For the last two hours, I had been saying goodbye to the friends of my daughter who had come over for her best friend’s birthday party. My wife had gotten cleaned up and had gone to work on her third shift schedule. My daughter had a couple of friends left that were cleaning up and getting ready to go home. And I knew my daughter was somewhere in the house finishing up the rest of her stuff.I was wading around in the pool when I looked up and my heart damn near stopped. My daughter’s best friend Allison, who we’d thrown the huge birthday party for, had walked into the deck of the pool wearing a two-piece bikini. All I can say is that with as Kartal Escort quick as I got hard, I’m glad I was in the water and she couldn’t see my reaction.Allison looked at me. “Mind if I join you?” she said.I just nodded and pointed to the water. “Come on in. It’s nice,” I said.As she was walking towards the ladder of the pool, I could not take my fucking eyes off her. I always knew from looking at her in jeans and a t-shirt or sweatshirt she appeared to have a really nice body. Nice curvy hips, a smaller ass, smaller legs, a petite bottom, and on top, I never could quite tell because she didn’t make a Kartal Escort Bayan history of showing it off.That sure changed when I stood there staring at her.A small stomach, a little bit of a pooch, and the boobs on a sixteen-year-old girl her size? I about came in my swim shorts. I am so not kidding. Looking at her firm solid boobs, cleavage coming out of her bikini top, and staring at her bottom? I was getting so fucking turned on imagining what it was like under all of that. Her boobs for a girl her age were the nicest I’d ever seen. I could not stop staring.”Take a picture? It lasts longer,” Allison Escort Kartal said with a laugh.I noticed her face was beet red.”I’m sorry. Yeah, now that you were going swimming, you probably think I’m some fucking weirdo. My bad,” I said with an embarrassed laugh.Allison climbed into the water, waded across to me, and she looked at me with a smile.”It’s nothing I wouldn’t have expected out of you. But don’t worry, I’m not freaked out. You’ve always been kind of different in a good way in my eyes,” she said.I looked at her and smiled. I was so embarrassed I had no idea what to say. I finally spoke.”Well, thanks for not being weirded out. I normally don’t act that strange and off the wall. Different maybe, but yeah, well, um, you know what I’m saying,” I said.Allison laughed.”Yeah. I get it,” she said to me.She stood there a couple of feet away from me in the water. I stood there awkwardly, not sure really what to say. She spoke first.

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