My Kind of Southern Hospitality pt 2


“Alice there’s a phone call for you!” yelled my mother from her study room downstairs. “I’ll be right down,” I yelled back. I was standing in front of my mirror admiring myself a skintight strapless emerald dress I had borrowed from my mother’s closet. Sine I couldn’t find my strapless bras, I had decided not to wear a bra at all. My hardened nipples were slightly visible, but I didn’t care. I had been trying on dresses all evening. Not only because I wanted to find a dress that would impress Andy, but also because I had discovered that I loved the feeling of being naked. Ever since the day before when I experienced the feeling of the wind against every inch of my bare skin, I’d been imagining going out to the gazebo for another nude nap. Plus, the possibilities of what could happen while I was sleeping….maybe Andy would just happen to come over again like yesterday. Then Alice’s eyes widened and her heart started beating a little faster as she thought of the possibility of what could have happened if Andy had come searching for her just a few minutes earlier while she had still been asleep…. “Alice, hurry up!” her mother impatiently ordered from downstairs. “I’m coming, I’m coming!” I knew my mother had a short temper so I snapped out of my revery and slowly slid the dress down my body. As I watched my pink nipples pop out of the dress in the full length mirror in my room, I got the same feeling as I had yesterday when I had been looking at myself naked in the mirror. Just then, I noticed something moving in the window from the corner of my eye. I turned toward the window just in time to see a figure quickly Ataşehir Escort closing the curtains. I froze in horror as I realized that someone had seen me like this! I covered my breasts with my hands and reached for my green silk robe that was laying on my bed. Then I took of the dress completely, hung it in my closet, and before I left my room, I closed the blinds of my window. I can’t believe someone had been looking at me! It was obviously someone from Andy’s house… I walked down the old, yet still beautiful wooden stair case. I loved the feel of the worn wooden railing, which reminded me that even though the house was new to me, it had been a home for another family until a few weeks ago. As I walked down the last flight of stairs, I could see the outlines of picture frames which had protected that section of the wall from gathering dust. I wonder why the previous owners had moved? It was such a lovely house. I entered my mother’s study room to see a clutter of paper’s on top of her desk. My mom was silently sitting in her black leather chair on her cellphone. As I was about to speak, she sharply held out a hand and furrowed her eyebrows, which meant “be quiet.” She then pointed outside and I figured that she had left the home phone in the kitchen. When I answered the call, there was heavy breathing on the other end of the call. “Hello?” There was no answer, but I could hear the person breathing, so I assumed they must not have heard me. “Hello?” I repeated. Just then the breathing stopped, but it was replaced by a muffled sound. It sounded like a video….I listened Ataşehir Escort Bayan for another few seconds. Is that moaning? “What the…” I froze. The video continued to play and I continued to listen to the moans, which sounded so familiar…it sounded like a girl masturbating. Oh no. The moans got louder and I suddenly realized that I was listening to my own voice in the video. Before I could say anything, the caller hung up the phone. I tried to call back, but the number was private. I was dumbstruck. A million thoughts were racing through my head, “What the hell was I supposed to do? Should I tell my parents? No, I couldn’t tell them. How embarrassing would that be?! Shoot. How did they even get the tape of me?” I couldn’t move. My eyes began to well with tears. I felt so exposed. Before I could continue my thoughts, my mother walked into the kitchen. “Who was on the phone?” she inquired. I quickly wiped away my tears and took a quick breath before I replied, “Just one of the neighbors again asking if we need anything. They’re so annoying.” She laughed as she took out several types of deli meats and placed them on the counter, “Well you seem to have taken a liking to Andy Anderson yesterday.” I blushed, “Oh—you saw us in the backyard?” She was now placing the meats in between two slices of bread. “Well not exactly…but his mom said you two looked like you had some chemistry.” “Mom, she wasn’t even there, how could she know.” “Huh…well Andy must have told her because by the way she described it, it sounded like she was almost there with you two. Speaking of Escort Ataşehir Andy, shouldn’t you be getting ready for your date with him?” She looked up from her sandwich and winked at me. Wow, and I always thought people were exaggerating when they said there are no secrets in small towns…. By the time Andy rang the doorbell, the sun had almost set, but the lawn was lit up with fireflies. When I opened the door, he gave me one of his Andy Anderson smiles that took my breath away and handed me a pink rose. I thanked him and he said, “Alice, you look…” I gave him a sweet smile as I waited for him to finish his sentence, but he was too busy ogling my body. “Let me guess, you were going to say ‘amazing, hot, sexy?’” He laughed, “And beautiful. I can’t keep my eyes off you.” He was wearing a white shirt with jeans and cowboy boots. The first three buttons of his shirt were undone and I could the upper part of his abs. I grabbed my purse and closed the door. “Wow, you must work out a lot,” I mumbled as we walked to his shiny blue pick up truck. He laughed again, “I like to stay in shape. What about you?” I looked over at him; the setting sun highlighted his beautiful blue eyes and sandy blonde hair in a way that made me lose my concentration for a second. “Oh, uhh, well yeah! I love working out!” “Well you certainly look very fit,” he replied as he ran his eyes over my body again. I blushed as he hit the unlock button on his car keys. I was very happy to finally be able to sit down in his car; walking without a bra was so uncomfortable. My breasts were bouncing up so much that I thought they were going to pop out again. We chatted about our families and school, and what we hoped to study when we went to college. I was actually quite impressed with Andy; he wanted to become an ER doctor. Anyway, I found out that we both had a lot in common. Everything was going so well—until we pulled into the town’s Exxon gas station.

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