Dreams Do Come True


I have written this story for a friend who says she just loves stories of a loving father and what he gives his little girl. Bunny, this one’s for you. I had graduated from high school earlier than most and begun college at the youthful age of 15. Was I smarter then the rest? No, not by a long shot, I just happened to be able to score well on the tests and caught a break. I had been anxious to leave the home my parents had provided me along with the abusive treatment I had received every day of my life it seemed, but that is a far different story than I will tell today. By the time my 18 th birthday neared I had found the most beautiful woman in the world. Her ancestry of Scottish, Spanish and French might have brought to her the never ending desire to take my somewhat worthy length in so many varied positions that it was forever new and exciting. We wed on my birthday in 1993, I was only eighteen, and as can so easily happen she got pregnant soon thereafter. Was I upset? Not by a long shot, I had just landed my dream job with the Frank Lloyd Wright Corporation as a Junior Architect and had the world by the balls. We had moved into a smallish two bedroom loft apartment and enjoyed the fruits of the noteworthy income my new job yielded us. Days strung together, more often than not our lovemaking taking priority over most everything else. Could life get any better? No way. Mariana, my wife and lover, continued to grow, she complained of gaining too much weight but the doctors seemed satisfied and gave good reports with each visit. We chose not to know the gender of our child, the mystery lending to our joy as we picked out names for both a boy and girl child. My excitement grew even more quickly than did her belly, but as she entered her eighth month our love making, as can be expected changed. Don’t take me wrong, she still wanted to know the joy of orgasm, and to that end I got very adept at oral delights that rarely failed to give her the pleasures she sought. In return she would suck what she could of my lengthy ten inch cock until she brought my seed forth and drank it with reverie. Was this the best that life could offer? It just might be more than any man could hope for, the perfect wife, the perfect job, and the thought of little feet pattering in our future. I couldn’t have asked for more and neither could Mariana. I guess I should introduce myself, almost forgot. I am Gerald Tennyson, Licensed Architect and father, now, to the most wonderful daughter any man could hope for. As I look back to that day, one that should have been the most perfect any could dream of I find the tears welling in my eyes even after so many years. It was May and Mariana went into labor in the wee hours of the morning. I called and arranged for the room at the hospital and had the doctor notified. We arrived less than 30 minutes later to await the delivery of our new baby. She was in pain as is expected with the advancing contractions and I was allowed to go into the delivery room to witness the birth of our child. I held her hand as that perfect moment loomed closer and closer still. Craning my neck I watched as the head crowned, the doctor guiding the infant from the depths of my wife’s womanhood. Some men don’t seem to handle seeing the birthing process, but to me it was a joy almost unmatched by any other sight. I watched in awe as the child, my child came into our world. Küçükyalı escort The doctor’s expression was unreadable as he looked up into my eyes and said, “You have a little girl,” and quickly handed her off the the attending nurse to be cleaned up. I watched as Bonnie Elizabeth was placed on what looked like a meat scale and then into a rectangular acrylic pan of some sort. My eyes welled with tears of joy until I heard the doctor’s voice. “Gerald, you need to leave, NOW!” in a commanding tone I hardly expected. Suddenly I frantically looked down towards my wife’s groin, there was blood everywhere, though with my youth and inexperience it could have seemed normal. It wasn’t. A nurse quickly ushered me out the door and led me across the waiting area, still in the hospital gown and mask I had been required to wear during the delivery. She spoke with polite confidence as she told me to wait, that they would do everything possible. “What?” was the only word I got out before she disappeared into the delivery room again. I sat, dumbfounded and didn’t have a clue as to what was going on. Minutes rolled past as my mind was lost in the swirling imagination . . . only the worst thoughts entered and I found myself numb. Ten minutes and then 15 passed before I watched the door open from the delivery room. The doctor had removed his gloves and was pulling his mask down as he entered the small waiting room, his gown covered in blood. I knew the news was grim even before he spoke. “Mr. Tennyson, we did everything we could. I’m sorry.” His words crushed me instantly. I looked to his eyes, he was obviously saddened with what he had to tell a man so young and yet a father, and once husband. “What happened?” I asked with tears rolling down my cheeks, “is Mariana alright?” He sat down in the chair beside mine and put his hand on my shoulder, his eyes so gentle, it seemed as if his heart was breaking as much as my own. I knew what he was going to say already. “Mariana had a condition we hadn’t expected, it’s called Placenta Previa. I won’t go into the details of the condition, but even with the immediacy of surgery we couldn’t stop the bleeding.” He paused as he watched my eyes fill with even more tears. “She’s gone Gerald.” I looked up at him as anger welled in me almost uncontrollably. He smiled which was certainly not what I expected and quietly spoke four words that would forever change my life, “You have a daughter.” My mind was a blur, I had a little baby to watch over and no wife to help me. I was only 18 years old and had no clue what that would mean. With the tears still running down my face my faltering voice asked, “Is she alright?” He smiled again and with a sympathy I could see and hear he said, “She’s perfect. I’ll let you go and say your good byes to Mariana as soon as the room is cleaned up a bit, but then you’ll want to go and hold you new little girl. She’ll need to bond with you and you have to be strong for her.” I sat, still in shock, and yet his words sank in and I thought of little Bonnie Elizabeth Tennyson. My little girl. After they allowed me to enter the delivery room I said my farewells to the shell that had once been my bride, wife, lover. The woman who would forever be the mother of our little girl. After the tears had been shed and wiped away for the moment I went to the nursery and donned yet another hospital Kartal escort bayan gown and sat down as a nurse handed me my dream come true. “Hi Lizzy,” I whispered and knew somehow that the name we had decided on was perfect, just not that nick name. “Bunny,” I whispered again, “I’m your daddy. I’ll take care of you forever even though you will never get to know your mommy.” I cried and struggled to keep myself leveled out enough to hold her, she was less than two hours old and had already suffered a loss no child should ever know, as had I. That was how the most loving family ever began, in tragedy and sorrow and yet joy beyond belief. I managed to find a nanny to care after my little Bunny as I took to calling her and returned to work to earn a living and support just the two of us. I had no real need of women in my life and steered away from dating and such as the weeks turned to months and then months to years. As she got school age I sent her to public school knowing the value of the social interactions there better than most. She was, I boast, smart as hell and did well. Her eleventh birthday came and I got her her first real bicycle as well as her first bra with a real cup. Though she had enjoyed riding the tike type of bikes since barely after she learned to walk, we had come to enjoy riding together. We would take off for a day and ride miles and miles together, we were so much more than father and daughter, we were friends. Time went by and our shared times changed, but whether we peddled along the trails of Golden Gate Park or sat and watched a movie or shared a meal at a nice restaurant the result was always the same. We loved being together. May was rolling around again, her birthday loomed close. I had found the perfect gift and presented it to her at a special dinner for just the two of us at home. A ring that carried her birthstone in a simple band between those of my own stone and her mother’s. I asked her if there was anything she wanted for her sweet sixteen gift beyond the one I considered only a down payment and got a reply I had not really considered. “Daddy, I want us to go on the Tour of the Rockies.” I looked at her with eyes that must have seemed crazed. That was the name of a bicycle ride that took eight days and covered over five hundred miles of hilly terrain in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. “Well,” she huffed playfully, “you asked,” and cuddled up next to me as we often had over the years and whispered, “Please?” I thought about it and smiled as I asked, “You really think the old man can ride 500 miles and keep up with you?” She giggled and nodded as she cuddled even closer with a smile painting her sweet youthful face. I’m not one to brag, well, in truth I am, but my little girl was more than just my angel, she was an angel to all who saw her. She had grown into a young lady without me realizing it. Standing 5’4” and having the same dark lush hair falling to the middle of her back she is stunning to say the least. Her eyes forever vibrant and glimmering with the joy of life; a deep caramel color that shown from the natural Latin almond skin that had never known a blemish. Her body would turn most any boy’s head with the trim athletic muscles of youth hardened by the miles we had ridden and diet I had insisted on since she was born. Even her chest had developed to draw a man’s attention, Escort Suadiye yes even mine though I would have denied it if any ever asked. She could easily boast over the firm C+ cup breasts of youth, but with her modest manner would never dream of it. Her hips were and still are strong and firm, her ass well curved and taught. Had I not been her father I would have long since wooed and bedded her myself, but that would have been just plain wrong. Yes, we had played together, it’s only natural, and now as she turned 16 it seemed fitting. As so many times before I tickled her and made her body writhe with my torments, she laughed and tried to do the same with me. More often than not after those earlier sessions we’d collapse as if spent and lay side by side gasping as if we’d shared, well, more intimate exercise. This time would prove different. I finally gave her an answer to her pleading question. “Yeah, I think we can do that. I’ll arrange for the vacation time and we’ll just have some fun working our asses off up and down those hills,” jokingly put for a man now 34 years old. “We’ll have to start now to be in shape you know. The ride is in three weeks.” Her expression was choice as we moved to the couch to rest up from our playtime of tickle. I am not sure I had ever seen her so happy. Her arms wrung around my neck and she kissed me. Not a little peck on the cheek, but a real kiss. I was kind of in shock as her lips pressed to my own with such heat, but the feel of her against me soon caused me to feel other things. I couldn’t help myself as my mouth returned the kiss more deeply. I heard her soft moan and felt her body form itself against me, she was moving in ways against me a daughter shouldn’t even think about. She swung her leg over my lap to have better advantage by straddling my lap facing me and deepened the kiss even more before I realized what she was doing. Her groin was grinding over my growing hard on and I freaked. “Bunny!” I exclaimed, “Stop!” and pushed her shoulders away. Her mouth parted as if to say something and I spoke before she could. “This,” I stammered, “this is just wrong. I’m not supposed to feel what I am right now and neither are you,” I said with the deep throaty voice of arousal as I attempted to squelch any further actions that would be both morally and legally wrong. “Daddy,” she whimpered, “I’m sorry. I just love you so much.” She didn’t make a move to leave my lap, but stopped grinding against my now rock hard cock beneath the cotton shorts and light briefs I was wearing. She knew damned well how big my dick was, she’d seen me beating off only a few weeks before when she came into the bathroom without knocking. Now she could even feel how thick and long it was. She looked into my eyes and grinned with a very naughty expression as she continued. “Daddy, momma died a long time ago and you’ve never even been on a date since I was born. You need somebody to take care of that beautiful penis of yours. I know that we can’t tell anybody, and I know that it is supposed to be wrong of a girl to want her daddy the way I want you, but I’ve waited a long time to tell you this; until I turned 16. I am now and want you to be my first and only man . . . ever.” I know my jaw dropped open as she spoke. I couldn’t believe she was saying these things, but could feel the warmth of her pussy as it nestled over the rigid pole of arousal laying up along my lower abdomen and rising almost to my ribcage. I cupped her jaw in my hands and whispered as I pulled her closer, “Bunny, this is so wrong,” and groaned as I pulled her mouth against mine. As our kiss deepened her hips again flexed and ground her pussy over the thick pole of my manhood.

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