Manmoirs: The Runner


Lisa and I met a couple years earlier when we worked promo for Pepsi. That summer I had been hooking up with Claire, one of her best friends. Lisa started dating David, who also worked with us. It was a fun summer with no care in the world. All the singles at that time partnered off and when we were at work we would flirt and use sexual innuendo with anyone of the opposite sex. Nearly everything was fair game. Lisa and David continued their relationship afterward. Fast forward two years later and she adds me to this new form of social technology, Facebook. “Hey Dean! Long time no see! How are you?” She ran cross country for her University team and was apparently a fantastic tennis player in high school. She looked better than I remembered; long, brown hair, about 5″3 with an athletic build. She was the prototypical co-ed you’d see at school and you’d never take your eyes off Kurtköy Escort her. “Hey Lisa! You look fantastic! I’m well. Are you back from school?” Remember, we didn’t have instant messaging on Facebook at this point. “Yep. Starting work in three days. Already bored at him. How about you?” “I’m working at a TV station as a work placement for school until August. Bored eh? I know some ways to change that.” Already I’m reverting back to my old ways. Actually, I never really changed. “LOL ha! Yeah? Like what?” From the emoticon with the tongue sticking out I knew she was playing along. But if I was David I would be pissed already. “You’d have to come out for a drive to find out!” And then shit got real serious… “Haha ok sure. Wanna come get me now?” “Ok sure.” At this point I wasn’t entirely sure what I was going to do. My mind was racing as to what Kurtköy Escort Bayan I would do after I picked her up. Deep down, I wanted her. Physically she was my type. But would she give in? I couldn’t see it happening. I pulled up to her place and she immediately came out. She gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. At this point I wasn’t sure what to do. “Where to Lisa?” “I dunno. You said you’d take me for a drive. Surprise me.” “Do you want a tour of the TV station?” “Sure!” I took her on a tour of nearly every studio and floor possible. I was a bit nervous now, which wasn’t good. I think I was having a dilemma over how much of a scumbag I was being. Still, I did not care. I planned to take her to my studio, show her my work area and take things from there. When I brought her into my studio I did notice the goosebumps on her arms. Escort Kurtköy She was wearing a t-shirt and they kept the studio temperatures fairly cold. “You’re cold aren’t you?” “Yes. Do you have a sweater.” “No, all I have are my hands.” So I rubbed her arms up and down with my hands trying to warm her up. Then I hugged her and rubbed my hands up and down her back. She was close enough to kiss right on the lips. We made eye contact, and then she looked down at my lips. I took my shot and kissed her. After a couple seconds she pulled back. “I can’t believe we kissed!” “Did you not like it?” “No, I actually did like it.” I pulled her in by her waist and kissed her again. This time our tongues made contact and it was more intense. “Do you wanna get out of here?” “Yeah, sure Dean.” We drove to a school parking lot with a few school buses parked in the corner. I parked where we would blend right in. I pulled on her shirt to kiss her again. She pulled back after a few seconds. My cock was hard and ready for her. “This isn’t right, what we’re doing.” “I know.” I leaned in to kiss her again. “I can’t do this again to David.” “Again? Lisa did you cheat on David?” “Yes.

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