A Helping Hand

Big Tits

I wiped my hands clean with the old t-shirt I had for a rag as Lynn stood at the side of the car with a concerned look on her face.”Don’t worry,” I assured her. “It’s nothing major. I will get the parts and be back in an hour.””I can’t afford much,” she sighed. “If it’s more than a hundred dollars I will have to wait until next payday.””Don’t worry, I will be back shortly,” I said as I walked to my car. “We can work something out.”*****As I finished the repair I had a hard time keeping my eyes on what I was doing. Lynn leaned over the fender and watched as I worked, her cleavage pushing out of the low-cut top she wore as she smiled and chatted. Her long brown hair had a few strands of grey and framed her pretty face perfectly. She had warm hazel eyes, full lips and a slightly crooked smile. The single mother of two lived two houses down and was good friends with my mom since her divorce. My mom asked me to Göztepe Escort help her with the car as she was struggling and needed it to get to work. I had always found the slightly plump and curvy woman attractive and friendly so I didn’t mind helping her out.”You are really good with your hands,” she said. “I am good with a lot of things,” I teased as I gave her a wink.She blushed slightly and flashed her crooked smile as she caught me looking at her cleavage.”Start it up,” I said. “I’m all done.”She jumped into the car and squealed excitedly as it started up. I closed the hood and saw her big smile as she gave me a thumbs-up. She turned the car off, jumped out and grabbed me in a bear hug. Her large breasts pushed into my chest and her hips pushed tightly against mine as she squeezed. My cock responded.”Thank you so much,” she purred.She looked up at me and smiled as my cock Göztepe Escort Bayan began to grow and push into her belly. Her hips began rolling slowly and she ground herself against me as my hands fell to her waist. I slid them over her hips and then up her sides, hooking my thumbs under her breasts as we stared into each other’s eyes.”I’m almost your mom’s age you know,” she said quietly.”I know,” I replied. “I am twenty, you’re about forty. It’s only numbers.””Come inside,” she said in a low husky voice. “The kids are at their dad’s place today.”She took me by the hand and led me into the house, through the kitchen and down the hallway to her bedroom. Once inside she hugged me again as her lips went to my ear.”It’s been a long time,” she growled. “I want you so much.”We stripped each other’s clothes off as we kissed and tumbled onto the bed in a lusty embrace. I slid Escort Göztepe my hand between her legs and felt them part quickly. My fingers found her wet pussy and she moaned as I began touching her. I got on my knees and moved myself up until my cock was just above her face.”Suck me while I play with you,” I instructed.Her eyes flashed brightly as she took me into her mouth and began sucking my swollen cock. Her tongue washed my shaft and her lips sucked the tip as she used her hand to stroke and guide my cock. She rubbed the fat tip on her face before taking me deep into her mouth and sucking as my fingers brought her to climax.”That’s it,” I moaned. “Cum for me… cum with my cock in your mouth.”She groaned and trembled as the orgasm hit, her big breasts quivering as her hips bucked. As she relaxed I pulled my cock from her mouth and let her catch her breath.”Ohhh…. fuuucck,” she moaned as I pulled my hand away. I quickly moved between her legs, spread her ample thighs apart and pushed my throbbing cock into her wet opening. She let out a little grunt as I pushed into her, my full length travelling deep inside. I fucked her slowly and enjoyed the feeling of her hot wetness gripping my shaft.

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