An Older, Married Woman


Julie was stuck in a boring, but very safe marriage with Vernon.Her husband was very reliable and trustworthy, a good man who lived for his family and friends. He was a very successful property developer who provided a comfortable life for his second wife, but the age difference was something of a drawback, he was in his mid-sixties and she was in her mid-thirties.Vernon’s first wife had passed away twenty years ago, and their two sons were both married and living abroad so only saw their father now and again at times like Christmas.A lot of people were surprised when dependable old Vernon and vivacious, outgoing Julie got married out of the blue after a short holiday romance. Inevitably, several people thought Julie had married him because of his bank balance and very comfortable lifestyle, however, they couldn’t have been more wrong.The only problem in their marriage was the lack of action in the bedroom. Julie was very much the dutiful wife; she had her career working with horses and still found time to do the housework İstanbul Escort and even help her husband with jobs that had become more difficult due to his age and inevitable decline in health.After five years of marriage, she was still very much in love with Vernon, but the sex, when it did happen every few months, was very perfunctory and rather boring. There was never any foreplay, when he did feel like it, Vernon would kiss her for a few minutes, then climb on top of her, fuck her and just roll off her and go back to sleep. She would never have an orgasm, it was like he just did it because he felt he had to.Julie met Rob in the supermarket and was instantly attracted to him because of his size and muscles. Being quite short she always had a problem reaching higher shelves, which wasn’t a problem for 6′ tall Rob. He offered to help when she was struggling, and they immediately got into a conversation, in which he explained that he was recently divorced due to the amount of time he spent away İstanbul Escort Bayan from home with work.They meandered their way around the shop, talking about life and marriage and their jobs; he was a long-distance truck driver, which explained why he was away so much, aged twenty-five. Julie deliberately took her time with the shopping, determined to get to know as much as possible about this handsome stranger.By the time they reached the checkout, you could have been forgiven for thinking that they had known each other for many years.They exchanged phone numbers, and he added her as a friend on social media before they went their separate ways.When she got home, Julie put the shopping away and went on social media to check out her new friend’s profile. One picture of him stripped to the waist, showing his bulging upper body in front of his truck caught her attention in particular.After a short time, Vernon arrived home in a foul mood; he explained he had to go away that evening and Escort İstanbul that he would be gone for at least a few days.He said, “There’s a problem with the new development. The suppliers have let us down again and have not delivered the materials because it’s a bit out of the way.”Julie said, “Isn’t it the project manager’s job to sort out issues like that?”However, as she asked this question, she was secretly thinking she could contact Rob while Vernon was away.As soon as Vernon had left, Julie was on the phone, and in less than an hour, Rob had joined her on the sofa with a takeaway and a bottle of wine.As promised, Vernon rang his wife to let her know he had arrived safely and would be home as soon as possible. Julie kept looking at the mildly amused Rob but didn’t say anything about her visitor, although she did feel a bit guilty when she hung up.After the phone call, she gave Rob a guided tour of their large house, he was suitably impressed with her opulent lifestyle, and he could also sense the closeness developing between them.Suddenly, out of the blue, he asked her, “What were your intentions in asking me round as soon as your husband left?”They were standing in the kitchen, next to the island in the middle of it. She looked guiltily at the floor, biting her bottom lip, knowing she had been worked out.

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