Boxing Day fun – Chapter 2


After I finished swallowing all his cum I sat back in the front seat and lifted my little pink dress letting him see me rubbing my hard cock. He ran his fingers over the tops of my stockings and called me a dirty little cunt boy as he moved his hand onto my cock. It felt so good being exposed and touched by an almost complete stranger. I took my phone from my bag as he rubbed me and flicked it to camera handing it to him. Opening the car door I stepped out into the rain and stood in the corner of the car park in just my stockings and dress. I lifted the hem and held my stiff cock as he took a picture. He quickly beckoned me back inside. We didn’t want to get caught but it felt so erotic being exposed in girly clothes outside.Reluctantly I got in and put my jeans and jacket back on as he drove us back Escort Sarıyer to town. He explained that his wife would get suspicious if he was out for too long.When he dropped me off near the shops I walked down to the local pub, checking that my Jacket was zipped all the way up hiding my outfit.I got a drink and sat at a quiet table in the corner. There were only a few other people at the bar who paid no attention to me. I took out my phone and looked at the picture. I really did look like a cock slut, it made me smile.I can’t really explain why but sucking hard cocks and making them cum in my mouth really turns me on. I guess it goes back to when I first let an older man suck me in the toilets in the park when I was sixteen. It was the most mind blowing experience I’d Silivri escort bayan had at that point and when I finally shot my spunk over his face and chest my knees had buckled, I almost blacked out, but he just held me and stroked my head and back.A message popped up on the screen. “You look good in lingerie.” It was from a 66 year old guy called Jack. He had short grey hair, bald on top and a large paunch. The other picture showed his short fat cock sticking out between his flies. It was uncut.“I can come and visit if you like…” I messaged back. Five minutes later I was in a cab being driven the short distance to his house. It was in a quiet estate near the edge of town. The cab driver seemed a little confused when I didn’t know which house it was and we had Topkapı escort to scan the doors checking the numbers.I rang the bell and waited in the rain. When it opened Jack stood there in a dark blue dressing gown and ushered me inside. I took off my boots and he lead me through to the open plan kitchen. He offered me a glass of red wine and motioned for me to go through to the living room. It was nicely decorated with paintings on the walls, two large leather sofas and a huge TV that was playing some mindless daytime programme. Fortunately the volume was turned down.I took off my jacket and quickly removed my jeans. When I stood up he was standing next to me holding out the glass of wine. We sat down on the sofa and each took a sip. Somehow I felt completely natural and at ease with him even though I was only wearing stockings and a pink dress with a small cardigan over it. We fell into easy conversation about work and life for about ten minutes. I was feeling more comfortable than I ever had before. I’m still inexperienced with being dressed in front of another man but it feels so sensual.

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