Cocklust Ch. 37

Beautiful Cock

We ended up spending the night at the twins’ place.  Their bed wasn’t meant for four people—at least not for actual sleeping—but we made it work.  We basically got really friendly: whenever one of us moved, the rest of us would feel it.When I woke up the next morning, I found our blanket had fallen to the floor, and a bunch of our limbs were draped over the others.  I was basically lying in a pile of man flesh.  I took a deep breath and inhaled the scent of everyone’s cum.I had a raging case of morning wood, and the sight of all these guys only made me that much hornier.  Chad was hard too, and we were tempted to help get each other off.  I almost wanted to sneak into the bathroom, or even a closet, and have my way with him.  But we both stayed on our best behavior, at least for the moment.We knew we’d broken the rules we’d laid out.  We were getting perilously close to my old slut phase, and we hadn’t kept things as anonymous as we’d planned.  At first I told myself that the twins must’ve used fake names too, the same way Chad and I had.  But then I saw some mail they’d left out, and sure enough, it was addressed to Mason and Madison Turner.Fuck! I thought to myself.  Not only were those their real names, but now I felt like an idiot, since now I knew their last names and everything.  So much for that original plan.Chad and I figured we’d hang out till the twins got up, but those boys kept right on sleeping.  We guessed they mostly worked nights, so they were probably even less into mornings than we were.  Eventually, we just said fuck it, and we ordered an Uber.By some miracle, we managed to sneak back to Chad’s bedroom without running into his mom or his brother.  As soon as we closed the door behind us, I felt a huge wave of relief.“Holy shit,” Chad said.  “I mean, I knew I wanted to experiment… but I wasn’t expecting that.”“Are you saying you regret it?”“I didn’t say that.  It’s just… holy fucking shit.”I stepped up to him, and I ran my hands along his six-pack.  “I just don’t want you getting too many ideas.”“Who said I was getting too many ideas?”“Good answer,” I said, and I gave him a kiss.  As I did, I kept thinking of Middle Eastern Boy’s cock going up my boyfriend’s ass; all jealousy aside, it had been a helluva sight, and I had to admit I kind of liked it.  Then there was the sight of Chad’s cock sliding into Mason’s mouth, not to mention his hole.“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” he asked as he put his hand on my boner.“You tell me.”“I did say this cock is the one I want to come home to.  Remember?”We locked lips again, and I started fumbling with Chad’s clothes.  I felt his boner through his pants, and I could tell he was as rock-hard as I was.  We barely broke off the kiss as I pulled off his shirt.“I have an idea,” he said, “for how we can get the best of both worlds.”We both kept caressing each other’s faces.  “Do tell,” I said.“We haven’t watched porn in a while.  We can watch a group scene or something… and I want you to fuck me while we do it.”I could practically feel the hormones surging into my bloodstream.  “Oh hell yeah,” I said.“You know,” he said, “I seem to know someone who just got a new iPad… which would be perfect for something like this.”“Do you now?” I asked.  “Is that why you got it for me?”“I didn’t say that,” he replied, “but it wasn’t exactly a deterrent.”“I bet it wasn’t,” I said.  I gave him another kiss, then stepped over to my suitcase, and I pulled out the iPad.  I could already feel my nerves tingling with anticipation, because I knew Chad was right.  After all, he’d been into gay porn since high school, and I hadn’t forgotten his thing for Flynn Taylor.  I of course was into group sex, at least as a fetish.  Yet the best sex we’d had was always just the two of us, enjoying each other’s bodies one-on-one.  The more I thought about doing all that stuff at once, the more I loved the idea.I went online and pulled up Vitruvian Men.  Chad and I scrolled through their videos together, and we each pointed out a few we might like.  After a minute of searching, we found a new scene with Flynn, along with our old mainstays Vince, Logan, and Nate; plus there was also a new guy named Darren.  Chad and I both looked at each other, and we nodded in unison.I laid Büyükçekmece escort the iPad against a pillow, and I hit play.  It took a second for the video to load, and as it did, Chad and I stripped off our dirty clothes.  Then the scene actually started, showing the porn stars at some desert resort.  They were already naked, but they were just casually chatting, as if their upcoming gangbang wasn’t a big deal.Chad climbed in his bed, got on all fours, and spread his legs.  The sight was so incredible that I almost froze: my boyfriends’s gorgeous ass in the air, with his hungry hole open wide and pointing right at me, and his big juicy balls dangling underneath.  From where I was, I also had a perfect view of the porn on the screen.I lubed up and assumed my position behind him.  Chad fast-forwarded the video through the foreplay and oral stuff, and went right to the fucking.  At the point he hit play, Flynn was riding Logan in a reverse cowboy, and Nate was plowing Vince while also blowing Darren.  There was so much fucking going on that it was almost hard to keep track of it all.I pressed my cock against Chad’s hole, and he pressed back against it.  I slid inside him without a hint of resistance, though he did let out a groan.“Oh yeah,” he said, “that’s it.”  I couldn’t tell if he was saying it to me, or saying it to the screen.The camera zoomed in on Vince’s dick, which was flopping around helplessly.  Nate was pounding his ass without mercy.  Vince closed his eyes in ecstasy, and he let his mouth hang open, as he took it like a man.Chad was gyrating his ass against my rod.  Since his back was to me, I couldn’t see his face, but his body was rhythmically rising and falling.  His butt cheeks jiggled with every thrust I made, and I could feel his sphincter massaging my cock just the way I liked it.  This dude knew exactly what he was doing.“Fuck yeah,” Chad said as he watched Flynn and Logan.  Flynn was still bouncing up and down on Logan’s lap.  Flynn was obviously loving the dick up his ass; his own dick was hard as a rock, and it swung around as they fucked.I ran my hands down Chad’s back.  His skin was soft and warm, but there was no mistaking the strong bones and muscles that lay just beneath the surface.  His whole body seemed to be submitting to me, flexing and extending each part of his anatomy, all of which was at my beck and call.  I couldn’t resist kissing him between his shoulder blades.  “You like that?” I asked.“I fucking love it,” Chad said without missing a beat.  He kept on working his body, especially his ass, like he was a master at getting fucked doggy-style.Onscreen, the video shifted its focus to Darren and Nate.  They were still doing oral.  Darren let out a sigh of pleasure and looked into the camera.  The way he did it, it felt like his eyes met mine.I felt a surge of adrenaline, and I plowed back into Chad, harder and faster than before.  I grabbed Chad’s hips and yanked him toward me, making my dick go deeper inside him.  His sphincter slid all the way up my shaft, till it got to my pubes, and I felt the juicy warm depths of his colon beyond.  Chad gasped, and his body shuddered, but he seemed every bit as into it as I was.“Oh Jesus!” he grunted.  “Baby, give it to me.”“You want my cock?”“I fucking need it!”“That’s what I want to hear,” I said as I kept pounding away.Eventually, the porn stars switched their positions.  Flynn started fucking Nate, while Darren fucked Logan, and Vince just jerked off.  I noticed Chad seemed to keep watching Flynn.“You like that guy?” I asked.“You know I do,” he said.  “He’s fucking hot.”“Do you wish it was you he was fucking?”“I told you,” he said, “you’re the one I want.”“That’s not what I asked.”“Fuck,” Chad said as he took in another thrust.“Go ahead and fantasize,” I said.  “I know you want to… and I know you’ve done it before.”  I pounded him some more.  “Imagine this is Flynn’s dick up your ass.  Just like I’m imagining we’re in that room with them.”Chad’s body was starting to tense up.  I knew where this was going, and I wasn’t about to stop it.  Knowing Chad, I suspected he’d gotten off to Flynn in this same bed more than once.By now Nate was lying on his back, and he was stroking his cock Çatalca escort bayan while Flynn fucked him missionary.  Flynn leaned down to him, and they started making out.“Oh yeah,” Chad said.  “That’s it.  Keep doing that….”The porn stars kept their kisses going for a minute or two.  Then Flynn leaned back up, and he started reaming Nate.  Chad kept his eyes peeled on the screen.  Finally, Nate arched his back, gripped his cock way harder than before, and shot a big load past his shoulders.That was it for Chad.  I couldn’t see his cock from where I was, but he reached down and seemed to barely touch himself.  I felt his hole convulsing around my dick, just as he let out his familiar groan.  “U-u-u-uh fuck yeah!” he gasped as he seemed to lose control of his body.  I could only imagine how much he cum he was shooting on his sheets.Watching him get off—and feeling his flesh spasming around my cock—was just what I needed to send me over the edge.  I felt my cum surging down my shaft and pumping into his body.  “Shit!” I gasped as I gave him a few more thrusts.  My orgasm seemed to cascade right through me.  Then, when my dick finally finished spasming, I tried to catch my breath.Chad rolled to his side, and my cock popped out of his ass.  Sure enough, he’d made a huge mess on his bed, not that I was complaining.By now Flynn had pulled out of Nate, and was jacking off on his face.  Chad kept his eyes peeled to the screen till Flynn shot his wad and gave Nate a good facial.“Fuuuuck,” Chad said.  I assumed he wanted that big juicy load for himself.Flynn stepped away, and he let Vince get on top of Nate.  Vince pounded his pud for a couple more seconds, then started shooting too.  His cum mixed with Flynn’s as it poured down Nate’s cheeks.I reached down to Chad’s package.  I stroked his cock with one hand, and I stroked my own with the other.  Both us were still as hard as before, and we watched together as the last two porn stars blew their loads.  Logan went first, and he shot across his own chest.  Then Darren pulled out of Logan, and he shot around his hole.“Hell yeah,” one of them said; I couldn’t tell which one.Chad put his hand on my cock, and I took mine off.  “Was that as good for you as it was for me?”“Probably better,” I said.We just lay there for a second, each of us stroking the other, till finally the video ended.  Then I put the iPad away, and we headed for the shower to clean up.We lingered for a while, soaping each other up, and generally playing with each other’s bodies.  The shower was just the right size for the two of us: we felt intimate and sexy without feeling cramped.As we did, we debated what to do next.  On the one hand, we had plenty more fantasies we could act out on our own; we had any number of toys we could play with, and it was definitely safer than opening our relationship further.  On the other hand, we both seemed to love the thrill of trying new things.  We knew relationships could get stale, and the last thing we wanted was for our sex to get boring.  Especially now that we were finally out of our shells—or out of our closets, as it were—we wanted to take full advantage of what all was out there.“I did like that club we went to,” Chad said as we both scrubbed our crotches.“Do you want to go back there?”“Well….”  Chad stepped under the showerhead, and he let the water pour across his body   “I mean, I guess strip shows aren’t that different than porn.  If anything, they’re tamer.  So I guess if we’re gonna watch porn, there’s nothing wrong with going to see strippers….”“As long as you don’t develop feelings for them.”“Who said I was developing feelings?”“I didn’t say you did—”“Last night was a hookup.  And that’s it.  Just like what we did on the beach.”“I know.”  I put my arms around him, and I looked right into his eyes.  “I just want to be careful.  I wouldn’t want to fuck things up… like you said.”Chad didn’t answer.  He just nodded.We ended up going back to Thaxter’s that night.  We found it was an awful lot quieter than before.  There were no actual strip shows going on—just shirtless go-go dancing—so the crowds were noticeably thinner.  They were also less rowdy, so we had more time to talk to Thaxter himself.I Escort Esenler was surprised to find out he’d owned the place for thirty years.  Thaxter was old enough to remember seeing Stonewall in the news, and he’d come out to his family right when Harvey Milk got elected.  The way he told the story, things seemed hopeful at first, especially with the seventies-era free love and whatnot.  But then Harvey Milk got shot, and soon after that came the AIDS epidemic.“That was not a good time to be gay,” Thaxter said.  “Of all the friends I had in 1978, by 1995 all but two of them were dead.  And for us who got lucky, we basically couldn’t be out in public.  People thought we were all disease-ridden filth, like getting anywhere near us would get them infected.”  He looked down at the ground.  It was clearly a sensitive subject, even after all these years.  “That’s why I opened this place.  I wanted a place where we could be ourselves… for whatever that’s worth.”“Holy shit,” I said.  I had no idea his club had been a labor of love.“I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s a good thing times have changed.  I just worry sometimes.”“Worry about what?”“Look around you,” he said.  “Gay people don’t need bars like this anymore.  Now you can be out in public.  You can meet other gay people anywhere.  And don’t get me started on Grindr.”I didn’t say a word.  I couldn’t help thinking of how I had Grindr on my phone.“Anyway,” Thaxter said, “I shouldn’t burden you with this.”“No worries,” I said.  I sipped my cocktail, then looked out at the room around us.  “Has business really been that slow?”“It comes and goes,” Thaxter said.  “The twins always draw a crowd, for obvious reasons.  But when we’re having a dry spell… sometimes I don’t know how I’m going to pay my bills.”“Seriously?”“Absolutely,” he said.  “Then again, I’m getting old, so maybe it’s just time to retire.”Chad and I looked at each other.  Then I looked back at Thaxter.  “You want to know what I think?”“Of course,” Thaxter said.  “Shoot.”“You should get a better drink menu.  I mean, it’s San Diego.  People expect good beer around here.  And with all those California wines you can get—”“Oh, I don’t know about that.  People don’t exactly come here for the menu.”“But they should,” I said.  “I mean, think about it.  You just said yourself, they don’t need to come here to meet people, or get laid, or any of that stuff.  So you need to give them some other reason—like a fun place to hang out, eat, and drink.”“Don’t argue with this guy,” Chad said.  At first, I thought he was talking to me, but then I realized he was saying it to Thaxter.  “Scott’s a future lawyer, you know.”“Hey!” I said.  “Not if I can help it.”“I’m just warning him—”“Careful, babe,” I said as I shot him a glare.Thaxter just laughed.  “Spoken like one helluva couple.”I just snorted and shook my head.  I was trying to tread carefully, because I did feel bad for the guy.  He was clearly behind the times, and he was putting his own livelihood in jeopardy.  I hated the idea of a long-established gay business going under.  “What are your Yelp reviews like?”“Oh, I never look at those,” he said.  “We did just fine before Yelp came along.”Uh oh, I thought.  That wasn’t a good sign.  I pulled out my phone, went into the app, and pulled up Thaxter’s listing.  “You’ve got a two-star rating,” I said, and I handed him my phone.  “Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that’s fair to you… but I guarantee it’s costing you customers.”Thaxter frowned.  He clearly didn’t know how to use the app, so he fumbled around before handing my phone back.  “So what do you suggest?”“You need a social media person,” I said.  “Someone to keep your posts up-to-date, respond to bad reviews, and stuff like that.  And you need to encourage your good customers to post.  That way you can balance out the haters.”“Are you asking for a job?”“I didn’t say that.”“But you implied.”“Look,” I said.  “If you want me to do some digging, I can.  But I’m really just trying to help.”Another customer walked up to the bar, and Thaxter went to take his order.  As he did, I thought back to that summer, when I’d first logged onto Grindr and realized how many closeted guys were around me.  Then I thought of my first time venturing into Boystown, and of all the possibilities it had offered.As I looked around the bar, I noticed a young guy, possibly underage, who was playing on his phone.  He had the same nervous look that I’d seen on Chad the day before—and it was probably the same look that I’d once had myself.  It was the universal look of being new to a gay bar.

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