I Seek a Toy Boy – The Preliminary I Didn’t Expect..

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  I am a woman of forty-six and was married at twenty-one to a man of twenty-seven.We lived and loved for twenty-five years before he had a heart attack and died. He was a successful businessman and left me very well off.After he died I abstained from sex. I was not enjoying the life I had led with my husband.I decided to join the golf club again and renew my interests in golf and joined the women’s circuit.I got my handicap down to a reasonable level and then began to enter a few tournaments and in doing so began to travel a lot more.I had new friends and new places. I was playing an interstate tournament and met a woman I liked. I had agreed to meet her and have dinner with her.She was in a different hotel to me and we agreed that we would meet in her hotel lobby coffee shop.I was early and sat down and ordered a coffee knowing she would not be long.As I sat there I noticed a number of very attractive young men that seemed to hang around the staircase leading to the first floor. They came and left in a short in a short space of time.Within half an hour I had seen at least four or five men arrive and leave.Then my friend arrived and joined me. During our conversation, I mentioned the comings and goings of the men.“They are toy boys. Did you notice they always left with women of about our age.?” She explained.“Toy Boys. What are they?” I asked.“Virile young men, virtual male prostitutes. They frequent this hotel and is well known for the fact they ply their trade here. It is supposed to be very discrete.” My friend told me.“I have never heard of male prostitutes, I am fascinated,” I replied.They enjoy older women, with money, and they provide a service unparalleled I believe. How long since you had a man in your bed.?”I flippantly replied, “Too long.” Laughed and ended that topic of conversation.The two of us went to a nice restaurant for dinner and virtually talked golf and travel most of the evening. We never mentioned toy boys again the whole evening.When I returned to my hotel I had a shower. My mind wandered back to those toy boys. I began to touch and feel those parts of me that my husband had for many years provided me with the sexual pleasure he provided with his penis. He gained his satisfaction a number of times a week for those twenty-five years and I rarely needed to ask if I had a desire to be fulfilled.Before I realised it my fingers were frantically slipping back and forth in my vagina. I was actually masturbating for the first time in many years. I increased them from one to two then three. I managed to get them right in as far as they would go and then did something my husband did with them and rubbed my G spot. I had forgotten that I even had one. Then back to my clitoris. It was just so wonderful.The sensations beginning to build up inside me soon had me shaking and shuddering as I tried to maintain the fingering of my vagina until I had completely achieved my orgasm. I jerked with the intensity of each spasm. My clitoris was super sensitive. I could not remember a more intense orgasm since I had been a teenager and just beginning to masturbate.I did not feel guilty or ashamed of myself. I felt more like a woman than I had for a couple of years.A thought flashed through my head. What would I have been like with a toy boy?I continued to lay naked on the bed and soon slipped off to sleep completely naked. Something I had never done in my life before.In the morning when I woke I still had this wonderful a sense of pleasure I had long since missed.Before I realised it I was masturbating again and this time I was getting more adventuresome and engaged not only my vagina but my nipples and breasts and my body was having sensations it had not had for years.It was as if I had been reborn.After I brought myself to another orgasm I sat on the end of the bed and looked at myself in the mirror. I still had a firm body and my breasts had sagged a little however they were still firm. If I pulled my shoulders back they stood out firmly and prominently with the nipples hard and proudly positioned at the tip of my slight uplift. My tummy was still tight. My pubic hair was bushy and untamed. I thought I am not bad, I still look rather presentable, no folds, creases or wrinkles. I may still be fuckable with the right man.My bushy pubic hair looked untidy. I decided that I would tidy it up. Something I had not done since I was a teenager. I looked in the mirror and used two fingers to expose my vagina and smiled. You dirty devil I mouthed to myself.At University many of the girls had shaved their pubic hair off completely to be as bare as a baby. Others shaped it. My recollections were of small Ataşehir Escort V’s or landing strips and wondered who actually saw them apart from themselves.I can remember the boys loved those girls who had removed all the hair from their labia so they could lick them and not get hair in their teeth, so I was told.I then thought, what would those toy boys prefer.I went to the shower and again began touching myself as I rubbed soap over my body and breasts. I was having those naughty but nice thoughts again.I was becoming obsessed with masturbating. I had done it three or four times since last night. It felt quite erotic fingering myself. I removed the shower rose and sprayed water over my nipples and vagina.I got dressed and went to breakfast and met a couple of other women that were touring with us and the subject of golf was the only subject raised or discussed.That day I played a reasonably good game of golf and decided I wouldn’t stay at the bar and go back to my hotel.I showered and once again I could not help myself and masturbate again. I realised I had forgotten to buy the razor. Bum.I had dinner on my own and decided to go for a walk. I knew if I went back to my room I would be masturbating again. I was becoming obsessed with it.On my walk, I could not help but wonder about those toy boys. I was thinking of going back to that hotel to watch and note what happened. I could not believe I was subconsciously considering it. As I approached the hotel I passed a late night pharmacy adjacent to that hotel. I would go there to get a razor to shave my hair.I went to the pharmacy and looked for the personal hygiene section. A young woman approached me and asked if I needed help. I then said I was looking for a lady razor. She then leads me to a shielded and discrete counter on which many female items were kept and discretely displayed.Then she began to show me a number of razors and depilation devices. She realised exactly what I had in mind after I showed some interest. She must have recognised my inexperience in using such devices. She seemed completely at ease discussing personal female hygiene and then asked.“Have you removed any yet?”I replied quite sheepishly. “Not yet”She then just opened a cupboard door and removed a pamphlet.“This may help you decide. Do you wish to remove it all or just back to the bikini line?” She asked as she handed me a brochure.“Don’t be embarrassed. This may help. I will leave you to peruse this for a minute or two. When you decide I will be able to let you have exactly what you need. We have a nudist club not far away and we get somebody most days doing exactly what you are about to do. I do it myself.”I sat down on a chair that was provided and studied the brochure. The whole thing was an advertisement for various brands of feminine products from Hair Removal Creams, Razors, and toys. I was fascinated, and even studied the toys and wondered how many of them were sold.Having studied the trimmers and depilation devices I decide I would buy a trimmer and seek the girl’s opinion about a depilation device. If I was going to remove my hair I decided the razor would require regular maintenance as my hair did grow reasonably quickly and the depilation device would remove the hair and the root and give me longer periods between maintenance periods as they described them. Some even made claims that the hair would never regrow, I doubted that.The brochure also showed many of the hair patterns that you could achieve with the various devices.The young woman returned when she could see I had considered my purchase.“Have you decided, or would you like some more help.” She enquired.I gave her a bit of giggle and said: “I had no idea that there were so many of these to choose from.”“The younger women and even teenagers are becoming very conscious of that part and obviously want to be modern Millie’s.” And gave me a smile.“Well, its long time since I was a modern Millie, but I am fascinated and have decided I want to a part of the modern set. Do many women my age buy these?” I enquired.“Far more than you would imagine. All these have been improved since they first came onto the market and there are women only products now.In the past most used their husband’s razor or bought one of the pretty pink lady ones. They claim the handle makes it easier to get around that part and not nick you.”“Which one would you recommend? “I asked.“How much do you want to spend?” she asked.“I want something that will be worth the money and do the job. Really the cost is not important, the result is.”“What I am going to recommend is that you make an appointment Ataşehir Escort Bayan with a Salon. I will give you the address. I go there, and I am going to suggest that they start you off. They do an excellent wax removal and I will guarantee you will want to walk out of there with nothing below your waist, showing the world how good you look. You will be very happy with the result I can almost guarantee.”“That sounds just the thing. They can advise me and then I can come back and buy what I need. “I answered.“They will probably show you how they work as we keep a lot of stock they suggest. They can ring here, and I can have everything packed for you just to come in pay and be on your way with everything you need. I think you will be very happy. If you wish I can ring now and make an appointment for you. They are open until 9 pm as many women work and like it done out of normal office hours.”I was more than happy for her to do that for me. “Go ahead.” as I passed my mobile phone to her, so she could do it at once. I would then have the number on my phone.The girl rang the salon and it was obvious that she was well known at the salon. She turned to me and said,“They can fit you in at 8 am or not until after six tomorrow night. It will take an hour or ninety minutes at most”.”“Eight will be perfect,” I replied. I was not playing until late tomorrow. I could enjoy my new sensation as I walked the course. Book me in for ninety minutes.I thanked the girl and went to leave.“I will see you tomorrow to pick up your items.” The girl said as I left.I went back to the hotel and stripped off and looked at myself in the mirror. This time tomorrow night I would be looking very different.I lay on the bed and masturbated once more. I was loving each experience more and more. I had not done this for a few years I was making up for it almost by the hour. I laughed to myself. I was behaving like a teenager again with a new-found toy. Tomorrow night it would be a completely different sensation.Before I went to sleep I had fingered myself off twice. I could not help myself.I was up early and showered and made sure I was very clean and ready for whatever was going to happen. I knew it would be a little embarrassing at first but decided I would tough it out.I had breakfast and back to the room, a pee, and another cleanup. I looked at myself in the mirror again and told myself. “You will be a new woman this time tomorrow.” Then left for my new experience.I found the salon which looked very professional and on the high street. Bikini waxing is our speciality was emblazoned across the window. I walked in looking full of confidence but virtually shaking in my shoes.I went to reception and greeted by a woman looking very much like a nurse. She greeted me and rang for another girl to come.This girl also looked very professional in her white uniform, and very young. She wouldn’t have been in her mid-twenties.“Hello Mrs Jones, come with me and we can get things moving.”She leads me to a small room where there was a massage table and a set up looking a little like doctor’s surgery. I was impressed… so far.“Please remove all your clothing, there is a rack over there to hang everything on. We will be starting with a massage to relax you seeing this is your first time with us.”I was a little surprised I had to strip off naked, after all, it was only my pubic region that they were to work on. A massage wasn’t mentioned by the girl in the chemist, but I could see no harm so I did as I was told.As I began to undress so did the nurse. She removed her outer covering to reveal she was bare-breasted and wearing very small white bikini pants.I was beginning to wonder, and getting a bit anxious.“Don’t be concerned. My name is Lucy and I will be doing everything with you. At first, it is just a massage and we get very oily, so we always carry out the massage as I am now. After this, we will shower.”I undressed and did as Lucy instructed and lay face down on the massage table.Lucy then produced a small trolley with many bottles on it and then placed a towel over my backside. I assumed for modesty.Then she poured some warm oil over my back and then began to massage me. I was a bit uptight and she recognised this immediately and said just relax you will enjoy this and come back for more, I am sure.I took a deep breath and then just let everything go loose. I could not see any harm in what she was doing.The massage extended from my neck to the soles of my feet. This I had to admit after twenty minutes it was most relaxing and in no way unpleasant.Then Lucy asked me to roll over. Now I was a bit concerned. Escort Ataşehir I could see her naked body and she had unbeknown to me removed her pants and was completely naked. I thought… I would love to have her body. But I may have looked like her when I was twenty.“Now things will get a little more intrusive. I will be touching parts that you may feel a little uncomfortable at first, but I can assure you-you can relax and enjoy what will be happening.” Lucy explained. I did my best to relax but it was harder than when I was laying on my tummy. She couldn’t see or touch my other parts there, but she did get very close when she oiled between the cheeks of my backside and I could feel her fingers almost inside where mine had been the night before. I was apprehensive for a few moments. She said, “relax” and I did.“Are you with that group of golfing women in the hotel?” Lucy asked.“Yes,” I replied.“I have had a few of them in for the same treatment, however, most have been here before and only need a tidy up down below. It’s obvious it’s your first visit. You will look like a new woman when I am finished with you. Can I ask if you have a husband?”“No, unfortunately, he passed away a couple of years ago,” I replied.“Oh, that’s a pity, I am sorry to hear that. He would be very impressed with you when he saw you in the bedroom tonight after this “ Lucy added.I didn’t reveal what I had in mind and it wasn’t with my husband.“I believe some of the ladies from the golf group meet up with some of the younger men here. That’s why they come for a tidy up.” Lucy evidently had heard something I hadn’t and believed I was one of them, and I was planning to be but not telling her.“Some of them must be keeping a few secrets,” I added.“It’s just that I noticed more than a few of them in the locker room had been ‘tidied up ‘as you put it, and I decided to join the club so as not to be out of fashion”It was at that moment her hand slipped between my legs and I felt her hand rub between my labia. I reacted and jumped a little.“ Sorry,” Lucy said.“It’s ok.”I replied.”All part of the treatment I assume.“If you wish I can give you the same massage most of those women like as well,” Lucy said in a whisper as if it were something special.“If it’s good enough for them its good enough for me,” I said, and I felt my heart blood pressure increase. What was I letting her do?Then I found out. Her fingers ran straight into my vagina and massaged it and then I felt her finger penetrate me. I don’t know why but I instinctively opened my legs a little bit wider and this was her signal. Two then three fingers went into me and then I felt something I loved. My G spot being massaged.“Oh, God. That feels so good.” The words had come out without me realising it. Lucy had done something that felt so wonderful.Then the third finger went in and she began to really rub me internally now. I was getting a massage internally as well as externally. Then she did something I had never experienced in my life before. Her thumb was now exercising my clitoris as well. I had virtually her whole hand performing some sexual procedure on me. I loved it. It felt so amazing I began to shudder with the intense sensations she had aroused in me.She recognised the sensations I was having and just quietly said“Let it happen, relax and enjoy.”I did.Then she said, “Pull your legs back onto your chest.”She then took a bottle of oil from her trolley and poured a little over me, so it ran down over my butt hole. God that felt erotic.She then slipped her finger into me, something I had never experienced before. I instinctively tightened my sphincter and clamped her finger.“Relax,” she said. “Just let it happen, this is something you will enjoy.”Her finger slipped into my ass and began to rim my ass hole slowly. I could not believe how wonderful this whole experience was becoming. I was doing things I had never done in my life before or letting somebody else do them to me not even my husband had done.I did as she instructed. Then she used her other hand to slip a couple of fingers into my vagina and I now had both orifices well and truly filled with fingers working magic upon me. Before I realised it, I was Cumming. I had never cum with another woman fingering my vagina and my ass, in fact, I had never cum with another woman fingering me anywhere. This was so amazing, and I never believed such things ever occurred. I never knew what I was missing and what pleasures some of the other women had found.I couldn’t help myself. Lucy gently brought me to the height of my orgasm in a soft and sensual way. I hardly realised she was manipulating my sexual parts.What I was experiencing was something I had been achieving myself. but this was amazing. It was just so sensual. My nipples became hard and I could not help myself. I squeezed each one which even highlighted the feelings she was giving me as she continued to massage both my genitals and my ass. I was floating on air.

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