The Beach House


The deep rumble of the waves was behind me as I walked up the beach towards your beach house. One of the doors leading on to the sun-deck was open, and in the subdued light, I could see a pretty young girl sitting on her bed inside. You didn’t notice me outside, the gentle crashing of the sea masked any sounds I made and the light from the new moon was barely enough for me to see my own feet. You were busy painting your toenails; one of your tanned legs was up on the bed with your chin resting on your knee. You looked very calm and relaxed as you applied the red varnish and I didn’t want to move any closer as I might alarm you, even though I knew you couldn’t see me from indoors. You were wearing a loose robe of a flimsy, see-through material and I longed for you to shift from your position so that I could get a better view of you. The small bedside lamp cast you in a soft glow, and when you finally finished one foot I was entranced by the way you gracefully managed to stretch one leg out whilst bringing the other Göztepe Escort onto the bed. Your robe didn’t seem to be hiding much and I was almost sure that you were wearing nothing under it. I could just make out the roundness of one of your breasts, the slightly darker aureole contrasting just enough with the milky whiteness of your bosom for me to see. Although I had not meant to, I had already moved closer to your door. I could hear the muffled melody from some music in your room but could not identify it. Now I could see you more clearly, your hair was still damp, from a shower perhaps, or a relaxing bath, and I caught the scent of lavender in the air. You shifted again slightly, parting your legs a little and allowing me to see that you were not indeed wearing any panties. My heart thumped inside my chest. What if I was caught? What if you were to see me and scream? The blood rushing through my body also had other effects, like trying to swell my flaccid cock into a throbbing weapon. Göztepe Escort Bayan Had you seen me already? I wondered, hoping that perhaps I would get away with my secret peeking session after all. With all these thoughts going around in my head, I had failed to notice that you had got up from the bed and were no longer in sight! Where had you gone? Had I seen the last of you? Just then I heard a door close somewhere else in the room and you walked back towards the bed. Your robe did little to hide your beautiful body, and I admired your slender legs and nicely rounded hips as you bent to place something on a nearby table. My semi-hard dick strained a little more inside my shorts, leaking a small amount of pre-cum from its end. I moved slightly closer so that I could continue to watch you as you lay down on the bed letting the robe drop around you like a pool of liquid silk. The music had stopped but in its place, I could hear a slight moan or gasp every now and then. I could Escort Göztepe see your legs move slightly but I was too far below you to see you properly. I had to get closer to you to drink in more of your beauty, to drown in it. I slowly climbed onto the sundeck and half crawled, half slid towards you. The thick rod in my shorts made this awkward and I had to suppress a yelp as the material of my shorts cut into my shaft at one point. You seemed oblivious to all of this, and now I could see why. Your right hand was slowly moving over your pubic mound whilst your left was cupping your breast and massaging your nipple. Your whole body writhed in a sensuous motion, which only served to turn me on even further. Your hands both made small circling motions over your body, your nipple was erect and red and sprung back every time your hand passed over it. Your other hand glistened slightly with the juice from your love hole. Now I was almost in the doorway, entranced, being drawn nearer to your loveliness like a moth to a flame. You writhed again and slowly rolled your body towards me with your back arched and one leg flat on the bed. The other was bent and upright so that your pussy was exposed to me. I watched as to continued to press down on your mound, coating your fingers in juice that had seeped from it.

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