A Wolfe’s Escapade [22]


She opened her legs wider as I lowered my hips. Her eyes followed and she held a tight grip on me, not wanting to let go until I was inside of her. Watching closely, she moved her hand away only once I slipped into her wet folds and disappeared. I pressed in slowly, pushing as deep as I could before grinding gently. Satisfied with our erotic connection, she laid her head back and lifted her eyes to meet mine, a soft glaze returning to her expression. “Finally,” she whispered. I smiled and began moving my hips slowly, getting a feel for her and finding a steady rhythm. We moved at that steady pace and simply enjoyed the pleasure as time rolled on around us, kissing and exploring as much as we wanted. As we silently let our pleasure build, I finally began approaching my edge. Kissing her neck, I whispered a soft tease into her ear. “I’m going to cum inside of you.” She trembled as her legs wrapped around me. “Yes.” “I’m going to fuck you,” I said, “and fill you up with my cum.” My hips began moving faster, her legs clamped tight to pull me back in as deep as possible with every thrust. “Fuck yes.” “A man you’ve never met is about to fill you with his cum.” “Oh my god,” she groaned. Her pussy tightened with my verbal attacks, and my pace increased with every thrust. “A perfect stranger,” I whispered into her ear, panting a bit myself. “Perfect.” “You don’t even know my name, you slut, and I’m going to fill you with my cum.” “Oh my god yes,” she moaned and snapped. “Fuck me. Use me. Cum inside me, you fucking animal. A stranger is in your bed giving you everything. Cum for me!” She clamped her legs tighter around my hips and dug her nails into my back. “Dump your cum in my hungry little pussy!” “Shit,” I growled. I bit down on her neck just to distract myself from the edge she pushed me towards. “Oh fuck yes,” she screamed in turn. “Hurt me and fuck me!” She raked her nails up my back, causing me to growl into her neck and clamp my teeth down harder. I thrust into her as rough as I dared, holding myself on edge. “Cum inside me and make me cum. Cum inside me and make your filthy little slut cum for you. Make me cum,” she screamed as she pulled my hair. “Make me . . . oh fuck, cum for me!” I stopped holding back and surrendered, thrusting as deep as I could. All rhythm was lost to grinding and squirming as a powerful orgasm ripped through me. “Fuck me,” she growled. “I’m cumming.” She returned my grinding and writhed beneath me, losing control of her body as the strongest orgasm yet took her. I held her down with my teeth and embrace, holding my cock deep inside her as she spasmed and milked every drop out of me. We lay against each other in a tight embrace, connected in an intimate way as aftershocks and a warm afterglow spread through us both. Time passed by as we relaxed and enjoyed our warmth. “You’re hard,” she whispered after a while. “Yes, I am.” “It didn’t go soft and slip out.” “No, it didn’t.” I kissed her neck and nuzzled my cheek against hers. “Damn you,” she said. “I could get addicted.” “To having a strangers cum inside you?” “No, dummy. Well, maybe. . . ” I chucked and nipped at her ear. “Ah,” she shivered. “No, Sir, I mean. . .” She rubbed her hands over my back, tracing the marks she left behind earlier. “I mean I could get Küçükköy escort bayan addicted to you.” I raised my head to look into her eyes, offering a smile. She looked expectant, wondering what I would say to her confession of passion. My mind raced with a million answers, but all of them would spoil the mood. Fuck it, I thought as I leaned down to kiss her. Her lips parted for me and I caressed her cheek, holding her body against me and still holding myself deep inside of her pussy as our tongues danced. I kissed her passionately, answering her unspoken questions with action instead of unsteady words. She moaned and writhed under me, returning my passion and squeezing her pussy around me. As our kiss waned, I rose again to look into her eyes. She had a content, happy expression as I rubbed my thumb over her cheek. “I’m not done with you just yet, my slut.” She smiled. “I hope not, my Master.” I chuckled and lifted myself up slowly. It felt odd being called that by a stranger. But it feels good. I sat on my knees and slowly pulled out of her, watching my cum follow. I wasn’t soft, but not quite as erect as before either. I knew my body, though, and began calculating how to push things further. My hand touched her pussy and she shivered as my fingers wiggled their way inside. I scooped up as much cum as my fingers could hold, and held her lustful gaze as I brought them to her lips. She moaned and tasted our mixture. “Cocktail a le Stranger,” I said. “Made of pure, one hundred percent mixed cum of people who have never met.” She giggled as her tongue cleaned every drop from my fingers. “It’s delicious.” “We’re going to make more in a minute,” I said. “But we’re going to do something else first.” She grinned. “And what would that be?” I smiled warmly, holding an intense stare while my hand wandered down to her breasts. “I’m going to bind you and spank you until your ass is red, my slut.” Her eyes widened. “Spanking?” “Spanking.” “You’re gonna have your hands all over my cute little ass?” she asked in a coy, adorable tone. “All over,” I smiled. “You’re gonna slap my ass and pussy with your strong hands and leave your mark to remind me of the sexy stranger that hurt me and fucked me and filled me up with his delicious cum?” “I’m going to mark you,” I growled. Damn, this woman had a mouth. My cock began to regain its firmness just from her teasing. She grinned as I toyed with her nipple, happy that she was getting to me. “Please do,” she said. “Spank me and mark me, hurt me real good so you can fuck me and fill me with cum again.” I smirked, enjoying the game as much as she did. I once again lowered my tone, commanding and authoritative. “Roll over, bitch.” She gasped at the sudden change in tone and word, not moving. I slapped her thigh hard enough to leave a light hand print, even as I made a mental note regarding the word I used and its affect on her. She jumped and squealed, holding my gaze as her eyes widened. “Roll over!” She quietly obeyed, moving away from me and rolling onto her belly. “On your hands and knees,” I said as I moved to the night stand. I grabbed a couple of large snap hooks before moving into position behind her. “Head down. Give me your hands through your legs.” She obeyed, and her Escort Mecidiyeköy wrists were at rest next to her ankles. I’d ignored them for a while, but I was glad I’d left her shackles on. I took one snap hook and connected it to her right wrist, moving it into position to clip the other end to the shackle onto her left ankle. In a moment the other wrist followed, and she laid securely bound with her ass in the air. “Now,” I said slowly as my hand stretched over her ass, “I am going to hurt you.” She shivered. “Yes. Spank me, Sir. I’ve been a wicked girl and I need a good hard spanking.” I smiled. So we’ll play that game, huh. “You have been terrible, girl.” I rubbed my hand over her cheeks. “Do you have any idea what you’ve done?” “Yes,” she said. “I let my friend tie me to her lovers bed, gag me and blindfold me.” I squeezed her ass. “But that isn’t all, is it? “Oh no, I did much worse than that.” “Tell me what you did, you slut.” “When her lover came home, he found me tied up on his bed and his woman nowhere in sight.” “And what did he do?” I pressed, letting my hand rub over her pussy. She moaned before she replied. “He teased me, touched me and felt of me. He was so fucking good, he made me cum like the filthy little slut that I am.” “Tut, tut,” I said. “Letting a man you’ve never met finger you. Such a slut.” “Yes, and more!” she jumped as I lightly slapped at her clit. “More?” I asked innocently. “Lots more, Sir.” She wiggled her ass. I suppressed a chuckle as I smacked her cheek. Not enough for a proper spanking, but enough to make her want more. “Oh,” she moaned. “Lots more. Then he untied me and held me. He kissed me and pushed me to my knees. I sucked his cock, and he held my head and fucked my throat. He came in my mouth and – oh!” I spanked her left cheek hard, finally giving her a good dose of pain. “You’re such a slut. Doing all of this with a perfect stranger.” “All that and more, Sir!” She squealed the last word as my hand came down again, striking the right cheek. “How much are you willing to do with a man you’ve never met, you slut?” “Everything!” she yelled. “After I swallowed his delicious cum, he ate my pussy and made me cum agai—ah!” Her ass jumped as my hand came down again, moving back to the left side. “And then he fucked me!” she continued as I struck her right cheek again. “No condom, I bet.” I massaged her ass, rubbing in the sting as well as warming her up for more. “No, he just thrust into me and fucked me and—ah, ah!” I struck again, hitting each cheek once. “And what? You just let a perfect stranger fuck you bareback? I bet you let him cum inside you, too.” “Yes, yes!” she screamed. Her pussy was soaked and practically dripping down her thighs, and I was no longer anywhere near soft. I struck her ass twice again, once for each side. “Oh fuck yes,” she moaned. “He pounded me and fucked me hard and came deep inside my slutty pussy,” she continued. “Such a wicked girl,” I said while striking her ass again, alternating from side to side. “Yes! I’m a wicked little slut, I—oh fuck,” she squealed as I struck her pussy. “You most certainly are. And wicked sluts need good spankings.”“Oh my god yes,” she moaned. I struck her ass again, once for each cheek and with a bit Merter escort more strength than before. “Fuck,” she groaned. “Yes!” “You know what else wicked sluts need?” I asked while rubbing her ass, enjoying the reddened glow. “What?” she asked, hoping she knew the answer. “More cum in their slutty pussy,” I said. Before she could reply my cock was against her lower lips and disappearing inside of her. “Oh fuck,” she moaned. “Fuck yes. Fuck me!” she screamed as I leaned over her. I grabbed her hair and lifted her head slightly. She couldn’t see me, but I made sure she could hear me. “I’m going to fuck you plenty, slut. I’m going to fuck you, I’m going to hurt you more, I’m going to make you scream and I’m going to make you cum.” “Fuck!” she screamed as I began pumping my hips, holding nothing back. “I’m going to cum inside your pussy.” “Yes!” I groaned as I pulled her hair and dug my nails into her hips for leverage. I gave all my strength to my hips, thrusting into her as deep and as roughly as I could. She lost her sense for words and screamed nonsense, and admittedly I had trouble speaking myself. “Fucking cum for me,” I yelled with the loudest animal voice I could find. “You dirty slut! Cum on a strangers bare cock!” “Oh my god,” she screamed as her body tightened. “Cum, cum, cum!” I shouted. “Cum, you filthy little cum slut!” Whatever sound it was that left her, it was no word of any language I knew. She screamed, a deep and primal scream that expressed things no word could. Her pussy tightened and spasmed around me, but I wasn’t even close to the edge. I simply enjoyed the feeling as I thrust into her relentlessly. Only when I could feel her climax wane did I slow my thrusts, winding down to a steady pace to let her catch her breath. “Fuck,” she whispered. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.” I grinned, suppressing a chuckle as I moved my hands around to squeeze her chest. She trembled as I held her. “Fucking fuckity fuck.” At that I finally released a laugh, causing me to lose my rhythm and thrust into her at a different angle. “Oh god. Oh,” she moaned as I nibbled on her shoulder. “You didn’t cum that time, did you?” “Nope.” “You need to cum inside me,” she said. “I do, and I will.” I took control of my hips again. “Can you hold this position a bit longer, or do you need to move?” “I can still feel everything, so I should be fine. More importantly, this is my new favorite position.” I chuckled and thrust into her a bit harder. “Mmm. Yes, I want you to fuck me and cum inside of me just like this.” “And I will. I’m going to fill your slutty pussy with my cum.” “Oh yes, please.” I kissed the back of her neck before raising up for more leverage, digging my nails into both of her hips as mine began finding rhythm. “It won’t be long now. I won’t hold back, slut. I’m going to cum again.” “Oh fuck, yes. Fill me up. Tied down and ready for you, unable to resist. At your mercy! Fuck me. Fuck me and use me and cum inside me !” I squeezed her hips, increasing my pace as much as I could. “I’m using you for my pleasure.” “Yes! Use my dirty pussy for your pleasure,” she said. I slapped her ass, focusing on thrusting into her and finding my edge. “Fuck yes. Use me.” I slapped her ass once more. “I’m hurting you for my pleasure.” “Yes! Hurt me, fuck me!” I leaned over her and pulled her hair, my other hand digging into her hips and leaving more little red marks. “I’m going to cum inside of you.” “Oh my god,” she yelled. “You’re going to make me cum again.” “Good,” I growled. Thrusting into her as roughly as I could without interrupting my words, I teased her more.

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