The Reluctant Cuckold – Part I


Billy welcomed the Cognac glass that Jerry handed him, well filled with his favourite Armagnac. He held it momentarily to his nostrils to take in its rich aroma before taking a sip. “Thank you,” he said with a smile as she sat down beside him on the settee. He noticed that she had changed after their dinner and taking her bath. Her top and jeans had been replaced by a black, breast hugging top and a knee length red pleated skirt; red was his favourite colour. He also noticed that she was wearing red and black high heeled shoes. Her perfume also aroused his senses and a long look at her legs told him that she was probably wearing stockings.“Hmmm, what’s all this in aid of?” he asked as he ran a hand over her thigh and made contact with a suspender strap underneath her skirt.She smiled and reached for his thigh. “Thought we should have some us time,” she said softly as her hand drew near to his groin.Billy adjusted his position to turn away from the television and give his attention to the woman he had married eighteen years ago on her eighteenth birthday. Her hand alighted on his bulge and he moaned softly before leaning over and giving her a kiss.“Well this is a nice surprise.”“I’m Ümraniye Escort glad you like it,” she responded with a gentle squeeze.They kissed some more and his free hand found its way under her hem. Jerry squeezed him again as his fingers made contact with her crotch.“Fuck!” he responded, “No panties.”“Thought you could do with special attention,” she murmured. “After all in a few days time you’ll be in your naughty forties.”Billy pushed her skirt back with the intention of giving her some special attention but she stopped him. “It’s okay,” she told him. “Finish your drink. There’s no rush.”Billy looked up at her, he knew her well and she had that look on her face that told him that there was something on her mind. “What’s wrong?”She laughed. “There’s nothing wrong, darling,” she responded. “I just wanted… I just wanted to discuss something with you.”Billy adjusted his position once again. He was sitting sideways on the settee now and directly facing her. He opened his mouth to speak but she beat him too it. “I think I’ve found someone.”To anyone else her words would be meaningless but to Billy they had a deep and special meaning; her words were almost Ümraniye Escort Bayan heart stopping as well. It had been so long since they had had that conversation, so long ago that most people would have forgotten it by now but Billy hadn’t.“You mean…?”Jerry nodded.“W-w-why now? It’s been so long.”“Ten years,” she told him,” but it’s always been on the backburner.” She finished as she moved her fingers to his zipper.“But why now?”“We had young children then. It would have been difficult doing stuff like that with them around,” she explained. “They’re at university now; practically flown the nest. It’s just you and me now. We have the time and the freedom.”“B-but… ““You’ve never given up on the idea though, have you?”Billy shook his head. It had always been there, lurking around in his subconscious. It was true that the girls hadn’t long started school back then and, as well as that, they were still getting their own careers off the ground.“I always thought that you didn’t want to… “Jerry smiled as she extracted his erection from his open flies. “Oh no,” she said firmly. “I’ve always intended granting you your wish and cuckolding you. Escort Ümraniye It’s just been a case of the right time as well as finding the right person.”Billy sighed. “A-a-and who have you found?”Jerry explained about the soldier she had met a couple of months ago whilst out with her work colleagues one night at a leaving do. He had been there at the disco as well and they had danced. He had held her close; squeezed her bottom and pressed himself tightly against her. He made his intentions known to her and had impressed her with his size.He had asked her out on a date but she had declined even though she quite fancied him. Then a couple of weeks ago they had bumped into each other in a cafe in town at lunchtime and they sat and had lunch together. Jerry learned that he was a divorced Staff Sergeant stationed at the local army barracks and was four years older than her. He had recently celebrated his fortieth birthday and he told her that he was enjoying his naughty forties. He then asked her if she fancied going out for a drink one night.Jerry shook her head and told him that she was happily married and he had responded by telling her that he had no intention of taking her away from her husband, making it plainly obvious that he was only interested in a sexual relationship with her.“What did you say to that?” Billy asked.“I didn’t say anything. I didn’t know what to say.”Jerry then went on to explain that he had told her that he would be very discrete and wouldn’t be pushy.

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