I remember being a little girl; my father would pick me up in his muscular arms. I’d giggle and hug him tight around his neck because he’d always try to swing me around or throw me up, but all I wanted was his arms around me. I was the biggest Daddy’s Girl you’d ever see. I was maybe 3 or 4 when I learned how to cry and get him to hold me. I first noticed it when I hit my little sister, her name is Natasha, and she is about a year younger than me. I was playing with my favorite doll; she had curly blond hair and a fabric body that was so soft. Natasha snatched her away, I was so angry. I did what I always did and furrowed my brows together and took it back, and then I hit her on the shoulder and a bit on the face. She instantly burst into tears, my father seeing the whole thing. He grabbed my arm and yanked me to him. “No Eden. You don’t do that.” He slapped me on the butt with one of his large hands. Instead of bursting into tears, I slowly moved away from everyone, my lip was pouted and I placed myself in a corner. I cried quietly for a few minutes, both my parents sitting on the couch. My mother noticed me first as my father always gets sucked into the TV. “Flint, Eden is crying in the corner.” My mother was lazy. My aunt even told me how I wasn’t potty trained until 3 because she wanted my aunt to do it. My father stood up and gently scooped me off the floor; he cradled me and told me he loved me. I loved my father so much, it didn’t even matter anymore that he had spanked me. I just spread my lips into my largest smile and curled my arms around his neck. I kissed my Daddy and I was happy. Ever Erenköy escort bayan since I could remember this, I’ve always used it to my advantage. I think my father does favor me more than Natasha. I was his surprise baby; my Mother and him were only dating and fucking around when she became pregnant with me. I’m my father’s 6th child, yes, 6th . He was married twice before and had 3 children with his first wife and 2 with his 2nd . Then my Mother became pregnant with me, and they planned for Natasha. Why am I telling you all this? Because I want you to know my story, the story of how a little girl can love her Daddy; even if it’s wrong, I love him. My name is Eden Sasha Salazar, my sister is Natasha Irina Salazar and my parents are Mr. Flint Salazar and Mrs. Irina Salazar. I love my family, My mom is a decent mom, she clothes me, feeds me, makes sure I’m doing good in school, but my dad is my world. I was born loving him more than anyone or anything else. I learned how to manipulate him so I could feel more loved by him. I like my sister besides the fact that she is ALWAYS stealing my stuff, but what pissed me off the most was when she took my 14k ring that my Daddy bought me for my 16th birthday that had my name inscribed on it and then on the inside said “Love Daddy 6.13.09 XoXo”. She borrowed it and went to a party I was invited to that I hadn’t planned on attending, lost it and came home drunk. I bitched at her for 3 weeks straight while Mom and Dad grounded her and banned everything she loved. I put up flyers everywhere, hoping someone would return Escort içerenköy it. My Dad knew I was upset about losing my special ring and said he’d get me another if I couldn’t find it within a few weeks. I prayed and prayed to find it because it had such a special meaning to me; I hadn’t heard any word on it for almost a month and a half and was starting to give up. Finally, a friend of my friends found it and called me up. It was a little scratched, but still perfect. I hugged her so tight she thought I’d suffocate her. I’ve been wearing it on my ring finger ever since, I won’t let it out of my sight. My Dad said I shouldn’t wear it on my left ring finger, I told him I was using as a promise ring, and that I won’t have sex before marriage. My Daddy loved that and gave me a huge hug, one that took my breath away and made me cling onto him. My life and family were almost perfect, that was until my mom got sick. She started to sow signs when I was 17. She said it was nothing and went to the Dr. for meds. On my 18th birthday I insisted that I take her to the Dr. again, she was too weak to fight me on it. The Dr. explained to me that she had cancer; it had started in her stomach and was spreading through her body. There was nothing they could do. I remembered calling my father right there after he told me, the Dr. hadn’t even left yet as I walked out the room so my mom wouldn’t have to see me cry. The phone rang twice when he finally picked it up. “Hey baby girl, what’s going on?” “Mom has cancer!! Did you know about this?! She hasn’t told I or Natasha and Tuzla escort I just took her to the Dr. and he told me.” The phone was silent for a moment, tears ran down my face and I knew he could hear me crying through the speaker. “Can… you say that again sweet heart?” He was in shock; she had kept him in the dark too. “Mom has cancer! It started in her stomach and is spreading through her body and they said they can’t do anything her!! Daddy please come get me, I think I’m going to pass out…” My head was spinning and I felt like I was going to faint, I couldn’t handle the news of my mother’s fate. Even if she was lazy as hell I loved her. She was my mom, she gave birth to me! “Okay Eden, calm down, breathe, I’m going to be there in 10 minutes, can you wait that long?” My dad works as a Spanish/English teacher at a school that wasn’t far from the hospital. I knew he meant it when he said 10 minutes. “Yes… I think. Just hurry, I don’t feel good…” “Sit down and try to relax. You’ll be fine. What floor are you on?” “5th floor, right after you get off the elevator make a right around the corner and it’s the first room around the left corner…” He hung up the phone and I knew he would be there, but the news was so much and she hid it from us. That was something I didn’t understand, why would she do that? My brain felt like it was pressing up against my skull, my head hurt and I couldn’t make it to a chair. I collapsed onto my knees there in the hall. My breathing was hard and my chest started to hurt. A nurse ran over to me the moment she noticed I looked sick. “Are you okay Hun?” She grabbed my wrist to check my pulse; she made me look at her and her expression told me I wasn’t. “No… call my Dad please.” I slid my phone to her and suddenly felt my heart jerk. Everything else was a blur after that. I woke up in a hospital bed; my father was sitting there with me, cradling me in his embrace.

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