I Watched You Fuck Your Lover


By the time Simone arrives, MK has the grill smoking.“I could smell the aromas all the way up by my place. I’m surprised you don’t have a line waiting outside your door for dinner.” She loves what MK has done to make the little cottage she helped him purchase feel homey. “It reflects you. I like it.”They feast at a table on his deck bathed in the warmth of a setting evening sun. “The food is exquisite, MK. Thank you.”“No, Simone, thank you. Despite everything that has transpired you have been very kind to me over the past months. I wanted to show you how much I appreciate your friendship.”“Gesture accepted and friendship affirmed.” They toast each other with glasses of robust red wine.“You’ve been through the ringer MK and I don’t know the half of it.” She takes a sip of the wine and lets the deep red liquid touch every part of her mouth. “And to tell you the truth, I don’t care to know more other than to know that you’re on a road to recovery.”“Thank you,” another toast, “today I felt better than I have in a long time and I owe that and a lot more to you.”Simone engages his eyes. “Exactly what do you think I am owed?”Initially, MK is taken aback by her question. It’s like when you casually ask an acquaintance “how are you?” and they respond with something akin to “do you really want to know?” But he gathers himself and says, “I’ll begin with the thank you that I just toasted; I owe you for piecing me back together each time I came to you broken from loss. I owe you for taking care of my dog on a moment’s notice for an extended period of time. I owe you for not following through on an initial Ümraniye Escort commitment I made to you when we made love on your rooftop. I owe you for waiting until now to ask how you are…”“You can stop there my dear man. I appreciate your acknowledgements. The fact that you initiated this time together and went out of your way to feat me with a lovely meal goes a long way in clearing whatever debt you think you have. So, here’s to you.” She tips her glass to MK and takes another sip of wine. “This could go somewhere, MK.”“I’m hoping it does. Sounds promising to me. What else besides dinner can I do for you tonight?”She pours them both more wine. “The first thing you can do is answer this question: do you want to fuck me?”Everything within MK leaps to step on some brakes. Of course, he wants to fuck Simone but a steady stream of questions and red flags starting with he’s not ready throttle his ability to respond. A sip of wine is summoned to quiet the noise dominating his mind. “Yes, I want to fuck you.”“But clearly you are not ready to do so.”“Who said I’m not ready? After I clean up these dishes, I am hoping to pleasure like you did me on your rooftop. Is that something you’re ready for?”“Whether I’m ready for it is not the issue; whether I want it is.”“Let me open some more wine, tidy up a bit, put on some music and give you a bit of space to decide what you want. Deal?”“Deal.”By the time MK returns, Simone is stretched out on a lounge chair below an orange and purple sky. She offers him a hit on a joint she is holding between her fingers. He obliges and Ümraniye Escort Bayan pulls another lounger up next to her.Sara Vaughn singing ‘Someone to Watch over Me’ accompanies a bottle of one of MK’s favorite wines, an Oregon Syrah from Vulcan Cellars. As he fills her glass, she smiles and asks, “Are you suggesting you’re the man to watch over me?”“Who’s to argue with the lovely Ms. Vaughn? So, what have you decided?”“I shouldn’t tell you this, but I once sat in a car outside a client’s new home and watched him make love to his partner on their kitchen table through a curtainless window and I masturbated while I watched.”“I know. I saw you.”“MK! And you never said anything?”“I thought it was better left unsaid at the time.”“Well, I’m glad we’ve cleared that up.” She cuts him a side-eye glance. “I had to get that off of my chest.”“And now that you have…”“OK, here’s what I want. I want to be the woman on the table who I watched that night. I want to feel the incendiary desire I witnessed spying on two lovers alone in a man’s new home for the first time after he had just given up everything he had known for one reason: to be with her, a woman he had spent much of his life pursuing and his only goal was to pleasure her, to pour his boundless love over every inch of her body.I want you to seduce me into your home. Once we’re there, light a candle, light a lot of candles, fill the room with soft music, undress me ever so slowly and let me feel mad hunger for my body. Explore every inch of me. Unlock parts of my naked self that I didn’t know were closed. Take Escort Ümraniye me to a point where I beg you to fuck me but don’t fuck me. Instead, lay a comforter upon the table in front of the open window like you’re performing for someone watching and tease me with touches, kisses, whatever you want and then when I pant and beg you to let me cum, surprise me with a new ending to the story.”“I love a woman who knows what she wants and can articulate her desires so…so fucking well. I want nothing more than to see you naked and to let you feel my lust for you. I’ve kept it under wraps for a long time.”He moves behind Simone and lets his fingers graze her neck while he kisses her ears. Chill bumps run the length of her body. His hands move to cup her breasts and slowly circle her nipples taking great pleasure when he feels them harden in response to his touch. Closing his eyes, images of Ms. E provide visuals for what MK’s hands explore. When he grazes Simone’s shoulders, his mind sees the rich chocolate of Ms. E’s sculpted arms. When Simone sighs and says “Yes, MK, just like that,” it’s Ms. E’s voice that nourishes his ears.Slowly, he leads her from the backyard deck into his home. His stereo plays Ms. E’s favorite songs. Once inside, MK removes each piece of her clothing beginning with her silk tank top. Its descent pauses on the tips of her erect nipples. His hands help gravity complete its lascivious task. His eyes open to take in the majesty of her breasts. They invite him to kiss them, they implore his tongue to trace their curves, command his lips to roll her dark brown nipples between them, and her gorgeous breasts beckon his mouth to consume their fullness. Her sighs reward his gestures.They dance. They embrace. MK kneels before her and rubs his face back and forth across her tummy while slipping her thong down over long legs. She stands completely naked and still before him.

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