Family Fun…Part 1


I had been dating Tina for almost two years, and I had a great relationship with her family as well. She was 22 and living at home while going to college. She was 5′ 8″ and about 120lbs with shoulder length brown hair and eyes and she looked marvelous in just about anything she wore. Her 34C chest just stood out proud without a bra and a perfectly proportioned ass. I was almost 25, 5′ 10″ and 160lbs and I have what I think is an average 7 inch cock. Neither of us was into living at the gym, but we kept ourselves pretty fit running and biking. Our sex life was straight forward and fantastic, and we enjoyed pointing out other men and women to each other during our dates or shopping at the malls. We had both admitted having been in three-somes or more, though we had never done so yet together, and we had said how excited we would be watching the other having sex with someone else. We had gotten into the habit my coming over for dinners a couple times a week at her parents’ house, along with her younger brother and sister, and I was encouraged to drop by anytime unannounced even if I knew Tina wasn’t home. I was told to just knock and pop open the door to let everyone know I was there. We usually ended up watching TV or a movie after dinner, or Tina and I would go out. On this particular Saturday evening I arrived and Tina’s car was in the drive. She met me at the door with a kiss and told me she really hoped it was going to be a great evening. We walked through to the kitchen and I exchanged hellos with her mom, Ann. She was also a great looking woman similar to Tina but with obviously larger breasts and wider hips, her longer hair in a pony tail and wearing a sundress this time as she was finishing up dinner. I always checked out Tina’s mom whenever I could. I saw through the dining room windows that her husband Dan was cleaning up the patio around the pool. He was a big guy about 6 foot and fit, just less than 200lbs. Ann let us know that dinner was ready and shouted down the hallway for her son and other daughter, Jeff and Beth, to come to dinner and Tina and I started delivering food to the table. This is what I liked a lot about being there; it was nice and homey. Jeff and Beth showed up and we all Fikirtepe escort helped finish bringing dinner to the table and Dan came in when Ann called him. As always dinner was great, along with conversation and stories of everyone’s day. Jeff was almost 21 and a nice looking kid, built like me, and 18 year old Beth was a shorter version of her mom and sister, about 5′ 5″ and 100lbs and filling out nicely with C cups like her sister. They were both good looking and active in school, sports and work. Dinner wound down and Tina and I took on kitchen duties while mom and dad went out to the patio and the sister and brother returned to their rooms. As we finished, Tina let me know we needed to talk about something. Since we had never had troubles in our relationship, neither fights nor arguments, I didn’t expect anything bad like a break up to come. When we finished with the dishes, Tina took my hand and led me to the living room where we sat down on the love seat, our usual place for watching movies. “My family loves you and wants us to be together”. That made me feel pretty good and I was feeling better about what I thought was to come. “We all want you to be part of the family. I have to admit that I’ve talked about our sex life together”. Wow! was all I could think! Talk about surprise! Now I was sitting in the hot seat knowing her parents knew anything about us having sex, even though she was obviously well past old enough! “It’s okay, really!” she got out, “mom and dad are fine with it”. Tina had hold of my hand on her lap and squeezed it, probably feeling the sweat pouring out! “They’re happy that we have each other. We all love having you over and being a part of our family. What you and I have is all I can want and I’m happy being with you”! she said. “Wanting you to be more of the family is what I want to talk to you about”. “Tony, I’ve seen you look at my mom and sister and I know you like what you see. I know your tastes in women and dad has seen you looking at mom also. I don’t have a problem with that and neither does he. I know you have an open attitude about sex. What I want you to tell you is that we are an incest family”. Oh My God was all I could Sancaktepe escort bayan think. What the hell was going on?! I suddenly found myself thinking of her dad screwing her, his daughter, like I did…but my dick began to get hard. All the positions Tina and I used, but all I could imagine was her dad pounding her from behind. What the hell was wrong with me that I was getting a hard on thinking about this?! I know that I my face had to show surprise! Tina lunged over and kissed me hard, the kind of kiss that says “I want you right now!” “Are you okay?” after she parted our lips. I said yes and that I’d have to recover from this bit of news. We heard a tapping at the back door and the sound of it open and close and she backed off. “I don’t think you’re going to get much time for that” she said. The sound of footsteps didn’t even outpace my heart hammering in my chest as I knew that Dan and Ann were coming into the house! They walked in holding hands, Ann leading Dan. “So you’ve told him?” Ann asked as they walked to the couch across from us and sat down. “Yes” Tina said. “You have lousy timing.” Tina turned beside me to face her parents, still holding my hand. “He hasn’t had time yet”. They all knew my sense of humor, my quick words of wit. I was just sitting there looking at them. Ann got off the couch and walked over to us, sitting on the arm of the love seat next to me. “Then lets convince him to stay” she said. She leaned down and gave me such a passionate kiss that I couldn’t even think to compare it to Tina’s! Her lips were hot and her hand found my cheek and turned me to take her kiss. Tina still held my hand even then. I didn’t do anything but kiss her mother. Then Ann sat in my lap sideways as she realized I wasn’t going to resist her. I felt my dick growing even more hard as my other hand was moving around to hold my girlfriend’s mother! Ann kissed me deeply and her tongue played along my lips, separating them with her tongue, and I returned the French kiss. I felt Tina let go of my hand and it moved to hold Ann’s body and Tina left the love seat. My mind was only on this new pair of lips and tongue exploring my mouth! I have no idea how long Escort üsküdar this kiss lasted, but Ann finally disengaged the kiss and shifted around beside me to where Tina had been sitting. Ann renewed kissing me and her arms wrapped around me and mine followed suit. Our hands moved along each other’s bodies and I realized I was afraid to touch her breasts. My lips moved down, kissing her neck and kept moving downward until I reached her cleavage. I finally lifted one hand and moved the edge of her dress down away from her breast, cupped it and pushed it up to kiss and licked her nipple. She let out a quiet sigh of enjoyment. That I was doing this to my girlfriend’s mother, and with my girlfriend’s permission, stopped being any consideration at all! I have no idea how long Ann and I made out on the love seat. I heard her moan with pleasure as I fondled her breasts and kissed and licked them and felt her hands caress my body, neck and head as I did so. At one point she took control and lifted one of her nipples to my mouth to suck. I felt her hand moving along my crotch, feeling my hard penis, and then working to release my pants button and zipper. She started nibbling my neck and chest, while her hand massaged my dick and balls through my underwear. Ann suddenly couldn’t resist and while her hand dipped to release my dick from my clothing she slid down between my legs and just took my rock hard prick into her mouth! It felt fantastic having a blow job from another woman that I didn’t think about who was giving it to me! Ann plunged up and down on my rod, masturbating it along with her lips and tongue. She was purring and humming as she worked on me and I always moan to a great blowjob. As Ann moved to suck on me, I suddenly clicked back to reality about what was going on and I looked to see Tina on the couch making out with her father! As they were kissing he had one hand fondling a breast while Tina was handling his nice 8 inch cock for him. My God it was so erotic! This would be just another foursome to me if it weren’t for the fact these were Tina’s parents. Somehow Ann must have realized what I was looking at and she demanded my attention by plunging down to deep throat my cock and held it there, clenching and releasing her mouth around my shaft. It felt fantastic and I let out a louder moan, but still looked at Tina and Dan. Both of them stopped kissing to look over and smiled when they saw I was watching them. Tina knows that I had enjoyed watching other couples before and I was sure she had told them also.

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