Chapter Four: Patience And Sensation

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THE TASK:Imagine a large empty room in a large 18th Century mansion. The walls clad in panels of alternating black velvet and antique grey mirror. Grey stained herringbone pattern oak floor, the ceiling decorated with ornate plaster mouldings.The room is mostly empty except for one large white leather armchair, centrered on a wall, mirror behind, opposite a pair of narrow central doors and to either side of the arm-chair, two small black, leather clad chests, each with a central buckle with a small chrome padlock. To the side of the chest, 2 bottles of champaign in a large, floor-standing ice bucket, and adjacent, a small glass table with a large crystal jug, 1 champaign glass and one water glass.There’s a tall window on one side of the room with a wavy white sheer curtain – the light from street lights outside illuminates the fabric to a warm, yellow.In the centre of the room, a large, circular wrought iron chandelier – the room is softly illuminated by large, evenly spaced candles with long waxy drip marks marking the passing of time.From the ceiling, hangs two short lengths of wrought iron chains falling elegantly between the spokes of the circular chandelier – each connected to a rope and pulley suspended from the ceiling. The end of rope is in tied to a gear and crank handle on either side of the room. The ends of the two chains hang at waist height a few feet apart.On the floor, two more short lengths of chains, aligned with the ceiling chains. Each short length of chain connected to a rope – one to each side of the room ending at a wall mounted pulley and up to a hand operated gear and crank handle just below the gear and handle that operates the ceiling chain.Imagine you’ve been invited to this room.You walk through the doors, closing them behind Escort Esenyurt you.In the centre of the room, between the two chains, a red envelope.You walk up to the envelope, kneeling down to pick it up and open it.In it, a note with a set of instructions.”Welcome. Please open the chest to the left of the arm-chair. The code to the padlock is 697. Remove all your clothes and put on the attire that has been carefully chosen for you. When you’re ready, sit on the luxurious armchair and ring the little bell on the floor to your right.”You walk over to the chest to the left of the arm-chair. You open it and find a red box with a large red bow on it. Underneath the bow, a note with two words: “Open me”.You reach down to take the box out. pulling the wide red ribbon. You place the box on the seat of the arm-chair and open the lid.You reach in and remove the first item. Wrapped in crisp black paper, four black leather cuffs with chrome buckles and eyelets and a note reading: “Ankels and Wrists”.Then the next item…A black leather chocker with polished chrome buckle and eyelet.Next…a set of beautiful, sheer red stockings with a red seam at their centre back.And below the stockings, a red, naughty ouvert brief made from all over barely there invisible net with a tantalising keyhole decoration, topped with deep red bows and pink rosebuds, running down the centre front. At the rear is another cheeky peephole-style cutaway.  A fine ribbon keeps the peep-holes just barely open from front waist, through the gusset to the back waist.Resting on a bed of shredded tissue paper, a padded red blindfold.To finish off, wrapped in crisp black paper, a pair of sexy, black suede mules with a pretty cutaway peephole effect at the front. Delicate Etiler escort black cording lines the inner sole.What would you do next?Will you undress and do as instructed? If so, reply describing each item, how it feels and most importantly, what thoughts are going through your mind as you dress and sit down – ready to ring that little bell. Share your desire, fantasy or fear? Do you feel sensual, powerful, confident? Submissive, scared, weak?Curious to know what’s in the other box?Curious to know what happens when you ring that bell?The contents of the other black leather-clad chest are yours to describe. You hold the key to what happens next.CHAPTER ONE: TRUST AND ANTICIPATIONI turn back briefly, watching the vehicle exit the driveway to the mansion, realising with both a slight trepidation and excitement that I am now indeed accepting the invitation, so unexpectedly received.Entering the foyer, head held high, elegant in my black Armani suit, I mount the stairs and knock on the double doors of the room at the right of the staircase. Hearing no reply, I turn the handle and open the door, gasping at the ornate and distinctive room, which is clearly empty.The one slightly-oversized white leather armchair across the room, is backed by an antique mirror. Someone has taken considerable care to place two enticing bottles of Vintage Dom Pérignon on ice, yet there is only one Waterford crystal champagne glass, alongside the crystal jug and water glass. I realise my nervousness from the undeniable belly-flutters and my slightly parched throat and long for the sensation of the delicious bubbles.”Patience, tigger,” I say to myself, wondering whether the liquids will be enjoyed by me or by another and if so, by whom?My attention Eyüp escort bayan is drawn to the two black leather clad chests, either side of the armchair, but as my eyes lift, I note the wrought iron chains, four of them, placed strategically for an undeniable purpose and a frisson of concern and intrigue passes through my body. I see the red envelope on the floor between the chains, striking in its colour and contrast to all in the room.”Are you sure, you wish to continue, tigger?” I ask, knowing I can turn on my heels and leave this room and whatever experiences it may hold behind me.No longer feeling quite the bold confidence of my vanilla professional life, I hesitate, but notice that my curiosity is seeking to prevail. My recklessness and enjoyment of risk is being countered by my training. “Safe, sane and consensual, tigger, at all times”. Oh what risk could indeed exist within these walls? Do I have reason to trust and can I bring myself to truly yield if requested?I try to still my racing mind and curiosity getting the better of me, take the red envelope and read its instructions, with my breath becoming slightly more shallow, the tingling of anticipation and slight fear rising.I approach the leather box to the left of the armchair and find myself trembling a little as I enter the code, 697. I wonder if I will ever forget this code and why it was chosen? My cheeky mind turns to whether it relates to 7 enjoying 69, but this thought passes quickly as I remember I was instructed to remove my clothes, all of them. I take off my jacket and apricot silk shirt, folding them neatly and placing them for nw next to the leather box. My skin feels the slightly chilling temperature of the air surrounding me, as I unzip my skirt and step out of my shoes. My everyday bra and panties feel very ordinary now and I unclasp the bra and step out of the panties, now fully naked, skin exposed to the air.I look around the room, and feel my vulnerability. What attire has been chosen for me, if any and can I breathe deeply enough to settle this racing mind?

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