Dog Theft Averted. Husband Theft Commenced – Part 2


John sprinted home.Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! he thought to himself as he ran. How did I let things go that far?Now safely back at home, John put his head in his hands and thought about what had just happened. Kate had been shocked when he’d told her to stop. He had thought about leading her deeper into the woods and finding a secluded spot to continue their tryst. In fact, that’s exactly what he had wanted to do! But as soon as Kate’s small hand released his cock, a voice in his head screamed at him to get out of there.”Sorry, Kate. I can’t. We shouldn’t be doing this. I’m really sorry. I hope you understand,” he’d told her. “Do you need me to walk you home?””But, I thought you wanted me?” Kate had replied, a quiver in her voice.”I did. I mean I do,” he’d assured her. “It’s just that I can’t. It’s not right. I don’t want to leave you here on your own though.””It’s fine. Just go,” she’d said with tears in her eyes.Leaning back on the sofa, John realised he couldn’t leave things like this – if nothing else he needed to make sure she wasn’t going to turn up at his house unannounced.He pulled his phone out of his pocket and started typing: ‘Kate, I’m really sorry about everything. It’s all my fault. Please let me know you made it home safely.’Kate’s reply was almost instant: ‘Yes. I’m home now. I just don’t understand why you rejected me. xxx’John’s heart sank: ‘Please don’t think like that. Maybe we need to talk once we’ve had a chance to calm down a bit? xxx’Kate: ‘Yes. I’d like that. xxx’John: ‘When are you free? xxx’Kate: ‘Could you pick me up from college on Monday? Then we can talk. xxx’John: ‘OK. I’ll see you on Monday. I’ll be in a black Mercedes. Look out for me. Sorry again. xxx’Kate: ‘I’ll Kadıköy Escort find you. See you then. xxx’As John pulled up outside Kate’s college he suddenly felt a sense of terror as he saw kids in school uniform streaming out of the gates.What the hell? thought John. This is a school!A flash of blonde hair caught his eye and he saw Kate confidently strolling towards the car.Shit! thought John. She’s in uniform too.Kate’s long blonde hair was pulled into two pleats. Her white uniform blouse was stretched tight across her ample chest with her tie hanging loosely around her open collar. Her short, pleated skirt flared out as she walked, showing off her smooth thighs and shapely legs down to her black knee-high socks.Stop staring you old perv! John scalded himself.Kate smiled and waved as she approached the passenger door of the car. John nervously waved back as he unlocked the door and reached across to open it.Kate slid in to the passenger seat, skilfully smoothing her tiny skirt over her thighs to avoid flashing her underwear.”Kate, you’ve got some explaining to do,” said John in a tone of voice that let her know he was deadly serious.”W-w-what?” replied Kate.”Not now. Let’s get out of here.” John quickly pulled out and drove off.”Where are we going?” Kate enquired.”Anywhere away from here,” said John. “I can’t be seen hanging out around a school!”After twenty minutes of awkward silence, John turned off the road into a small lane and pulled into a parking spot on top of the hill with great views of the surrounding countryside.”I always used to cycle up here when I was younger,” Mike said, turning to look at Kate. “It was always a great Kadıköy Escort Bayan spot to just stop and think, away from everyone else.””It’s really beautiful,” Kate agreed. “And so quiet. It’s like there’s no-one else for miles around.””Kate,” John said more seriously. “Why didn’t you tell me you were still in school?””Hey? I thought you knew.””You told me you were in college and that you’re off to uni next year!”Kate laughed out loud. “Oh! You think I’m still in school, school?””Well? You’re wearing the uniform and that was certainly a school you came out of.””I’m in the sixth form silly. Look here’s my ID.” Kate rummaged through her bag and pulled out a provisional driving license. “See? Eighteen next year!”John breathed a sigh of relief, then snapped himself back to reality. “Kate. We really need to talk.””I’m not going to like this am I?” Kate pouted.”Kate. I’m twenty-two years older than you. I’m married for god’s sake. You’re still in school…””Sixth form,” Kate interrupted.”Fine. You’re still in sixth form. What happened last week shouldn’t have happened.””But it did happen,” she reminded him.”It did. And I should have stopped it before it got that far.” John paused waiting for Kate to agree.”I really like you, John,” Kate replied. “And I will never forget that kiss we had. I know it’s wrong, and I know you’re married, but I don’t regret it one little bit.””Kate…” John chipped in.”Don’t!” Kate snapped back at him. “Let me talk.””OK.””I’ve never had any luck with guys. Every boyfriend I’ve ever had has treated me badly. They weren’t abusive, but they just didn’t care about my feelings. I just thought that’s what all guys were Escort Kadıköy like. Then you came along – my knight in shining armour – and you saved Geoff. And then you helped me. You’ve changed the way I think about men. I know now that not all men are selfish and that some men can care about me and my feelings…””Kate?” John interrupted.”I haven’t finished yet,” she stated. “And then it felt like we were getting closer. I know we can’t tell anyone. And I know it can’t be a long-term thing. I’ll be leaving for uni next year anyway. But I still wanted it to happen – like really wanted it to happen. And thinking that you wanted it too was making me feel really good about myself. I’ve always struggled with confidence in the past. But now you’re pushing me away and ignoring my feelings, just like all those other boys did.””I’m not pushing you away Kate. Please don’t think that.””You are!” she sighed.”I’m here now, aren’t I?””Yes. But only because you want to tell me we can’t see each other!”They sat in silence for a few minutes. John stared out of the window and then turned to look at Kate.His eyes focused on her smooth legs and travelled up her body. Kate had removed her tie and undone a couple of buttons on her blouse leaving just a hint of cleavage. John’s eyes followed the v-line of her blouse to her slender neck and up to her face.My God, she’s beautiful, he thought. John smiled.”What?” Kate asked. “Why are you smiling at me?””I was just thinking how beautiful you are.” John replied before he could stop himself.”Oh?” Kate turned to face him.Fuck it! John thought to himself and he leaned in for a kiss.The kiss started off tentative, small pecks on the lips as they stared into each others eyes, but then passion took over as they threw caution to the wind. Sparks flew through John’s body as their tongues entwined and then swirled around each other. John’s hands swept down Kate’s sides and rested on her hips as he kissed her neck and started to trace the lines of her collar bones.

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