My Wife Is A Black Man’s Woman


We were sitting in our favorite restaurant after eating a beautiful meal, and I’d just ordered a bottle of expensive wine when my wife broke it to me.”Jason asked us to go round for drinks with him tonight.””What did you say?””I said we would.””Good girl.””You know he’ll grope me, don’t you?””I hope he does more than grope you.””I might just let him.””Will you?” I felt my prick stirring in anticipation.She laughed softly and leaned forward over the table. Her heavy breasts seemed about to spill out of her daringly low cut dress. “Yes, I think I will. Do you mind?””You know I don’t,” I smiled. “I’d love to see you with another man.””What happens if he wants to fuck me?””You must do whatever you want, my darling.””You’d better buy me a double brandy then, hadn’t you?””Go and take your bra off.”We met back at our table about two minutes later. Her face was red and her eyes betrayed her excitement.”It’s in my bag,” she smiled. “Are you sure you’re all right with this?””Absolutely. I can’t wait.””What if he wants me to… you know, give him a blowjob?””I’d love it darling, I’d love to see those beautiful lips sliding over his prick.””I’m getting rather wet thinking about it. I bet you’re hard, aren’t you?””Mmm yes,” I agreed, “but not as hard as I will be when I see you with him”.”As long as you stay that way,” she laughed and drained her drink. “Shall Maltepe Escort we go?” He met us at the door with a big gleaming smile on his handsome face – and wearing a Santa Claus suit!”Welcome John,” he boomed and squeezed my hand in his big black paw.”And the lovely Denise. You look exquisite, my dear.”She blushed and we entered his house where he sat us down in the lounge and poured drinks.”I get naughty if I have too much brandy, Jason.” She smiled, but downed it in one and offered her glass for a refill.He cocked an eyebrow at me and I nodded. He continued to look quizzically at me for a few seconds and then smiled in understanding.”I’m not Jason today, my dear, I’m Santa Claus. And I’m not sure that naughty girls should get a present from me, are you, John?””She’s lovely really, Santa,” I grinned, “and I’m sure she deserves a present.””As long as you say so, John., and he emptied his own glass before refilling all three.”Now, what about you John? Have you been good?””Very.” I smiled, joining in the fun, and he handed me a package. I opened it immediately and found about ten one hundred dollar bills. I was speechless.”What about me, Santa?” Denise asked. “Shall I come and sit on your knee?””Oh yes,” he said, “but you’ve got to give Santa a great big kiss first.”She sat on his lap and lifted her face up to his Maltepe Escort Bayan for a kiss. My prick stirred again when I saw her tongue snake between his teeth and heard her familiar moans of desire. She moved slightly and moaned again as she wriggled on his lap.”There’s something hard in your pocket, Santa.””It’s part of your present, Denise.” He winked at me.”Denise, darling,” I said, “you’ll crease your new dress. Why don’t you let Santa take it off?””Yes that’s a good idea, John,” he said as Denise eagerly stood up.  “I’ve got some nice new panties for your pretty little wife, so if I take the dress off, we can see what they look like on her, can’t we?”As he reached behind her to unfasten the dress, she kissed him hungrily. My prick rose rapidly from watching as she sucked his tongue into her hot mouth. The dress slipped down her naked back and I had the pleasure of seeing his big black hands caressing her flesh while she squirmed and whimpered as she stepped out of it, her mouth remaining locked on his.He ran a hand down her back and into her tiny lace panties. She gasped and pressed even harder against him, grinding her breasts into his chest.”John,” she cried out, “John, he’s got his hands in my panties.””Tell him to take them off then,” I suggested helpfully. “Get naked for him; both of you get naked.””Mmm, Escort Maltepe yes,” she mumbled as she scrabbled at his red jacket. “Let’s get naked, Santa.”She drew the jacket up over his head leaving his big barrel chest naked, then dropped to her knees to pull down his red pants. He wore nothing under them and his huge, thick prick sprang up like a fearsome rod of iron.”Oh my God, Santa,” she laughed, “it’s huge. Oh my God.”She didn’t say anything else but dipped her head and took the monster between her lips. Jason threw his head back and gave out a long, deep growl as she slavered over his prick.I loosened my trousers and gripped my erect four inches in my fist as Jason reached for her panties. Without taking her mouth off his prick, she wiggled her sexy ass to help him remove her remaining garment and then stood upright, releasing his rigid pole from between her lips.”Are you going to fuck me now, Santa?””Why don’t you sit back down on my lap and see what comes up?” He laughed.Denise turned to face me, a dreamy look in her eyes. “Shall I sit on Santa’s knee again, John?””Of course, darling.””He might try to put that monster up inside me.””I hope he does.” I smiled. “I really want to see it inside you.”She stood, her legs either side of his, and slowly lowered until the hugely swollen dome of his prick was nudging her pussy lips. Her mouth formed an O as if she was surprised, but her wide open eyes betrayed her excitement.”John,” she gasped, “it’s big. Oh fuck, John, it’s huge… he’ll hurt me.” But she continued on down. “Ahh, oh my God. Tell him, John. Tell him it’s too big for me. Oh fuck, oh fuck, it’ll split me in two.”

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