Passion in Shangri-La Part 2

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This is part 2 of “Passion in Shangri-La”, written in collaboration with my talented friend Tazznjazz. And lots of thanks to ShyVixen and Saga, who helped me in proofreading. To best understand the story, we suggest that you read the preceding part before reading this one, but this story may be enjoyed by its own as well. It was a radiant summer day, custom made for indulgence. I checked my calendar to make sure I had made no prior commitments. Once satisfied the day was indeed my own, I switched off my cell, packed up sunscreen, bikini, kindle, beach towel with some wine and cheese into my pack, and changed into a vibrant pink sundress and sandals. In no time at all, I was heading off for a tranquil day of hiking, sunbathing, and a little erotic reading. My secluded little lakeside cove beckoned as the ideal place for me to spend a little quality Tazz time with the new Ashley Lake and Frank Lee books I had just downloaded from amazon. Within the hour, I was driving on the scenic twisting route, listening to Alicia Keys with my convertible top down, letting the wind whip my hair into a mass of tangles. Life just could not get any better at this moment. I was almost at the entrance to the lake when I spotted a roadside vendor selling fresh peaches out of an ancient pick up. The juicy fruit would go nicely with my little snack so I stopped and purchased a half dozen from the kind old gentleman whose face was as weathered as sun bleached driftwood. Then I made my way to the parking area. As I was proceeding to the trail head beyond, there was joy in my heart and lilt in my steps. The hiking trail was reasonably desolate. I passed only a few fellow hikers as I prowled around that big oak tree I’d marked with a balanced rock before, and parted the dense brush that led to my mossy retreat. I nestled down in my unseen hideaway, my private Shangri-la, sipped a little merlot and began my reading. The molten sun filtering through the clouds that as fragile as angel wings in a robin’s egg colored sky; the scent of pine and honeysuckle lacing through the occasional slight breeze that made the viridian leaves dance a dizzy minuet; the subtle blading of sunshine off the wake incessantly offering delicate kisses to the rocks at the lakes edge. This peaceful moment was the pinnacle of solitude I had yearned for after my hectic week.  Just as my reading began to quicken my pulse with luscious imagery, my bliss was shattered by the sound of soft, feminine laughter. A little annoyed by this interruption, I raised my eyes. But what I saw next had me transfixed, my kindle set aside and my attention rapt. Across the lake, I saw a godlike man emerge from the water. His muscled torso was sparkling with droplets of moisture as he embraced the source of the laughter, a goddess of indescribable beauty with raven black hair cascading down her back, an apple shaped bottom and incredible breasts which brought to mind two perfect pears swaying in the boughs from the Garden of Eden. I felt as though I had been suddenly Acıbadem Escort whisked to an endless time. The mystical ambiance of my emerald cove and the ageless mating ritual across the pristine lake seemed as timeless as a bygone age of gods, a mythic era when Apollo and Aphrodite were willingly enchanted by a satyr’s seductive melodies. My mind was tumbling and pulsing like an erotic neighborhood best not visited alone. As I leaned back on my elbows to intently watch the rapid coupling, my legs parted; and by their own will, my fingers pulled my thong to the side. Simultaneously I reached for a peach. Somehow my voyeuristic sub-consciousness equated this juicy delicious, tender fruit to the scene unfolding in front of me.As soon as Brian stepped on the dry land, he wrapped his arms around Adriana’s waist and pulled her nude body against his. Staring into her eyes, he started kissing her in such a naughty way. He gently licked her red lips like they were the most delicious lollipops. When Adriana started to moan in satisfaction, Brian sucked her bottom lip into his mouth, caressed it with his own lips and lightly bit it before letting it go. Just as Adriana was about to ask for more, she heard Brian’s whisper, light yet seductive. “Remember what I just did to your lips, because I’m going to do that same kiss to your other set of lips down there.” Before Adriana could answer, Brian lifted her up in his strong arms and carried her to the big, flat rock behind them. Carefully he laid her down on the rock and kneeled down between her legs. Brian wet kissed her inner thighs first. The touch of his newly shaved beard on her smooth skin tickled her and made her giggle. Very soon, her giggles turned into soft moaning and panting when Brian’s lips sealed on her already wet pussy. Gently he pulled her pussy lips apart using his fingers to reveal Adriana’s juicy pink flesh. He inhaled deeply to enjoy her sex scent. It was sweet, musky and appealing, just as he expected. Adriana gasped when Brian’s tongue slurped on her pussy from bottom to up. She had been craving this pleasure for so long. His tongue moved slowly at first, then gradually increased its speed. He took his time to enjoy her honey-like juice, sending her waves and waves of bliss, making her groan out loud begging for more. His tongue danced on her pink pussy lips, flickering up and down, weaving left and right, drawing letters and numbers. And as he promised, he nibbled on her rose bud, lightly pulled it up and let it go, almost made her screaming in shiver.As I stared at them while nibbling on the juicy peach, the sticky nectar dribbling down my chin to collect in the hollow of my collarbone and then zigzagging down. While my free hand stirred my passion vividly, the tanned, handsome man was administering an apparently delectable tongue-lashing judging by the perfect O forming on the pouty lips of the ebony trussed deity. Her chest expanded and contracted with shallow breaths, her back arched and her Acıbadem Escort Bayan head tilted back in feline rapture. She must have been into her fulfillment so much, and my own fulfillment was close at hand as well. Adriana squeezed her own breasts hard and felt her nipples get so full in her palm like a ripe grape. Brian had been driving her crazy by giving her amazing oral sex but not allowing her to orgasm. Each time her tension built up and was about to come, he stopped and changed into a new pattern, dropping her from the peak. It was so frustrating. She knew he was doing this deliberately to get back on her for what she did to him earlier that day, but she wanted to come so badly that she could not help but kept begging him. “Brian, please…please let me come…come for you….” Finally, after overwhelming Adriana with another session of intense sucking, slurping and nibbling, Brian raised his head and smirked, “What do you want, Adriana, speak it loudly.” “Please, please make me come,” Adriana begged. Brian stood up and Adriana could not move her eyes from his fully erected manhood. Its mushroom shaped head was filled with so much blood that it turned purple. The veins surrounding that steel hard shaft almost prompted up under the thin layer of delicate skin. It looked so delicious that Adriana licked her lips. She wanted that dick, no, she needed that dick, she yearned for that dick. She must have that cock inside her, in her mouth, in her pussy, in her asshole. She would let him to come in any place in her body, and all she asked for in return was to fuck her right there right then. “So, you want my dick?” Brian’s word woke her up from her staring. “Adriana, you’ve been teasing me all day long, wiggling your ass, shaking your booty. You’re such a little slut.” She moved her sight up and caught his wicked smile. His eyes were burning with lust, yet still confident. She loved what she just saw; a sweet nice guy who could also be in control and demanding. “Yes, I want your cock inside me. I want you to fuck my little tight pussy hard.” While talking to him in her most sultry voice, she dipped her index finger into her pussy and brought it back to her mouth sucking it clean. “Please fuck me Brian; I want to be fucked hard.” “Get on you all fours, you little slut,” he commanded. Adriana obediently obeyed. She jumped up from the rock immediately, turned around and bent over sticking her butt toward Brian, while her hands held on a tree chunk for stabilization. As Brian’s hand grabbed on her hair and pulled her head up, Adriana let out a loud groan in both pain and excitement. She loved the way he was taking control of her body. Hard, rough and passionate, just the ways she preferred. She wanted to feel his passion, his desire, his lust, let them to overwhelm her, to suffocate her, to throw her into weaves and weaves of orgasm.While I was watching the unaware players continuing their mating dance across the lake for my voyeuristic pleasure, I accidently Escort Acıbadem brushed the velvet skin of the peach on my clit. A sensation of unexpected nirvana washed over my body as I explored this new texture that sent thrills coursing straight to my most erotic nerve endings. I turned on my corpulent clit with depraved corruption in my heart, the delicate fuzz extracting contagious jolts of primitive titillations.In excitement and anticipating, Adriana held her breath waiting for him to enter her, to thrust into her, to take her his woman. But totally out of her surprise, it was his hand rather than shaft landed on her butt. A hard spank on her ass made her gasped in pain and shock. Then she heard his stern voice, “Count it for me, you naughty girl,” Brian scolded, “This is the punishment for you teasing me all the way today.” Before Adriana begged for mercy, she felt his hand slap her bottom again. Rather excited than painful, she yelled out, “One! Oh yes, Brian, I’m a little tease. I deserve that.” Smack! “Two! Oh yes…harder, Brian, harder please… ” Smack! As if answering her request, it was much harder than the previous ones. The pain was like sting on her skin, almost brought her into tears. But it felt so good and so right. Yes, her behavior was so naughty this morning and in her heart she wanted to be punished, to be disciplined by him. “Three! Oh god…I’m a bad girl…please, Brian. Please…”Even from other side of the lake, I felt the smack of his rough hand against tender yielding skin almost before the sound echoed from across the lake. Each slap sent a thrilling shock coursing through my erotically charged nerve endings as if my own fragile bottom was the one being administered by the deliciously provocative punishment. That was the moment the pit of the peach made unintentional contact with my exposed clit, and the brutal coarseness by the change of textures sent a jolt of harsh delight deep into my defiantly overloaded senses. Adriana held her breath waiting for the fourth spank, but it did not come. Instead, Brian’s left hand pulled Adriana’s hair even tighter, as he bent over and reached his right hand underneath her to grab her soft boobs. As his hand squeezed her breasts hard, he whispered to her ear, “Good girl, you took the punishment so good. You’re such a good girl that now it is time for your prize.” Feeling the steel hard manhood rubbing on her slit, Adriana let out a squeal in joy. She knew this time it was for real. Biting her lips hard, she muffled her scream as his big dickhead pushed her tight pussy lips apart and sank into her hot vagina gradually. Though Adriana was dripping wet and well lubricated, her pussy was simply so tight that it was like small, warm hands wrapping around Brian’s shaft squeezing him. It felt so great that Brian had to slow down and control himself from coming too soon. Inch by inch Brian’s cock buried into Adriana’s body until it went all the way in. They moaned in unison and stayed perfectly still for a moment, both enjoying the satisfaction they brought to each other. Then he bent over again while his hand held her head around so he could kiss on her lips. The kiss was gentle and sensual this time, as they finally made a connection both mentally and physically. As their mouth parted, Brian heard Adriana’s whisper, “Brian, please fuck me hard.

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