A Chance Encounter


It was one of those Sundays with nothing happening, but there was a dance recital at the local high school. I happen to like that sort of thing, so I went. The high school auditorium was terrible for that kind of presentation. The stage was too deep so from the side seats you couldn’t see half the action. The stage was too high so from the front seats you couldn’t see the dancers from the knees down. There was a big box-like structure in the middle of the seats, which I’d been told is the audio control booth, but which blocked the view from many seats. But none of this mattered because the show was awful. The poster had shown a ballerina and a modern dance pair. The only ballerinas were a group of preteens wobbly showing the few steps they had learned. There was a baton twirler, an acrobatic dancer and some bad tappers. I had moved a couple of times trying to improve my line of sight, but it hadn’t improved the show. There were plenty of empty seats, because most of the people there seemed to be family or loyal friends. I had settled into my third choice of seat next to a young woman and her male companion when I felt a hand patting my leg. I looked and saw it was the companion. He said, “Hi, I’m Hugh. We’re in trig class together.” “Of course, I hadn’t looked your way,” I said, “What are you doing here?” He said, “This is my sister Judy. She dragged me here.” Judy nodded, “Hi. Yeah, I’m guilty and I’ll never hear the end of it. Isn’t this terrible?” We kept talking Avrupa yakası escort bayan and no one near seemed to mind. The rows of seats were staggered so your seat was between the two seats in the row in front of you. Hugh climbed over the back of his seat and relocated so he was in the seat behind Judy’s and mine so we could turn slightly and chat easily. It was a very pleasant and casual conversation. I don’t know why we didn’t get up and leave, but we were enjoying our talk so much we had tuned the show out. When it finally ended we went out into the street and Judy said she had to get home to the kids (she was Hugh’s older sister) and offered us a ride, but Hugh said it was okay, we’d take the bus. After she had left we decided to walk instead. It had been a hot day and, although it was late afternoon, it was still quite warm. Hugh said he was hot and pulled off the polo shirt he was wearing. I asked him if he worked out and he beamed and said, “Yeah, how’d you know?” I said he had a nice chest and arms, and he looked down at his body and said, “Thanks. That makes it worthwhile. I just want to improve my abs. I’d like one of those six-packs you can see.” We walked on without saying anything and then out of the blue he asked, “Have you ever done it with a guy?” It was a completely unexpected question. I don’t say I’m butch, but I don’t think I’m that obvious. But I quickly decided a bold question deserved Escort Ataköy a bold answer, so I said, “I’ve only done it with guys.” Let me digress here to tell you a quick story. When I had just turned sixteen, an eighteen year old schoolmate convinced me to suck his dick. I liked it. We did it three or four times, and then he fucked me. It hurt like hell, but I liked that too. We never had sex again, but I knew what I wanted, and since then I’ve had sex a couple more times, both times with a different guy. Anyway, I had answered Hugh’s question with, “I’ve only done it with guys.” That was followed with a long couple of minutes of silence which he finally broke with, “Would you like to do it with me?” I said, “With you or to you?” He said, “Whatever.” Intrigued, I asked, “When?” He said, “Now. I mean today.” “Where?” I asked. He said, “We can go to my house. On Sunday evenings my folks are at church until late.” The outstanding thing about this dialogue is it was completely innocuous, just two seventeen-year-olds talking, as if they were planning on going swimming at the local pool. When we got to his house we sat on the living room sofa and he said, “What now?” I asked him, “Have you ever done this before?” He grinned and said, “No, but I think I’m about to.” I told him, “Well, we get naked first.” I figured if I was the teacher we were going to do it my way. Hugh quickly stripped down to his socks. I don’t want to try to Şirinevler escort form a picture of Hugh in your mind, but I do want to specify a couple of things. His hair was the color of tarnished copper, like an old penny, and stood up on his head in a poof. The hair on his body was a lighter shade of orange, which I found a turn-on. And his cock! His cock reminded me of a sweet potato. Well, not really, but it was fatter in the middle than at both ends with the foreskin stopping right at the tip. It was a really nice size, and it was still soft. I was fascinated. I finished kicking off my briefs and sat back down next to him, pushed him gently back and leaned over and took his cock in my mouth. He gasped and said, “Oh, jeez.” I proceeded to make it grow hard and sucked it and licked it for several minutes while he breathed hard and rolled his head back and forth. Then I came up for air and he opened his eyes and looked at me, smiled and shook his head, saying only, “Wow.” I looked down at my raging hard-on and said, “You’re turn.” He looked dubious, but bent over and gingerly took my dick in his mouth. After sliding his mouth up and down it for only a couple of minutes he stopped. I asked, “Well, Mr. First-timer, how was it?” He chuckled and said, “Icky. Weird.” I said, “This was all you’re idea. For my part, I think it was a good one,” and went back to sucking his yummy cock. After about fifteen minutes I stopped and said, “Go get some Vaseline.” He looked at me questioningly, but I just said, “Do it.” When he brought it I pulled a cushion off the sofa and lay on the floor with the cushion under my hips. I smeared the Vaseline around my asshole and then lay on my back with my legs widely splayed. Of course by this time Hugh knew what was next and knelt between my legs.

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