He’s Hiding On The Balcony


Carol hummed as the hot water streamed down from the rain shower. She lathered her slender petite five-foot-three body. The aroused wife adored the richly scented sandalwood body wash the resort provided. She shampooed her shoulder-length dark brunette hair slowly. The shampoo was an intoxicating tropical shampoo. The sexy thirty-eight year old was nervous, but excited. Life was too short to have regrets. If her husband Paul wouldn’t make “it happen” then she would. Her hands carefully scrubbed her one hundred and five pound taut body. The gym and yoga sessions had kept her body looking amazingly toned and fit for her age. The distracted sex-deprived mother of one felt so youthful tonight. She was grinning for no reason at all. Carol steeled her nerves to follow through on her methodically developed plan. Well maybe she did have a reason to grin she giggled to her self. As the excited wife soaped her small breasts she realized how happy she was with her trim body. Carol still looked twenty-five or even younger while her friends with much larger breasts had aged and sagged. The chirpy wife used her soapy hands to rub between her smooth hairless thighs. Mounds of white bubbles cascaded down her slender curves. The wife with a plan cleaned her pussy good and clean. Her tight love tunnel tingled. She inserted a finger and cleaned it out. Tonight would be fun. Outside in the hotel room, Carol’s short stocky husband Paul waited. He was pacing nervously around the ocean-side suite. The two of them had been high school “sweethearts” so this was a big moment. Their entire relationship would change tonight. Yes this had all been his stupid idea. Yes the husband had planted the seed. That wicked little debauched seed had taken root. With little light it had grown like a weed in the darkness of their bedroom. The seed had fertilized in Carol’s mind. But what would it really feel like when it happened? When Paul heard the hairdryer come on he almost jumped. Okay he was pretty nervous and skittish. Paul loved his wife. Tonight everything would change. Their sex life had become so boring. Their relationship was so strained. And the kernel of repressed desire festered. It refused to go away. The kernel planted so many years ago when Paul was sixteen refused to die. The dutiful husband had tried to stamp it out. He knew his desires were wrong. Yet like a dandelion Paul’s secret fantasies kept poking their wicked little head back up. Back in his youth the horny teen had watched his best friend’s older eighteen-year-old sister Tara through her bedroom window. The teenager had kneeled in a concealed spot behind a bush. Paul had crouched, peering dumbstruck over the windowsill, as sexy Tara fucked her boyfriend. With a taste for the “forbidden” acquired young Paul soon become addicted. He would secretly hide himself by Tara’s window at every chance he could get. While his friend’s slim blonde sister with firm 34B tits fucked her boyfriend he would watch. The transfixed young sixteen-year-old Paul would masturbate to huge voyeuristic driven explosions. He would release his load as Tara cried out in her own orgasmic release. The lilac bush by Tara’s bedroom window received mighty loads of sperm fertilizer to help it grow. The young man’s taste for voyeur sex had been born; the seed had been planted all those years back. Watching instead of doing had been established in Paul’s twisted brain as the main erotic event. He really wanted to be a good husband so he tried to rid himself of his wickedness. He really Anadolu Yakası Escort did. Paul had tried to repress the secret desire. No matter what Paul did his secret needs had festered in the back of his mind. The idea of it was always nagging at him and his psyche. More than anything Carol’s husband wanted to watch. Paul wanted to be a bystander to the main event. He was desperate to see his wife respond to another man. Paul wanted to watch Carol being pierced by a bigger more potent cock than his four-inch “plus” little weenie. Was this wrong? Was he twisted and fucked-up? Yes he felt like a deviant and he felt so dirty. Yet the husband had always been too timid to actually “do” anything about his twisted desires. So what had changed now? The fantasy had finally slipped out in a moment of weakness about six-months ago. Carol had been probing why her husband didn’t want sex anymore. The horny wife was demanding to know why they had stopped fucking. “Am I so ugly,” she asked. Carol was perplexed. It had been years since she’d had a decent hot fucking. What was up? She often caught other men looking and staring at her body, so then what was wrong? Carol was confused. Paul never got hard anymore? The young looking and attractive wife knew she still had the body to inspire hot sex. At the gym some tight-bodied guys even tried to pick her up. She had, of course, fantasized about letting them. “I’m still young. I still look good for my age,” she searched her husband’s eyes for a reason. “Why don’t you touch me anymore?” Carol had finally cajoled it out of him. He’d been tipsy on wine that night. He’d felt vulnerable and weak. Little by little his frustrated wife had prised out Paul’s dark secrets. Well they weren’t “secrets” anymore were they? Paul looked around the large suite. Okay the room was ready. He had unscrewed the light bulb on the room’s balcony. Even if the man Carol picked as her paramour hit the switch, the light wouldn’t work. Paul had positioned a large wicker chair to further block the man’s view. He would be able to crouch and hide from view in the pitch-black darkness. Paul’s heart was thumping. The husband looked over by the bed. The baby monitor his wife had hidden under the bed was not visible. They had already checked the volume by running a test. Paul would be able to hear what was going on in the room, but the noise from the monitor could not be heard inside the room. Luckily the double glazed windows muffled most sound. Paul had to admit his wife was a bit of a genius when it came to planning. Carol emerged from the bathroom completely naked. She was fluffing and brushing her shiny brunette hair. The dark haired beauty was smiling and looking about the room. This suite in Bali was amazing. It was like a second honeymoon, but perhaps better—more sex this time! Carol giggled and thought to her self how much hotter this honeymoon could be. She was grinning. It was great that Paul’s parents could take care of little five-year-old Melody. Carol hummed as she selected the lacy black lingerie she had specially purchased for the trip. The slender wife crouched over to slip on her lacy delicate panties. The pretty petite wife looked up at her husband as he paced the room. “Are you okay with this Paul? I mean we can still stop.” The nervous banker’s throat was constricted. This was a turning point. It was the final time to bail on this whole insane thing; and yet it felt like fate propelling them forward. It felt impossible to turn Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan back now. The emotional roller coaster they had been on for the past two years made it feel like he was trapped. He was a man trapped in a fantasy of his own construction. Paul realized if he were to try to stop it all now it could be catastrophic. The hot sexy wife he didn’t deserve might leave him? She might just walk out the door? He certainly wasn’t making her happy. As a husband who did not perform his marital duties Paul felt compelled to stick to the plan. He cleared his throat nervously. Carol’s husband’s less than five-inch cock was already hard and throbbing. Just the idea of what was about to unfold in the next few hours made him hard. Watching his wife fuck another man? He felt dizzy at the thought. It would transport him to a new place. Paul had cottonmouth and searched his brain for vowels and consonants. He struggled to form actual words. Could he stop this train from barrelling ahead? Did he dare? Carol stood up straight. She looked taller than her five-foot six. The horny wife was already resolved to carry this through. Her sexy pair of panties on now, Paul’s wife was busy hitching her matching black lacy shelf-bra. She snapped its front clasp. He looked her up and down. My god! Paul had to admit his wife’s body looked amazing. Paul’s throat tightened. In a few hours another man would be fucking his wife. A woman who had experienced only one cock in her life would be feasting on her second. He finally was able to speak. “Um no everything is great honey.” Carol looked his way. She smiled and nodded. Yes it was. Yes it was. Finally things would be better. How long could a sexless marriage survive? “Okay so if you do come over I’ll introduce you as my friend’s husband. We’ll use your real name okay.” Paul nervously nodded ascent. “Sure. Okay.” Carol smiled. “I may mention you are separated and going through difficult times.” Paul blushed. “I’ll be telling them I’m married of course. I won’t lie,” she paused. “They need to know I’m married. Well that’s part of your fantasy, right?” Paul blushed a hotter shade of pink. “I may even say ‘happily’ married. I don’t know? I can’t decide. Are we?” Carol smiled brightly. She giggled. She really did feel excited. Maybe they were? “Anyways I’ll come up with a good story honey.” Paul nodded. “I know you will sweetheart. You’ve always been the smart one.” His wife grinned back. Carol liked wearing the pants for once. “So just watch and enjoy. This is what you have always wanted darling.” Carol moved closer to her husband. She kissed him lightly on his cheek. Her hand reached down and rubbed his crotch. “Oh dear. Someone is very excited?” Carol giggled and blushed. The idea that her husband wanted her to fuck another man was so erotic. She felt her pussy moisten. Paul’s wife walked over to the bathroom again. The momentarily distracted wife selected her perfume and spayed on a seductive sweet scent. She was wondering whom she would pick? What would he look like? How old would he be? Carol felt sixteen again. Her entire body was tingling. This was the excitement of a first date all over again. Carol turned back into the closet to put on her mini dress and top. Again great thought had gone into the pieces she had carefully selected for this trip. The horny sexually ignored wife wanted to feel totally feminine and young again. It had been so long since Paul had actually ravished her body. She loved him, but Escort Anadolu Yakası still a woman had needs. There had been several special shopping trips to make sure she had the right wardrobe for this trip. It had been a six-month build-up, but the time had not been wasted. Trips to boutiques, trips to lingerie shops, discussions with girlfriends—yes for Carol there had been a lot to do. The black and white check mini skirt paired with the sheer black gauze top was perfect. The chic Milan-styled top featured peek-a-boo see-thru panels. The transparent panels highlighted the sexy lacy black bra she was wearing underneath. The combination was just the ticket to attract horny men. Carol tied the blouse up under her bra. She cinched it tight to reveal her toned and tanned midriff in a wide strip of bare-skin. With her ensemble in place the horny wife struck a pose in the floor length mirror. Carol pushed her bum out a bit and made a critical review. She was very satisfied with her reflection. Leaning down Paul’s wife picked up the sexy black spaghetti strap heels. These sexy black heels were the final touch of elegance and sex appeal. Higher than the heels she usually wore the stiletto heels wouldn’t be very comfortable. But the heels were so hot and sexy she couldn’t resist them. Carol smiled. This was all so much fun. She was a single girl playing the field, but she had a husband to share it all with. What could be better? As the well-dressed couple exited the hotel suite to head to the nightclub district in Kuta, they held hands. They were both nervous and on edge. To an outside observer they looked like any holidaying well-to-do couple out for a night of fun without the kids. Who would guess they were on the prowl for a fuck-buddy for the Mrs? Carol squeezed her husband’s hand to reassure him they were doing the right thing. “It will be okay. This is what you have always wanted Paul. It’s what we both need.” Paul looked at his wife sceptically. Was it he wondered? Surely it was. Things couldn’t get worse could they? The anger and frustration that had built between them over the years needed to be expunged. His enormous debt to his wife and her deep resentment needed to be dealt with? The guilt they both felt? Where else could it all lead? This had to be the answer. The nervous husband had to admit his wife looked so radiant in her sexy mini skirt outfit. He glanced. Yes she was positively toxic tonight. Her long slender toned legs, the sexy mini skirt, the flirtatious top, her shoulder-length brunette hair so lush and wavy, her brown eyes sparkling—yes his wife looked beyond amazing. Tonight with a single kiss Carol could have the man she desired. Surely any man would be infected by her sexy charm and would be unable to resist her. Carol smiled. She leaned in close. Paul could smell her rich earthy yet teasingly floral perfume. “Paul….” Her voice was a low husky sultry whisper. “I have to be honest with you sweetheart.” His heart was thumping like a truck’s piston in his chest. “I’ve been fantasizing about fucking other men for years.” The look on his face revealed how momentarily stunned her husband was. She wanted to laugh. Sometimes men are truly dumb as a post she thought. The newly playful wife decides to push it a bit more. “Those guys at the gym who try to pick me up. I fantasize about fucking them a lot because you never touch me.” It felt like huge weight had been lifted from her shoulders. Carol’s face flushed hot pink. She’d wanted to tell him for so long. She’d always been too afraid. Society was so harsh on women. So much was expected of them. First, she had to be the perfect girlfriend. Next, a woman played the role of the perfect fiancé. With the ring a woman became the perfect wife. In the final evolution a woman became the perfect mother. Every single role diminished a woman’s sexuality.

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