where Kevin Spacey is in the shower masturbating. I cringed a bit at the scene hoping it would slip by unnoticed. As I suspected it didn’t go unnoticed and as the scene finished Bec turned to me and asked “Do all guys do that?” “Do what?” I asked knowing exactly what she meant. “You know, jerk off?” “Hey Bec, how would I know what other men do?” “Do you do it?” “Hey, what is this, the inquisition or something?” After a short pause Bec asked again, “How often do you do it?” I was embarrassed and a tad annoyed by her questions so I threw it back to her, “Seeing as you’re getting so personal, do you masturbate?” She looked me in the eye and said, “Almost every day!” I stopped the video and tried to rearrange myself, trying to cover the growing bulge in my pyjama shorts. “What’s this about bahçeşehir escort Bec, why all the questions?” “I’m just curious,” she said, “I mean if they’re putting a guy masturbating in movies, it must be pretty common!” “Heavens Sis, it is perfectly natural, you said you do it yourself!” “Yeah I guess. One of my friends at school, Kate, told me she does it for her brother all the time.” “You serious? She jerks her brother off?” “That’s what she told me. And he does it for her too.” “Heavens, if they ever got caught …” I added My cock was really starting to harden now and it was starting to show. Bec was fully aware and kept glancing down when she thought I wasn’t watching. Then out of the blue she did something I never expected, she leant over and put her hand on my leg just inches from my hard cock. “Can I touch it Tony?” I felt myself blush with embarrassment, “Are you serious Bec? I mean just because your girlfriend does it doesn’t make it right. Right now there’s nothing I’d like more but you’re my sister for Christ’s sake.” Rebecca moved her hand over and lightly touched my hard shaft through the material of my pj’s. I grabbed her wrist, “Sis, if I let you touch me there’s no going back. I mean if anyone finds out we would be in deep shit!” “So who’s to know?” she asked as she pushed my hand away and took hold of my rod. I tried to answer but I was way too aroused now for any argument so I left her hand in place. I thought we’ll both go to hell for this. “I’ve never done this before,” she said as she fumbled with my swollen penis. “Hold on,” I said, and helped poke it through the opening at the front for her. Bec now had my cock in her hand caressing it as if it were a precious antique. “You’re telling me you’ve never touched a boys penis, not even one of your boyfriends?” “No not really, they always kayaşehir escort try to get me to, but I’ve always been worried about what might happen next.” I was way beyond caring about consequences now so I pulled my pyjama top over my head and slid my pyjama shorts down. I was stark naked with my rock hard cock standing to attention. Bec couldn’t take her eyes from it as she continued to fondle and stroke. “I’m not sure what to say about this Sis, but what do you want to do?” “I want to jerk you off, I want to see what happens.” Bec gripped my log and started stroking. It was very nice but not the way I do it myself. “Hold on Sis, like this …” and I tried to show her how I do it. “Is that better?” “Sort of … let me show you how I do it first?” By this time my arousal had reached fever pitch and pre cum was beading and dribbling from the eye of my cock. I dipped my finger in and pulled it away watching the viscous fluid stretch for about six inches before breaking. I closed my eyes and gently rubbed the rest of my pre cum over the head of my cock. I turned back to Bec who seemed mesmerised by my performance. The thought of my sister watching me masturbate was an amazing turn on and I could barely hold back. I knew I was pretty close so I started stroking more quickly. I really wanted her to see me ejaculate. I whispered, “It feels strange to have you watching this Bec, but it won’t be much longer because I’m very close now!” “What does it feel like?” she asked, with an urgency. I was way too far gone to reply so I increased the tempo of my stroking. At last I felt the seminal fluid flow into my urethral bulb; the sensation only lasts a fleeting second but is quite distinctive and signals my impending orgasm. “I’m so close,” I said as I glanced at over Bec. She was sitting beside me with her mouth open başakşehir escort in disbelief. The sexual tension within my body was palpable. More pre cum dribbled from the eye so I moved my hand up the shaft so that my thumb was slipping over my swollen cock head. Then with two fingers on the underside and thumb on top, I increase the pressure and stroked with more urgency. “Oh Bec, please hold my balls I’m going to cum!” Bec immediately cupped my balls with her hand as I began thrusting my hips in time with my stroking. My hand slid up and down the shaft easily and smoothly, as it had done it so many times before. Pre-cum was flowing from my slit and dribbling over my bulging cock head. I could feel the tension of my built up sperm travelling from my prostate up the shaft of my cock seeking release. “Nearly there Bec. Oh yes ….” Then with a rush I’m there, the world stops, time stops and all sensation is centred on my penis. “Oh God Bec I’m cumming! Oh yes! Mmmmmh. Oh yes, I’m cumming, I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING!” My breathing stopped momentarily as my body tensed. My cock had become the centre of the universe. I exhaled loudly and indescribable pleasure engulfed me as a huge rope of cum flew in a large arc disappearing over my shoulder. I kept stroking and a with a second contraction another load of cum shot onto my upper chest leaving a thin trail all the way down to my cock. I raised my hips to aid the next release so I could watch my cock continue to release its creamy white lava onto my stomach. “Oh fuck,” I heard Rebecca remark. Contraction after contraction expelled more and more semen from my cock. Bec was still cupping my balls as my orgasm and ejaculation reduced to dribble. My chest was covered in cum and a pool had formed at the base of my cock. That’s more cum than I’ve ever shot before I remember thinking. “Wow,” Rebecca said, “That’s amazing, I had no idea it came out like that. There is so much of it … no wonder girls get pregnant so easily.” Slowly my breathing and heart rate returned to normal and I realised I needed to mop up before my semen spilled onto the couch. “look at this,” she said pointing to her shoulder. I had to laugh as I notice a great wad of my semen sliding slowly down her upper arm.

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