Exposing Cindy – chapter 1 – Blindfolded and Bound


Saturday, August 15, 2015 The boys returned to college earlier this week, leaving Jim and me as ’empty nesters’ once again. Don’t get me wrong, I love having the boys home, but their presence does limit some of Jim’s and my less conventional activities. In fact, I was forced to be a very good girl since the boys arrived home in mid-May. I was more than ready to misbehave. It was Saturday afternoon, and Jim invited me back to our bedroom. He kissed me and undressed me, leaving me wearing only my sheer, white bra and panties. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, which hung over my dresser. Objectively speaking, I was still a very attractive woman. I had recently celebrated my forty-forth birthday. The woman whose reflection looked back at me from the mirror looked much younger than her chronological age. Her blonde hair framed her pretty face and highlighted her large green eyes. She had full lips with a pretty and engaging smile. She resembled a youthful Reese Witherspoon. Jim often told me that I had the perfect balance between looking sweet and innocent, and having that sassy look in my eye that revealed a sexually adventurous spirit of a woman who was not threatened by her own desires. As I stared at my reflection, I understood what he meant. My nipples were erect, poking through the thin material of my sheer bra. You could see the darkness of my areolas clearly. My vulva had a little bit of a ‘camel-toe thing’ going on, making my vagina very noticeable under the sheer material of my panties as well. I liked the way the woman in the reflection looked. Yes, she was beautiful, and she was me. I found it peculiar that I actually looked more exposed wearing this sheer underwear set than I would if I were naked. I glanced at the bed and saw that Jim had taken an old towel and ripped off two long pieces and tied them to the two posts at the head of the bed. Instinctively, I knew what this meant; Jim planned to restrain me. Jim had tied me up previously, but he had only done so a few times; it was not part of our normal repertoire of activities. It had been years since he had restrained me. I wondered what had gotten into him that he wanted to tie me up this afternoon. There was something wickedly exciting about being restrained and helpless. I felt my clitoris throb and stiffen. I felt my vagina begin to lubricate at the sight of the torn pieces of the terrycloth towel. “Jim, what are you planning to do to me?” I asked with an excited tremor in my voice. “Cindy, you just relax and comply. I think you will enjoy your afternoon,” Jim responded with a sly grin. “Now lie down on the bed. I think it is time you were taught what we do to bad little girls in this house.” I recognized Jim’s question as one that was introducing a ‘role playing’ game. I was willing to engage in any type of ‘role playing’ scenario he might introduce. Role playing always added a bit of spice to our sex life, and it was perfectly harmless.  “And just what have I done to make me such a bad girl?” I asked as I continued to cooperate with Jim’s fantasy roleplaying. “You have been thinking about being shared with other men all summer long, haven’t you? You have been fantasizing about having other men, young men, fuck you and make you cum while I watched, haven’t you?” Jim’s words sent a quiver through my loins. His words forced an image of me being fucked by one or two college boys while Jim sat and watched. It had been nearly a year since Jim had actually ‘loaned me’ to anyone else, but the memory of our last swinging encounter was still fresh. Right after Christmas, 2014, when the boys returned to college, Jim brought two young men we met at a local college bar back to our motel room and invited them to fuck me repeatedly. Jim made them each wear a condom, which protected me from STDs. But having these two young men use prophylactics meant my vagina was raw for more than a week after the evening of debauchery. The soreness in my pussy was a constant reminder of what a naughty little slut I was to allow these young boys to fuck me raw. It was a good night. I liked being Jim’s slut. I nodded and moaned, “Uh huh, I sorry. I can’t help it. I get these Karaköy escort bayan naughty thoughts. Does that make me a bad girl?” I was getting more aroused by the second. Talking about being fucked by young strangers had my vagina on high alert. Jim knew precisely what to say to stimulate me. “Yes, you are a very naughty little girl.” “What are you going to do to this bad girl?” “Oh, you need to be punished and taught a lesson. Now lie down on the bed,” Jim instructed as he pointed to the bed. “Should I take off my bra and panties?” “No leave them on for now. Now lie down.” “On my back, or face down?” I asked coyly. “On your back,” Jim instructed.  I nodded and laid down on the bed. Jim sat next to me and took my left hand and tied the long terrycloth strip tightly around my wrist. Jim pulled at the binding to ensure that I could not pull free. Jim stood, walked to the other side of the bed and repeated the exercise, tying my right wrist tightly. With my arms stretched wide apart, I pulled at my restraints as tightly as I could, testing them. I could not pull free. I was at his mercy. Jim leaned forward and kissed me deeply. I opened my mouth to accept his probing tongue. After a minute or two, Jim broke off the kiss, and as he gently tweaked my nipple through the thin, diaphanous material of my bra, he whispered in my ear, “You are in for a real treat this afternoon, Miss Cindy.” I just moaned, “Oh god, Jim, you are making me so wet.” Jim traced his fingers over my vulva and found the damp gusset of my panties. “Oh my, you are wet down there. See, that’s why you have to be punished like this. Your pussy is absolutely gushing because you are imagining other men fucking you.” “I’m sorry. I can’t help it. I try to be good. I try to not think about naughty things, but my mind just goes there. And it makes ‘Cindy-Ann’ wet.” ‘Cindy-Ann’ was Jim’s pet name for my vagina. Jim kept sliding his fingers along my slit, pressing the moist cotton fabric between the lips of my swollen vulva. Each time his fingers traced across my erect clitoris, I moaned. “Oh god, you are going to make me cum…I am so fucking hot…damn you are teasing this bad little girl,” I hissed, as I arched my hips and humped against his fingers. Jim slowly pulled his hand away. In frustration, I begged, “Oh baby, I’m getting close…please don’t stop…fuck…let me cum.” I arched my hips, humping against the air, wanting his touch. With my arms restrained, my movements were limited. But I was so close to cumming when he stopped.Jim opened the top drawer on his nightstand and took out a plastic bag. From it he removed a mask of sorts, a blindfold, and started to place it over my eyes. “What this for?” I asked with a noticeable panic in my voice. Jim had tied me up a few times during over the years, but we had never used a blindfold before. I was a little concerned with its introduction into our sexual activities this afternoon. “It’s for you, baby.” “I know that…why do we need it?” I asked nervously. “I think we should try something new. I want you to feel helpless and vulnerable. I want you to guess what’s going to happen next.” Jim affixed the elastic band around the back of my head, I could see nothing. I was in total darkness. I tilted my head to various angles trying to get a glimpse of light. But I could not see anything. “Jim, I already feel quite vulnerable, tied up without the blindfold. Quite vulnerable.” Jim ignored my pleas. I had to admit being blinded this way was a unique and strange sensation. My senses were now limited to hearing, touch, smell and taste. I felt Jim’s fingers gently trace around my left nipple, which was already erect. He tugged at it, evoking a soft moan. Jim reached between my perky size 34B breasts and opened the clasp of my bra. He then pulled the cups open, exposing my breasts. My bra fell open, lying limply across my shoulders. Jim leaned forward and took my left nipple in his mouth, sucking on it and twirling his tongue around it. He slid his hand down across my tight abdomen. As he suckled my breast, his fingers moved toward my panty covered vagina in a painstakingly Escort Kayaşehir slow manner. He was teasing me. I squirmed and humped as I whimpered, “Oh fuck, please…you have me so turned on. Please touch me. Jim, you have to make me cum…I need to cum.” Jim slid his fingers up and down my wet slit on the outside of my panties, forming a slight crease that was wedged between my swollen lips. I started to rock my hips and get a rhythm going, stimulating my engorged clitoris against his fingers and he pulled his hand away, just out of reach. With my wrists tied, I could not even touch myself. “Oh please, honey…I need to cum. I am so close. Please touch me…let me cum. I’ll do anything,” I begged shamelessly, almost crying in frustration. “Whose little slut are you?” Jim asked, teasingly. “Oh god, I am yours, all yours baby. I’ll do anything you ask. Just let me cum, please.” “Will you fuck other men while I watch?” “Oh god, you know I will,” I panted back. “And let them cum inside you?” “God yes. Please touch me now.” Jim returned his fingers to my swollen vulva and commanded, “Tell me you are my little slut.” “I’m your slut. I’m your little slut. I’ll do anything you say. I’ll be so bad for you. Please make me cum.” Then the doorbell rang. Jim pulled his hand away and started to get up. “Oh god, no. Jim, please finish me off. Ignore them. They’ll go away. Please.” I was literally crying. I have never felt the need for a release as much as I did at that moment. I needed to cum. I was so close. Jim ignored my pleas. I could hear him walking to the front door. “Get rid of them quickly,” I instructed.  I lay there panting and squeezing my thighs together to apply pressure to my erect clitoris. If I could just touch myself, I could climax in ten seconds. Jim was gone for an extended period of time, maybe four or five minutes; certainly longer than it would take to answer the door and tell whoever it was that we were busy or not interested. I heard him return as the bedroom door squeaked. “What took you so long?” I asked impatiently. “And who was it?’ Jim sat on the bed my left side and caressed my breast, and said, “Just a friend.” “Yeah, which friend and what did he want?” But before I could get an answer from Jim, I heard movement at the foot of the bed. I tensed up, startled. “Jim! Shit! Who’s here?” I demanded with a certain panic in my voice, “Jim, let me see who’s here.” “Cindy, now, now. You’re not being very hospitable,” Jim said coyly. “Jim, who is here with us?” “Cindy, remember, you just promised to do anything I wanted, remember?” “Jim, let me see who it is.” “Cindy, do you trust me?” I remained silent for several seconds, before nodding and saying, “Uh huh, I guess so.” “Good. Now tell us whose little slut you are.” I felt my heart pounding in my chest. I was scared and excited. I stammered, “Yours.” “Go ahead and say all of it, what you said before.” Lying here, my bra open, my breasts exposed, tied and blindfolded, felt so scary, not knowing who was looking at me. Saying these things without knowing who was hearing them had me literally quivering with fear and excitement. “Go ahead,” Jim insisted. I knew that Jim would protect me, nonetheless, it felt so dangerous and wicked as I uttered softly and meekly, “I’m your little slut. I’ll do anything you want.” “With anybody I want you to?” I nodded my head ever so slightly. “Say it.” “With whoever you want me to. I’m yours. You can loan me to whoever you want,” I said with my voice quaking from excitement. “You won’t let him hurt me, will you?” “Of course not, baby. But I will let him make you cum as many times as he wants.” “Please tell me who it is?” “No baby, this will remain a mystery.” I felt the bed move as Jim leaned over towards the nightstand. I heard the vibrator buzz loudly as it came to life. I heard Jim say to our visitor, “Here, hold this on her clit, on the outside of her panties to get her warmed up. But don’t pull it away unless I tell you to.” I could here the buzzing move across the room to the other side of the bed. But my secret visitor did not utter a sound. I wondered if he was someone I knew. Küçükçekmece escort Maybe if he spoke, I would recognize his voice? I felt him sit down on my right side; the buzzing sounded deafeningly loud. The buzzing noise coupled with Jim’s instructions to the visitor had me leaking out of my vagina in anticipation before the tip of the large dildo even touched my clit. Jim was teasing my nipple, and the stranger’s fingers slipped between my thighs and forced my legs open slightly. His other hand held the buzzing vibrator. I knew he was moving the vibrator towards my crotch because I could hear the sound moving. He touched the tip against my vulva, but initially, he was ‘off the mark’, slightly to the left of my clitoris. He moved the shaft between my thigh, searching for the little nubbins. He moved the vibrating dildo around and finally he contacted my clitoris. I stiffened and moaned, clearly indicating he had found his spot. He held it in place. “Oh, god, that’s intense,” I moaned, arching my hips against the buzzing tool. Soon I was rocking my hips, humping my clitoris against the vibrator. I could feel my juices flowing out of me. My panties were now soaked. After about four or five minutes of serious humping, I felt my orgasm building inside me. I grabbed each of the restraints with were tightly restraining my wrists to the headboard and pulled them taut. I felt every muscle in my body tighten as my climax neared. It was going to be a big and intense one; I knew it. “Oh shit, I’m getting close,” I hissed. “Oh fuck, baby, he’s going to make me cum. He’s going to make your wife cum.” “Beg him, baby.. Beg him to make you cum. Beg him, or I’ll make him stop.” The humiliation was not lost on me. For some strange, unexplainable reason, the humiliation added to my excitement. My husband wanted me to beg for my orgasm. He wanted me to beg someone whose face I had not even seen, whose voice I had not heard and who I have never kissed, to allow me to cum. Yes, the humiliation of begging aroused me. “Oh, please let me cum. Please…don’t stop…please. I need this,” I begged shamelessly.”If he lets you cum, will you let him fuck you?” Jim inquired rhetorically. He already knew the answer. He just wanted me to verbalize it. I nodded and moaned, “Uh huh,” as I continued to hump shamelessly. I wanted to cum. I needed this climax. “Well, tell him. Tell him what you’ll do,” Jim instructed, insisting that I continue to speak; that I continue to humiliate myself by begging. “Please, make me cum. I’ll let you fuck me. I’ll let you do anything you want to me. I’ll suck your cock while my husband watches. Oh shit…I’m cumming…Oh fuck…”I felt the first of a series of spasms quake across my loins and through my inner core, waves of pleasure crashed through me. My entire body convulsed as I moaned loudly and incoherently. I left no doubt that I was climaxing. I arched my hips, pressing my clitoris against the vibrator as I shuttered and quivered.When the quakes began to subside, I cried out, “Okay, enough…I’m done…it’s too intense…”The stranger started to pull the vibrator away, but Jim instructed, “Don’t let her stop…keep her going…she’s multi-orgasmic. She’s got more in her.” So the vibrating dildo was immediately returned to my vulva. “Oh fuck…too much….oh fuck,” I screamed as spasms rocked through me from the intense stimulation on my clitoris. And I went off again, as violently as the first time. The convulsions rocking through me made my abdomen ache. I could not stop cumming.  “Oh please, let me stop…fuck. It’s too much. Please…I’ll let you do anything. Please let me come down. I can’t take this…too intense…please,” I pleaded as I quivered and quaked from the endless orgasm. I felt like I would pass out. The visitor removed the vibrator, leaving me panting with my exposed breast heaving as I struggled to catch my breath. I was clenching at the restraints, my entire body tense. The gusset of my panties felt very, very damp, almost wet. I knew that Jim had silently given my ‘friend’ permission to remove the vibrator. I knew Jim was calling the shots here. “Cindy, did you enjoy that?” Jim asked rhetorically. “Oh god, he made me cum so hard. I thought I was going to pass out. Who is he? Let me see who did that to me,” I panted, still out of breath. “No baby, he has more to do, and it’s better if you do not know who is doing it. What do you want him to do next?” Jim asked. Nervously I answered, “I don’t know.

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