Blind Obedience, Chapter 11


jewel lay there on my OB/GYN table struggling against the rising tide within her. I could tell she was fighting valiantly because I saw the strain on her face, the curled fingers as they clawed at the armrests, and the sheen of sweat on her body from the effort she was putting out.Since this was only the second time we had been together and the first time we had really done anything sexual, I decided to take it a little easy on her. Besides, I had other things in mind for my playtoy. She begged me again to let her cum and release her from her torment. I told her no, but right afterward, I stopped teasing her. She lay panting and trying to come down from the edge of her endurance, but that’s not what I wanted. I removed the clit clip and fingered her pussy back to life again and as she writhed and struggled in the chair, I pointed my cock at her drooling hole. Without saying anything as a warning, I pushed into her, opening her tunnel wide and shoving myself deep into her. “OH FUCK, MASTER! Oh, my God! Oh, you are so big…so deep in me! Oh God, it feels sooo wonderful!” she cried, arching her back as much as she could in her restraints.I was careful as I sunk into her because I didn’t know how far to go, but I felt no resistance until my balls slapped her ass, signaling to us both I was fully inside her.I stopped only for a moment while she got accustomed to my size. She hadn’t had anyone for some time according to her, so I wanted to make this first time pleasurable”Now my little slut, I am going to fuck you the way a good slut wants to get fucked by her Master. I suggest you find something to hang on to… it’s about to get busy in here!” I told her. I was only moderately bragging… I was pretty confident that what I was going to do to her would impress her. I hadn’t had any complaints from my previous partners and they all left my house with a big grin on their faces! I made it a point to please my partner and leave her satisfied with my performance, even if it meant I didn’t finish. I wanted them to remember who made them feel that way and where to go to feel that way again. “Ohhh…” jewel moaned. I saw her try to brace herself for the expected assault, but she had little to worry about–the restraints on my table had never failed to hold my intended quite securely despite her best efforts to escape. I had no reason to think anything would be different this time. jewel was actually smaller than some of the women who Esenyurt escort bayan had been on my table before, so the chance that she could win out against my restraints was slim at best.I started by slowly pulling back, teasing her with my cock as I pulled out until just the head remained inside her tunnel. I paused when I saw her tense up expectedly. I waited for her to relax, thinking maybe I had changed my mind.But I hadn’t. I plunged back into her hard, knowing now that I wasn’t going to hurt her by going too deep. I rammed my cock fully into her and the second my balls slapped her ass again, I pulled back and rammed into her again. I set up a fast, hard, and deep rhythm as I pounded her. If this woman wanted to be my slut, she’d have to get used to being fucked like one!To her credit though, jewel seemed happy to get all that I had to give her. She didn’t complain or protest at all. Instead, she moaned and whimpered and groaned in ecstatic bliss as I thrust into her. I drove my cock into her like I wanted to punch a hole through her and she just asked for more.”Yes! Oh God, Master, fuck me! Fuck me and make me your dirty little fucktoy! Oh God, your cock is so amazing! Fuck me, Master… harder please!” she cried out loudly.I knew that jewel was close to cumming and I, too, was feeling the pressure build. But I wanted her to cum once more before I did. So I used a special technique I had developed. With my left hand, I pinched the hood of her clit capturing the little nub and at the same time pulling the hood back to expose the tender button. With my right thumb, I began rubbing briskly over the sensitive clit.I may as well have hooked her clit to a live electrical wire because she came alive then. Had she not been strapped so securely, I swear she would have stood up in those stirrups!”Oh, Master! Oh my God… ohhh fuck… ohhh…” she cried as she pitched and bucked, her clit flooding her brain with sensations. My special technique didn’t let me down. As she was twisting and squirming against my hands and cock she let go, unable to fight anymore. With a scream of release, I felt the warm flood of fresh pussy juice and then felt it slip past my still pumping cock to run out of her and puddle on the floor under us.I kept working her pussy and clit trying to drain her of both energy and pussy juice. “Please Master! Please… no more… I can’t… please…” she said at last. I Escort Etiler knew she had nothing left to give and I pulled out of her as she groaned her relief. She went limp on the table, softly moaning and panting as she tried to rest. I stayed with her as I always do with all my submissives and gently brushed her sweat-matted hair from her face, stroking her hair and trying to calm her down.It took jewel about ten minutes, I would say, before she felt strong enough to get up off the table and we went back upstairs. “Master, may I be excused to take a shower? I’m all sweaty and I don’t want to sit on your nice furniture until I am clean.””Yes, slut. There are fresh towels in the bathroom,” I said. She began making her way down the hall and I got up to watch that she made it all right. Then I sat back down on the sofa to wait for her.Soon I heard the bathroom door open and I could tell she was on her way back to the living room. She came around the corner, still naked and looking much fresher and happier.”Feel better after your shower?” I asked as she approached me.”Oh yes, Master, much better. Thank you,” she said, smiling.I reached out to take her hand and guided her to me, pulling her up on my lap. She straddled my hips, facing me with her legs folded under her.”This was our first real training session, slut… did you enjoy yourself? Was it what you expected?” I asked.”Oh yes, Master! Everything and more! I had a wonderful time and you were simply amazing! I haven’t cum so much ever!” she said, “I was giggling like a silly schoolgirl in the shower as I thought about what you did to me.””Well, I am glad you had a good time. I want you to enjoy your training, my slut – it makes you try harder and will make you more successful if you enjoy what is taught.””Oh I agree, and I did enjoy myself. But while I was in the shower it occurred to me that you haven’t had your orgasm, Master. I am so thoughtless and I am sorry. Please let me correct my negligent selfish behavior. Please, may I pleasure you now, Master?””What did you have in mind, slut?” I asked.Without answering my question, she got up from my lap and knelt down on the floor in front of me. She reached forward and began unbuckling my pants and pulling them down my legs. I lifted myself up off the sofa a bit so she could get my pants down, and my cock which had started getting hard as soon and she sat on my lap popped up ready for Eyüp escort play. When she felt my erection, she wrapped her hand around it, looked up at me with a smile, and closed her eyes as she put her soft lips around it and slid almost all the way down and up making a little pop when she pulled it out and said, “Mmm…”My beautiful jewel looked hot as hell with her mouth around my cock, and thought I might bust a nut right there, seeing her pretty face bobbing up and down on my cock like that. She looked up at me with those beautiful brown eyes and said, “Master, I’ve wanted to suck you since our second meeting… that time you first played with me. God, Master,  you got me so hot that day!” Then she began licking my cock like it was a big popsicle while her free hand went down between my legs to cradle my balls. With her long red nails, she lightly scratched my nutsack and perineum. Even though she was blind and couldn’t see me, she looked right up at me and kept her eyes on me as she began licking and kissing my shaft and knob while massaging my cum-heavy balls. I was so surprised by her oral talents that I couldn’t even think, ‘this little slut is good,’ as she popped me out of her mouth, pushed my cock to my stomach, and licked her way down to my balls.She closed her eyes, sucking one of my nuts into her mouth. “Mmmm…” she moaned as she greedily sucked my ballsack. I realized this is one of those rare women who REALLY love giving oral sex.jewel got more and more excited as she sucked and licked on my nuts. One of her hands had moved down between her legs and the squish squish told me she was furiously fingering herself. “Are you playing with yourself, slut?” I asked feigning anger. jewel immediately popped me out of her mouth and pulled her hand away from her wet pussy. She looked up at me thinking she had screwed up. “Put your hand back down there. I want you to continue… I want you to bring yourself right to the edge. When you are just about to cum, you can beg my permission,” I said.She smiled and took my nuts back into her warm wet mouth again.I have to say, I enjoyed one of the best blowjobs of my life that day. And I think what made it so special was how much jewel enjoyed doing it. The girl loved using her mouth to pleasure me.She licked my shaft back up to the mushroom head and then used the tip of her tongue all the way around under the rim. She laved her tongue in broad licks all over the cap making sure it was completely covered and shiny with her saliva. Then she pointed the tip of my aching cock at her mouth and slipped her soft warm lips around the head, slowly and deliciously sliding me deeper into that warm, wet heaven. She looked up at me again with those soft brown eyes as she did so. 

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