Namibian Heat Pt. 01


Ashley shifted to her right side. As she was lying on her sleeping mat in our tent, I admired the gorgeous look of her twenty-eight-year-old body, dressed in a beautiful knee-length nightgown, bra and panties, in the moonlight, which highlighted her lovely, strawberry blond hair.We had been married for three years since we graduated from college and started successful careers at medium-sized, local companies.It was the first night of the great camping trip, an annual tradition organized by Ashley’s parents. Ashley and I had been looking forward to it, hoping we would be able to recharge our batteries after a year of hard work. That was what we had hoped, but we hadn’t known about Taiwo and Tency.I can still recall the unbelieving look on Ashley’s face, when her older sister Debbie told her that we had to make room in our tent for her old friend and her husband. Debbie had known Tency since college, but after graduating, Tency decided to go back home to Namibia. Apparently, Debbie thought it a nice idea to invite her and her husband Taiwo to join us on that camping trip to refresh their friendship and to enable Taiwo to have his first visit to America. Unfortunately, and so typical of Ashley’s unorganized sister, nobody had thought of a tent for the two visitors, which made the four-man-tent that belonged to Ashley and me the only option.After arriving at the campsite, we set up the tents and since it was already getting dark, we all had a quick bite and went to sleep in our tents.Neither Tency nor Taiwo had spoken much with us. Taiwo even seemed to avoid conversations altogether since he didn’t speak any English apart from very basic words like ‘hello’ or ‘thank you’.They were lying on sleeping mats on the left half of the tent with Tency lying outside and her husband next to her. Ashley and I were lying on the right side with me lying outside and Ashley between me and Taiwo.“Thank you very much for letting us stay with you,” Tency said. “We really appreciate this, and we are really sorry that we haven’t brought a tent ourselves.”“It’s alright,” Ashley said, “we’re happy to help you out!”We wished each other good night and dozed off to a well-deserved sleep.I was woken up by a strange noise. Rubbing the sleep out of my eyes I took a look at my watch: It was two o’clock in the morning, and the moon was shining brightly against the side of the tent.“Uhh!” A soft moan caught my attention. It had come from the other side of the tent. Carefully, I raised my head to have a look above Ashley, who was facing me, lying on her left side. What I saw caused my heart to skip a beat: Tency was there, sitting on top of Taiwo, hopping up and down. They were having sex! Right there next to Ashley and me!As I kept watching, not yet able to fully analyze the situation, Tency, who was completely naked, was riding her husband with her knees on his sides and her hands on his chest. Her dark figure was highlighted by the silver moonlight with her 34B-cup breasts on display, lightly bouncing up and down with her movements. Beads of sweat could be made out on her back.I glanced downwards. Taiwo’s cock was clearly visible. It was quite thick, and judging from the range, Tency was raising herself without it slipping out, it had to be fairly long as well. His hands were firmly placed on his wife’s hips while he was meeting her with his own thrusts.The state I was in could only be described as one of fascination. On the one hand, I was stunned by the boldness of those two. Never could I have imagined doing something that private that publically. Was sex regarded as a rather normal and less of a taboo thing where they came from? On the other hand, I was truly fascinated by the admittedly beautiful look of their naked bodies engaged in that sexual act. Their dark skin, illuminated by the moonlight, was a magnificent sight to behold.Naturally, it didn’t take long before Tency’s and Taiwo’s act took its toll on me. My cock had already begun to come alive when I first saw Tency’s naked body, but now, after several minutes of watching the couple having sex, it was getting hard, and I could already feel it pressing against the fabric of my boxers.When my cock had been all hard for some time and already begun to ache, I just couldn’t help it anymore. My left hand slowly wandered downwards and with careful and discreet movements, I managed to pull my boxers down far enough to let my cock slip out. My hand grasped it and, covered by Ashley’s body, started stroking it.Our African guests didn’t seem to switch their position at all, which made me admire Tency’s endurance. She even seemed to have become more vigorous, making the slapping sounds of her ass against Taiwo’s body lauder, and her moans had become clearly more audible as well.After watching them for some time while masturbating, I let my gaze wander back to Ashley, and I was shocked to see that she was lying there with her eyes open, watching me. She glanced down to my hand on my cock and then up again, her eyes locked on mine. She motioned for me to come closer to her, which I did, still trying to be as quiet as possible.“They’re having sex, right?” She asked me, her voice merely a whisper.I nodded, feeling my breathing getting harder.“Are they naked?” Ashley continued.I nodded again, smelling the sex-infused aroma in the air.Ashley’s eyes remained on me with a questioning look. The silence between us was beginning to make me too uncomfortable so I was about to explain myself to her.I was about to say something when Ashley took me by surprise. She bit her lip, then put a finger on her mouth, gesturing to stay silent, and moved her right hand down her body. Further and further, I watched it move downwards. Her fingers pulled the hem of her nightgown up and slid into her sexy white panties, obviously going straight for her clit. I couldn’t be sure, but I could swear that wet stains were visible on her underwear.I was mesmerized. There we were, facing each other, pleasuring ourselves while that couple from Namibia was having sex, probably just a yard Ataşehir Escort away from us.Ashley’s body started to move a little as her hand kept working. Her eyes were still locked on mine while I was taking care of myself. Tency’s moans, now accompanied by Taiwo’s as well, mad the background to our unusual nighttime activity.I couldn’t grasp what had gotten into us to do all that, but I felt that some kind of primal lust had taken hold of me, almost taking command over me.“Roll over,” I whispered to Ashley, when I had reached a point where simple touching wasn’t enough anymore.“What?” Ashley mouthed with raised eyebrows.I let go of my cock and started to gently push Ashley on her back and then on her other side. She seemed to meet me with the slightest resistance but eventually followed my directions willingly.She was now, like me, lying on her right side, facing Tency and Taiwo, who had just quickened their pace, oblivious to us. I took her left hand in mine and slowly guided it back to where her right hand had been just a moment ago, inside her now completely drenched panties. She instinctively resumed fingering her clit again, following a deep gasp when her hand had made contact with her pussy. My hand went back on my cock.Suddenly, Tency’s head turned. She saw us. Although I had known that moment had to come, it took me by total surprise, and my cock almost began to feel as though it might turn soft. What surprised me even more, however, was the fact that Ashley, although she must have seen her too, didn’t make any effort to slow down or even stop her manual action. She just went on, breathing heavily and moaning very softly.Tency’s bright teeth were framed by a big smile, directed at us. She slowed her movements down and said something to her husband in their native language, which couldn’t be understood by Ashley or me. Taiwo immediately turned his head and looked at us, smiling too.“I hope you can forgive us for doing this in your tent, my friends,” Tency said. “We are not trying to be rude, but you see: In our village, Taiwo and I declared to start having children, and this night has been made out to be my most fertile one. As much as we would love to respect your sense of modesty, we just cannot let this opportunity go by… Is this okay for you?” “Y… you are making a baby?” I said, feeling my cock harden again.“Yes, my white friend,” Tency answered. “We are making a baby!”Ashley gasped, which Tency met with an even bigger smile. All the while my wife hadn’t stopped fingering herself.“P… Please don’t let us keep you from doing what you have to do,” I heard Ashley say. I started stroking my cock again. She really seemed to be okay with it.Tency resumed her original pace, now moaning a bit louder but still not too loud to be heard by the other campers.I watched Taiwo’s gaze. Realizing he was focused on Ashley pleasuring herself almost made my cock explode. Was she watching him too? Or was her attention rather directed on Tency? I couldn’t tell, but my excitement soared with every second, leading to an inner fight whether I should act on it or not.I let go of my cock, shifted a little and let my right hand take over. My left hand moved up and pulled the shoulder strap of Ashley’s nightgown down. When I had reached her elbow, my slightly eager pushes made her pull her arm back to allow me to fully slide it off. She immediately returned to her pussy. I wasn’t done, however. Under Taiwo’s watchful eyes, my hands went to Ashley’s front. They easily pulled the nightgown down and found the front clips of her bra, which were unclasped with ease. I could feel her body jerk a little and I heard Ashley gasp as her lovely 34C-cup breasts sprang free. ‘What the hell am I doing?” I thought while I was cupping her breasts. Taiwo’s focus was unbroken.“Mmm, you have magnificent breasts, my white friend,” Tency said, looking at my wife.“Th… Thank you. Yours are very pretty too!” Ashley replied hesitantly.That wasn’t enough. Pure lust was consuming me, and I wanted more. I reached down and pulled on her panties. Ashley, not showing any sign of dissent – on the contrary, she seemed to be more aroused than before – helped me pull them down by raising her hips. Taiwo’s eyes widened as I then slowly pulled the hem of her nightgown upwards, bit by bit exposing my wife’s shaven pussy with her hand working on it.Ashley couldn’t take it any longer. “Fuck me, David!” she said. “Fuck me, please!”Tency smiled as I quickly put on a condom and entered my wife’s waiting pussy from behind. Never before had my cock slipped in so easily. I wasted no time and started thrusting into her as hard as I could, making Ashley moan with pleasure.After a while, Taiwo said something to his wife. She turned to us, “Taiwo says he likes your white body, Ashley. He asks why your husband is mating with you with a condom.”Ashley, obviously taken by surprise, answered, “Thank you… We haven’t really decided whether we want to have children yet.”Tency nodded and talked with her husband in their language and then looked back at us, “He says a body like yours should not be penetrated with such a rubber thing. If he were to mount you, he would definitely do it without one and see that his seed fills you to make your belly grow.”“Oh my god,” I heard Ashley whisper as she started meeting my thrusts as a response to Tency’s words. They seemed to have turned her on very much.The thought of my darling wife being impaled by that huge black cock, fucked bare and with the aim of knocking her up, sent pure lust through me, and I began pumping even harder.Suddenly, Taiwo let out a rather loud moan. Tency said, “He is doing it. He is doing it any moment now!” She quickened the pace to the absolute maximum, almost squealing.Taiwo stretched out his arm, offering it to Ashley. Under my curious gaze, my wife reached out and took hold of his hand. It was such a sexy and loving sight upon which I felt my own orgasm approaching.Then it happened. Taiwo jerked and began to moan loudly, squeezing Ashley’s Ataşehir Escort Bayan hand tightly. As he started pumping his cum into his wife, who was still riding him passionately, Ashley, holding Taiwo’s hand with her right and masturbating with the other, experienced a wild orgasm. This sent me over the edge myself, and under deep moans I released a huge load of cum into the condom.The last thing I remember before falling asleep was Tency collapsing on top of her husband, lying on his chest with his cock still inside her. I was still inside Ashley, but I could feel my condom-covered cock begin to soften so I gently pulled out. As my arm was embracing Ashley, who was still holding hands with Taiwo, my eyes went heavier and heavier until I finally dozed off.The sound of birdsong, combined with the early morning light woke me up. Not daring to turn my head I was simply staring at the tent roof. Images began flooding my mind. Images of Tency riding Taiwo, of my darling wife masturbating half-naked in Taiwo’s view. Had it all just been a crazy, sexy dream? I inhaled the air in the tent that still carried the unmistakable scent of sex. No, it hadn’t been a dream. I was lying there naked. Having found the courage to finally take a look around, I realized I was the only person in the tent. The others were gone.“Honey! Wake up!” I heard Ashley’s voice call me. “I’ve made us breakfast!”I quickly got dressed and went outside to find Ashley waiting for me. “Come, love, let’s join the others! I’m starving!”Since Ashley didn’t seem to be eager to address last night’s events, I decided to avoid talking about them too, at least for the moment. We walked some 100 yards to the family’s camping gear: A great camping table with outdoor chairs. Ashley’s parents, Arthur and Susan, her sister Debbie with her husband Eric and Tency and Taiwo were already seated and enjoyed a rich breakfast.The normality of it all felt strange. Neither Tency and Taiwo nor Ashley appeared to have experienced anything extraordinary. Everyone behaved as if last night had never happened so I just went along on the outside although I was dying of curiosity and excitement inside.After spending a rather uneventful morning, Ashley’s parents, her sister and her husband decided to go and have a hike in the forest surrounding the campsite. Ashley and I chose to spend some time at the nearby lake and maybe go for a swim. I was hoping to have some alone time with my wife to be able to talk about last night, but our Namibian guests decided to join us.We put on our swimming gear and walked to the lakeshore, which was about five minutes away from our campsite. Ashley was wearing a green bikini and I green swimming trunks. Tency opted for a black bikini suit and Taiwo for red swimming trunks.Ashley and I put large beach towels on the ground and lay down while the others went for a swim. Finally, I had some time alone with my wife.“What a night that was…” I started, lying on my stomach, my head, resting in my folded arms, turned to Ashley to my right.Ashley, lying just like me but facing left, sighed. “Yes, darling. I still can’t believe it really happened.” She was looking at me with a tender smile on her face.“I… I mean…,” I said, trying to articulate my thoughts properly, “I can only speak for myself, but I just can’t recognize myself. I was so caught up in the moment. So driven by lust. Under normal circumstances, I couldn’t have done this… Ever…”“That’s exactly how I feel, baby,” Ashley replied, “I don’t know what happened, but I couldn’t control my urges too. I just… let go somehow.”“Maybe,” I said, “it had something to do with them looking so exotic, especially having sex. The fact that they were making a baby didn’t really make it any less sexy, did it?”Ashley closed her eyes and sighed, “Oh god, yeah. Thinking about them doing something that private in front of us still turns me on. Do you remember Tency talking about him even knocking me up? It was sheer madness, haha.”As Ashley was laughing a bit nervously, I remembered Tency talking about Taiwo taking my wife bare and how much it turned her on. I wondered what she really thought about that and decided to investigate a little.“Well, it did seem to make you very hot, my naughty wife,” I said with a teasing tone.Ashley looked at me and instantly blushed. “Uh, but that was nothing real, right? I mean, it was all just some kind of dirty talk, wasn’t it? Something in the heat of the moment.”“Yeah, probably,” I said, “but still: It turned you on, didn’t it? Even if it was said playfully, which we can’t be sure about.” I had a naughty grin on my face while my eyes were piercing Ashley’s.“W… Well…”, she said, not sounding too confident, “if you must know, it did turn me on. I know it’s such a crazy thing to think about, and talking about it now it seems more than absurd to me. However, in that very moment, it just seemed to trigger something inside of me. Some urge, I guess.”“Some urge?” I had thought she might confess she was turned on, but that sounded a little more intense. “What do you mean? Would you have liked to… D… did you want to actually do something about that? I mean, you even went so far as to touch him, even if it was only his hand.”“Oh, honey, no! Please don’t get me wrong! I could never do anything that hurts you! It’s just…” she paused, “It’s just that Tency’s words awakened something within me… Something that was curious about what could happen. I guess it’s just some evolutionary hormone thing. And besides: Having you jack off and practically expose me to them didn’t really help making it go away, mister!” She smiled sheepishly.Upon hearing Ashley say that, my cock woke up immediately. I had always known that my wife had something of a wild side to her, but hearing her talk about such naughty things was a completely new experience.She must have realized I was deeply processing her words when she added, “I’d say we really shouldn’t overthink this! I bet the others don’t! And besides: Tency was probably just Escort Ataşehir kidding when she said those things!”“I was kidding? About what?” Tency said with an inquiring look on her face.Ashley and I had obviously been too involved in our little discussion to notice the two return from the water and quietly walk towards us. As we were too puzzled to speak, they lay down on beach towels to Ashley’s right.“Were you referring to Taiwo mating with you? If you were, I can assure you that I wasn’t kidding at all. If he were to have sex with you, he would only do it bare,” Tency told us as if that was the most ordinary thing in the world to tell another couple.The honesty and boldness of her words stunned me. Ashley was the first to regain the will to speak. “Why would you say that? I mean, doesn’t it make you jealous to think about your husband with another woman?” I knew it was a reasonable thing to ask, but it felt more than strange to hear my wife talk about sex with someone else that way.“Jealous?” Tency laughed a bit and answered, “Why should I be jealous? Would you be taking anything I cannot have? No. On the contrary: I would be quite happy to share something that precious with a fellow woman. Taiwo isn’t just a guy like any other. In our tribe, his family has a proud tradition of producing excellent warriors and leaders, so I’m quite used to other women craving for him.”“I… I’m not craving…” Ashley instantly tried to defend herself.“Please, my white friend,” Tency interrupted her, “don’t try to fool me or yourself. I know the look of lust in a woman’s eyes, and that look was pouring out of yours last night.” She smiled at us as Taiwo was lying on his back behind her, oblivious to us and letting the sunlight warm his muscular body.“Well, yeah, I admit that your little show was quite hot, alright,” Ashley said, sounding a bit irritated. “However, being turned on by that doesn’t mean I would want to switch places with you! And besides, I think it’s rather disrespectful to both me and David, right honey?”My eyes blinked as I suddenly regained a more conscious state. The little controversy of the two had captured my attention, making me almost forget I had actually a part to play here.“Yeah! I agree, darling!” I said, trying to sound as confident as possible.Tency glanced at me. I tried to hold her gaze, but it wandered away from my eyes and down to my crotch. Her grin told me she had become aware of my erection that must have built up during their talking. Trying to make a confident impression, I decided not to do anything to hide it.“I see,” Tency said, still looking at my crotch, which was now showing a firm erection, with a grin, “The last thing I want to be is disrespectful to you two, even if your husband does seem to like what we have been talking about. I don’t want any arguments among us, so just let me say this: the offer has been made. The decision is yours.”With a warm smile, she turned around to lie on her back next to her husband and closed her eyes.When they appeared to have dozed off, Ashley gave me a nod in the direction of the campsite. I sensed she wanted to avoid talking and thereby waking the others up. I went along, and we quietly packed our stuff and left.We didn’t say a word, lost in thoughts on the short walk back to our tent. After entering, we closed it and, still dressed in our swimming gear, lay down on our backs on our sleeping mats. The scent of last night’s events still maintained a slight presence in the air.“Oh my, I definitely need some rest, but I just couldn’t do it with them nearby!” Ashley said. “I mean, can you imagine? She offering me, a married wife, to have sex with her husband? That’s so inappropriate!” She was clearly upset, but I wasn’t so sure whether she was just offended or whether Tency had also hit a nerve.“Calm down, honey! Maybe that’s some kind of cultural thing. You know, just some different attitudes towards being faithful, or something like that,” I said, trying to defuse the situation.“And you…” she looked at me, “you got hard from that!” Her eyes seemed as if they were trying to read me. “Do you actually enjoy thinking about that? About… me… fucked by him?” She clearly was reluctant to actually utter those words.“I… I don’t know…” I stuttered a little bit.Ashley was examining me. “Take off your swimming trunks, I want to see something!”Sensing this might lead to some fun between us, which would be a much welcome relief after all the talking before, I smirked at her and did as she said.Ashley, shifted on her left side, resting on her lower arm and leaning towards me. Her mouth came close to my ear. “I want you to imagine me riding Taiwo, just like his wife did tonight!” She answered my immediate and anxious look with a rather serious one. “Just do it!” she said.I didn’t know whether that was right, but the image of Taiwo, lying naked on his back, quickly appeared in my head. Only this time, it wasn’t his wife that was fucking him… but mine. I pictured my darling going up and down on his big, black cock, her beautiful tits bouncing with her. That left me no choice: my cock went rock-hard in mere seconds.“It’s really true,” Ashley said, looking at my dick, “it does turn you on…”‘This is a game that can be played by two,’ I thought and reached over to put my hand inside her bikini panties. Before she realized what was happening, I had placed a finger on her soaking wet pussy.“Well, well, my love,” I teased her, “look who’s turned on herself!” I instinctively started taking care of her clit, which immediately stopped her initial effort to push my arm away and caused her to moan. “Now it’s your turn to think about it! Imagine taking Tency’s place from last night!”“Ohh, my gosh,” Ashley moaned, her eyes closed. “Oh god, that’s so intense!”“Are you thinking about fucking him?” I asked her with my cock throbbing from lust.“Y… Yes, I am,” Ashley answered. Her body was moving wildly, trying to always meet my fingers at the right spot.There was no point in trying to think straight at that moment, which somehow scared me a little. It all seemed to develop a dynamic of its own, like a little tornado sucking us in.“Is his black cock sliding in and out of your tight, little pussy?” I asked her, trying to act more dominantly. That thought made my cock ache. I knew I should rather feel ashamed for such words, but I couldn’t help it.

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