Shopping Trip Part III


He was half-hard and I was craving to suck and fuck him, to be his whore. My naked body and my dirty mind felt ravenous and starving for cock, his cock. “Do you think my new whore is getting excited watching you suck my cock?” he asked his pretty blonde girl with a face full of his seed. “Don’t answer. Go clean up and use the whore’s dress on the floor. Then get me hard so I can fuck one of your holes again.” The blond girl gave me a subtle, sly smirk, barely noticeable, but definitely there, and picked up the ruined dress and cleaned her face of cum and smeared makeup; staining it and then nonchalantly tossed it at my feet. Her pointy nipples, and her inner thighs with a path of her own wet cunt juices slithering down, betrayed her demeanor. She was turned-on and excited; hot and horny for his cock to use and fuck her anytime, anyplace, and in any way he desired to use her. She sashayed back over to him and knelt in front of his feet and began lightly stroking his cock. He threaded his fingers in her hair and gave me a penetrating stare Anadolu Yakası Escort as if my luscious, full lips were wrapped around his cock. If I wasn’t gagged I would’ve been pleading with him to free my hands so I could be permitted to suck his huge member. My saliva and drool was soaking the gag and I desperately wanted to have him pound my cunt over and over again, using me as many times as he wanted, till we came in so many massive and multiple orgasms we’d be left panting, satiated, and exhausted. When he was hard like granite from her non-stop cock massage, he kicked off his boots and stepped out of his jeans and boxers. He told his girl to turn around, face the mirror, look at herself, bend over with legs apart, and grab her ass cheeks to spread them wide and to keep them there as he fucked her. The thought of him banging her was driving me to the brink of insanity. I wanted his cock to be inside me, NOW. He moved to her side and now faced me. Preparing his slut to be fucked by him, pushed Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan my buttons and ignited my mind and body with envy. I could’ve spit nails I was so fuckin’ jealous. He gave me an arrogant grin knowing that he succeeded in making me his greedy whore, completely at his mercy. His engorged cock, erect and full was facing me, teasing and tempting me. I was forced to stand there and pine for him, praying for him to undo this fuckin’ belt and mount me, and ram his cock mercilessly in my swollen cunt. My wrists were slightly chafed from rubbing against the belt because I was squirming uncontrollably as my pussy was dripping and my inner thighs were damp from trails of my sweet honey dribbling down. I had the perfect view of both her fuckholes as she stood there gripping her ass cheeks. His left arm was wrapped around her back with his hand resting on her waist while he bent down and momentarily took in the site of her open holes and then briefly glanced at me. Holding her Escort Anadolu Yakası still and in place, he buried his right fingers in her juicy slit, smothering them with her nectar. He trailed her hot liquid up her ass and spread it around her open hole, lubricating it. When he pushed his three fingers in, she made small whining noises like a dog waiting for a treat from its master. He moved them in a circular motion inside her hot hole, pulled them out and almost in a single movement, moved behind her, and plunged the head of his fat cock deep in her ass. I could see her face as he penetrated his hard meat in her small passage. She let out a breathy moan and her eyes were vibrant and alive as she welcomed his invasion. He was pounding her tight ass and her face went flush with excitement as he was riding her hard. He growled and his muscles tensed with each powerful stroke as he pumped in and out of her tiny channel. Sweat was beading on his forehead and around the nape of his neck along the collar of his t-shirt. I could see it dripping down and droplets falling on her back as he was fucking her ass like an animal. She was looking at herself in the mirror as he hammered his throbbing cock and battered her hole repeatedly. I knew she was swimming in ecstasy with each thrust; her lips slightly apart, her breath erratic and beating fast, and her eyes had that glazed look.

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