Their Brother, the Maid


Luke was in his room, looking at the porn images on the computer, trousers round his knees and cock out, wanking gently, trying to make it last. He wondered what sixteen-year-old boys did for porn before the internet. He was getting to the point where he would soon shoot his load when the door to his room flew open and his sisters were stood there.Big Sis had her smartphone in her hand and had clearly caught him either in a photo or worse still on a video clip. He sat blushing furiously, as they looked at him, shorts down, cock hard. Little sis, Laura, looked interested. Big sis, Monica, just looked smug. She was almost two years older than him but acted like a second mother ever since Dad had left years ago. Laura was his twin.”What are you looking at?” Luke asked them, “this is my room, and if I want to have a wank, why shouldn’t I? You think I don’t hear the buzzing coming from your room late at night? I suppose I am meant to think you are shaving your legs at half past midnight.””The difference, dear brother,” Monica told him, “is that you haven’t got us wanking on camera, so unless you want this online, you had better be nice and do as we tell you. Clear?”Luke nodded, knowing they had him.”Okay, I agree,” he conceded, “what do you want?”The two girls put their heads together, whispering, then they laughed, looking at him appraisingly.”Tonight we are having a party for my eighteenth birthday,” Monica told him, “it is an all-girl affair and you are going to be there, darling sister.””How can I be there if it is an all girl…'” he stopped, her words suddenly registering, “what do you mean, ‘sister’?”The two girls smiled wickedly. “We thought it would be fun,” Laura told him, “if we had a sister dressed as a naughty French Maid, and as we have not got another sister, we chose you to fill the position.””Some of your friends already know me,” Luke pointed out, “and anyway, what about Mom? She will not let you make me do this.” “We can soon find out,” Monica stated, “MOM!, Can you come up here, please?”His sexy mother came in, looking questioningly at him, then at the two girls. Monica handed her the phone, showing the picture of Luke masturbating.”Oh, Luke,” his mom said, “really?”He hung his head, blushing as she looked from him to the photo and back again. “We thought we could punish him by dressing him as a naughty French Maid for the party tonight,” Monica suggested, “what do you think?”Her mother thought for a moment. “It would be fun,” she mused, “but would it be more fun if the girls at the party knew he was your brother being punished? And maybe, leave the pants off, so any erection he gets will be seen and even handled by them?”Laura looked at Monica, then at her brother, eyes shining with amusement and something else? Monica wondered, Laura and Luke were very close, possibly due to being twins, but maybe, just maybe… Monica knew Laura well. She was already a randy little madam, even at sixteen, and had invaded Monica’s bed several times over the last few weeks.Was it possible her little sister had been trying to get Luke into bed with her and Luke had been refusing? That would explain a few things. She made up her mind to have a word with Luke first chance she got when Laura was not around. She smiled at her mother, kissing her on the cheek.”Thanks, Mom,” she murmured, “I should have known you would think up a sexy twist.”Monica searched in her room for the costume she had worn with such success a few years earlier to a fancy dress party, finally finding it at the bottom of the wardrobe. She checked the size on the label, thinking that Luke was fairly tall and slim so it should fit him nicely.During the search, she had found an old padded bra from the time before her own tits had blossomed so nicely. This would help make Luke much more like a female. High heeled shoes? Check with Mom, Luke had bigger feet than either Monica or Laura. gaziosmanpaşa escort A pair of black hold-up stockings and a black choker completed the outfit.Mom had been on at Luke for ages to get a haircut so it was long enough for her to arrange in a girl’s style. The two girls, with occasional help from Mom, worked on Luke, despite his protestations. His hair was cut and styled, ensuring that after tonight he would be only too happy to go and have it cut properly.Make-up was skilfully applied, and even Mom had to admire and applaud the transformation from young brother to elegant sister. Not trusting Luke to put the clothing on properly, the three females decided that they needed to dress him themselves, although Monica had a strong suspicion that Laura had her own reasons for wanting that, and even Mom seemed rather keen on the idea.Luke was stood in the middle of his room, and made to strip completely. He complied and stood naked and blushing in front of the three. Monica knelt to put a stocking on his foot, leaning forward and giving Luke a clear view down the front of her loose top.He tried to look away and take his mind off what he had seen, but his gaze was drawn to his Mom bending over the bed to reach for the bra, her short skirt riding up over her buttocks. In spite of his efforts, Luke could not stop the erection from showing all too obviously.”Oh my God,” Laura exclaimed, “it is turning him on. Look.”Mom and Monica looked, and Mom smiled.”Aw, poor boy,” she laughed, “would you like Mommy to kiss it better?”Luke’s cock twitched at the idea, causing him to blush even more, as his sisters laughed at his discomfort.”Mom,” Monica admonished, “we want it hard and stiff like that for the party. It is part of the punishment, letting the other girls enjoy the sight of his erection only just hidden under that short skirt, so we need him able to get an erection at the party.””But, what if he doesn’t?” Laura queried, “he might not have one.”Monica laughed. “At a party with about a dozen other teenage girls,” she pointed out, “all in sexy outfits, dancing and wiggling their assets. No way will he hold out with all that on display.”Luke listened to her, silently agreeing with her assessment. He was going to spend most of the evening hard, and everyone at the party was going to know it. As the guests arrived they were met in the hallway by an elegantly sexy girl in a naughty French Maid costume, who took their coats from them, putting them on a row of hooks in the hallway, bare buttocks peeping from beneath the dress every time she stretched up to hang the coats.It was only after some of Monica’s closest friends arrived that the word spread. Their French Maid was, in fact, Monica and Laura’s brother. This created a certain interest among some of the girls, who danced with a more uninhibited style than would have been the case otherwise.As Monica had predicted, he soon had a raging erection throbbing between his legs and making him decidedly uncomfortable, as well as creating a visible distortion to the short skirt of the dress. He considered sneaking away and getting rid of it, but his darling sisters were watching him too closely for that. Not to mention his mother, who seemed to be paying a lot of attention to him.God, she looked incredible, a short dress cut low so he could see the valley between those gorgeous boobs, and showing off her tight butt, and lovely long legs that he would love to have wrapped around… Oh no, got to stop thinking of that, she was his mother for fuck’s sake.Laura came over to him, leaning close to whisper in his ear. “Monica says to tell you if you even think of sneaking away,” she murmured, her hand stroking his bare ass, “she will drag you back and get the girls to strip you naked, and she will film the whole thing and put it on a porn site.”Luke sultangazi escort squirmed at his sister’s teasing caresses, suddenly aware of her acting more like a possessive lover than a sister. As if to prove his deduction, she kissed his neck before giving his bottom a final squeeze, then went back to Monica. Luke was given a tray holding dishes of snacks, crisps, peanuts and the like, and was told to go pass it around to those sitting on sofas or chairs.As he started offering the tray, bending forward as he did so, hands were wandering up his legs, making him squirm for the grinning girls. Laura came over.”What is the matter?” she asked, loudly enough for the seated girls to hear, “are they making you uncomfortable?””Who? Us?” asked one of the girls, “would we tease your sexy brother like that?”The rest of the girls laughed. “Maybe they want to see how you fit that cock of yours into a tiny pair of panties?” Laura suggested, “shall I tell them how?”The seated girls were leaning forward by now, eager to hear more and giving the blushing Luke a good view down their tops at their sexy boobs, hardly hidden by lacy bras, and two of the girls without bras. “The truth, girls,” Laura went on, “is that he is not wearing any.”The girls all grinned at this, a few of them giving Luke speculative looks.”Really?” one of them queried, smiling wickedly, “but how do we know that is true?””Feel for yourself,” Laura told her, “that way you will know for certain.”The girl reached out, hand snaking up Luke’s leg and going up under the skirt, finding and grasping his erection.”Mmm, so it is true then,” she conceded.Naturally, all the others sat near had to each reach under the skirt and feel, all gripping him firmly and squeezing, before letting the next girl take a turn.”Be gentle with him, girls,” Laura warned, “I have plans for that later.” Luke looked at her suspiciously. Surely, she did not mean what he thought she meant, did she? As soon as he could, Luke moved away to stand near a wall, but word soon spread, and girls came to him to check the rumor that he had no panties, and was hiding an impressive erection. Even Monica came over to check if he was still erect and squeezed him just like the others had done.”Monica, did you know about Laura?” he whispered, “she says she has plans for me later.””I guessed,” she admitted, “but was not certain until today. Poor Luke, you honestly think you can stop her taking what she wants?” Luke shook his head, knowing Monica was right. Okay, so he had enjoyed erotic fantasies about her, as well as about Monica and even Mom, but he never imagined Laura sharing his fantasy, let alone actually doing it with him.”What about Mom?” he asked, suddenly hopeful, “she could stop her.”This time it was Monica shaking her head.”Luke, you really do not get it, do you?” she asked, “if you are lucky, Mom might let Laura go first before having you herself. If you are unlucky, you will get ravished by both of them at once.””Should I be grateful you are not in the queue?” he asked her, “or am I too young for you?”Monica laughed, kissing him. “Let’s just say my tastes are more for your twin,” she confessed, “or for Mom if she gives me half a chance.”Luke groaned softly, smiling as he saw Monica looking questioningly at him.”That did not help my problem with the erection,” he told her, “I am near the point where I will jerk off in front of everyone to get rid of it.””Try it, darling brother,” Monica warned, “and I will tie your hands behind your back and let this lot tease you for the rest of the evening with strict instructions not to let you come.”Luke looked at her, knowing she was capable of doing just that. As it was, the rest of the party was, for him, one girl after the other stroking and grabbing his cock, squeezing it, or caressing his bare ass. He even got some kisses esenler escort with the cock-teasing when the girls thought Monica was not watching.How the fuck he managed to stay that hard without coming he would never know. As it was, the end of the party finally came and he suffered one last round of squeezing and stroking as each girl left.”If that is all,” he stated, “I am going to get out of this costume, and then I am going to bed.”Laura was by his side before he reached the door. Luke looked beseechingly at his mother, who just grinned at him. Then, Monica was behind him, and he had a hand firmly held by Mom while Monica held the other hand. Laura reached down, getting a firm grip on his rigid cock and pulling him along by it, making it very clear that she was going upstairs and the cock was going with her.Luke had no choice but to follow her, with arms held behind him by his older sister and his Mom. As he was pulled into the bedroom, his mother’s room he noticed, he tried hard not to show his pleasure at having two of his fantasies fulfilled by his Mom and his twin.As they lay him on the bed, needlessly holding him by wrists and ankles, he whispered to his big sister. “Monica, listen,” he told her, “Mom looks worked up, so when Laura starts, get behind Mom and see what you can do to increase that.”His big sister smiled at him, nodding silently before kissing him. Laura had undressed already, pert boobs looking so sexy, and was now stripping his dress from him. Then he was naked, cock sticking up proudly as Laura gripped, pumping it up and down, and forcing a groan from him. Mom, he noticed, was licking her lips and breathing heavily as she watched.When Laura bent her head to take him into her mouth, Luke arched up to meet her, reveling in the feel of her tongue teasing his erect prick, then she was straddling him and lowering herself slowly onto his cock until she was fully impaled on him.Squirming a little, she lay on him fully, and his arms, now free, went around her and they kissed for the first time, deep and passionately, as he started sliding her slender body up and down the length of his erection. Now it was Laura who was moaning.He rolled over, carrying her with him, so that she was now under him, arms around his neck, her legs locked behind his back pulling him into her as he thrust in and out, feeling the tightness of her warm wetness as she enjoyed her first fuck. Then her fingers dug into his back and her legs opened wide as they could as she came, lunging up frantically as she tried pulling him even deeper into her.Then he was exploding, cock pumping his come deep into her. He half-collapsed onto her, feeling her kisses on his neck and face. Soft moans made them both look round, to see Monica behind their mother, hands gripping her tits, and teeth nibbling on mom’s neck. The twins smiled, then helped Monica pull Mom onto the bed, spreading her legs wide, and the three of them teased and stroked their mother’s wide open body.Laura and Luke settled on each side of their mom, nibbling her nipples, as Monica straddled her, lifting Mom’s leg so their pussies were tight against each other. When she started rubbing back and forth, they could hear their mom moaning with each movement, and Monica, eyes closed as she squirmed and rubbed against her captive mother, was smiling happily, her own fantasy fulfilled at last.Thanks in some measure to the teasing and nibbling from the twins, Mom was coming, and still Monica ground against her. Laura moved to behind her sister, hands coming around her to tease the clit, rubbing hard until Monica arched her back as she came, then lay, legs still entwined with her mother, as Luke and Laura caressed them both.Eventually, mom stirred, kissing first Monica, then Laura and him, before grabbing his cock. It lay limply in her hand, but when she took it into her mouth he felt the first twitch, and with her expert attention it was soon erect and hard as ever. Luke whispered something to his mom, and then to Laura, and they both smiled in agreement.Without warning, Monica was pulled onto her back, and Laura straddled her chest, trapping Monica’s arms under her legs, as mom bent between Monica’s spread thighs. As Laura lowered her still sensitive pussy to…

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