Finding Her Master Pt.10


Finding Her Master Chapter 14 By: Ropetease ©2012 all rights reserved The day started with Joe at his desk going over the repair orders that were stacked in front of him from yesterday’s work. Glancing up to the calender, Joe saw that it had been a year since Robin came into his life and changed it forever. Joe remembered the day when her car was towed in and how her hand felt in his hand. In the span of a year, Joe’s business increased from the members of the club all bringing in their cars. The law firm Robin worked at gained a lot of new clients and from that, Robin was busier than before. All the senior partners had noticed the new clients that Robin brought in. What Joe liked about the club was the privacy it offered to the members.You had to be a member to enter or if you were a guest arrangements had to made in advance for entry. To become a member you had to be sponsored by a member and have a background check done. The privacy of the all the members was a high priority as some were very influential in town. Robin had given herself to him, becoming his slave and lover. Joe thought back on how their relationship had flourished. How she had e mailed him after she found the ad he had placed. Ever since that first date, Joe knew she was going to be his forever. Joe planned on giving her a formal collar this Friday. Having some plans to make, Joe remembered a conversation he had with Dan. He had mentioned one time of a friend of his named Mike who had a jewelry store close to the shop. Joe decided to see if he could make a necklace for him by Friday. “Dave, I some errands to run today. Think you can handle the shop?” Joe asked. “Sure, Joe, no problem. When are you going to ask that beautiful woman of yours to marry you, boss? If you don’t soon, I may have to ask her for a date,” Dave jokingly asked. “Very funny, Dave,” Joe laughed back. Walking out to his bike he heard Dave’s comment in his head. Joe straddled his bike putting on his helmet. Joe sat on the bike and pressed the starter, the motor roared to life. He listened to the sound of the deep throat rumble from the pipes as the bike idled and placed it in gear. On the ride to the store, Joe thought to himself why not? He should ask her to marry him. They were living as Master and slave. He knew how deeply she loved him and how he loved her. Dave was right. He should ask her and he came up with a idea on how he was going to do it. He had a stop to make before going to the jewelry store. Riding over to his house, Joe had everything planned when he parked the bike in the driveway. Robin had already left for court so the house was empty as he walked to their bedroom. He could smell the light scent of her perfume in the bedroom as he opened her jewelry box selecting a ring for the sizing of her engagement ring. Sitting down at the dining room table he sketched out the necklace he wanted made for her collar. Placing the sketch in his pocket, Joe locked the front door as he walked back to the bike. As he left the house he smiled wide. Fifteen minutes later Joe shut off the bike in front of the jewelery store pulling out the sketch from his pocket. Walking up to the door of the store he saw the sign saying ring bell for entry. Pressing the button he heard the chime from within and the sound of a electric lock clicking open. Pushing on the door as walked in, he saw a tall thin man behind the counter cleaning the glass counter top. Joe instantly recognised him from the club, Mike was a sub of a Domme. Joe heard a voice from behind a curtain call out, “Who is it, Mike?” “It’s Joe from the club, Mary,” Mike answered her. Soon a stunning tall red head emerged from behind the curtain, “Joe, what a surprise to see you. How can we help you today?” she asked. “Two things Mary. I need to see if you can have a necklace made for me. Dan mentioned that Mike does excellent work. I also need an engagement ring,” Joe trailed off the last sentence. “Your going to ask that fine slave of yours to marry you, Joe?” Mary gasped. “Yes, I am going to ask Robin for her hand in marriage,” Joe said as a smile crossed his lips. “Rings are over in this display case, Joe. You also need a necklace made up? What did you have in mind?” Mike asked. Since Joe was the only customer in the shop, Mike politely asked, “Mistress, will you show our friend here the rings?” “Do you an idea of what kind of necklace, Sir?” Mike asked. “I have a sketch here to help you,” Joe said just as the door chime buzzed. “Excuse me one second so I can let this customer in, be right back, Sir,” Mike replied. “Welcome Mrs Collier, your ring is fixed, be right with you,” Mike changed right back to store owner demeanor. Mary pulled a tray of rings from the case and set the tray on the counter. “The top two rows are a half carat, the next two rows are a full carat, the last two rows are a carat and up. Take your time to look at them while Mike finishes up with Mrs. Collier,” Mary said as she walked behind the curtain. Joe studied the rings in the tray and knew he would need help in deciding on the perfect ring for Robin. He knew what she liked to wear, but he wanted it to also stand out. He looked at the selection laid out in front of him as Mike helped his customer. Joe heard the front door open and close behind him while he continued to look at the rings. “See any ring you like, Sir?” Mike asked as he walked up. “Yes, I do. This one here,” Joe replied pointing to a ring in the second row, “this one here in the third row also.” Mike reached to the tray and pulled the two rings out of the tray, handing the first one to Joe. Looking at the ring he decided on the second one Mike pulled out. It was stunning, a one carat diamond solitaire in fourteen carat white gold with diamond accents on the sides of the ring. “This is the one, Mike,” he said handing the ring back to Mike. “Excellent choice, Sir. You mentioned you needed a necklace made?” Mike asked as he placed the ring aside. “My original thought today was having a necklace made for her as her collar, the ring was a spur of the moment item. I have a sketch of it,” Joe said as he handed Mike the sketch. Mike studied the sketch for a minute and asked, “Would you prefer gold or white gold for the necklace?” “White Yeşilköy escort bayan gold,” Joe replied. “Let’s go over the display case by the door Sir we have several to chose from,” Mike said. Mike laid out a black cloth on the case asking, “Would you like a rope style or boxed linked style?” Joe was taken back at all the selections Mike had, he never thought getting a necklace would be so difficult. He listened as Mike described the styles of necklaces. “Will this necklace be worn in public settings or at home in private settings?” Mike asked. “I want her to wear it at all times, so public and private,” Joe replied. “If I remember, Robin is an attorney. Am I right, Joe?” Mike asked. “Yes, she is, Mike,” Joe answered. “Okay then we want something stylish, but not something that says the D’s lifestyle. Something that you and her only know then,” Mike said asking, “You mentioned you have a sketch drawn up?” “Yeah, I have a sketch,” Joe said handing the paper to Mike. Mike studied the sketch for a couple of minutes, “I think we have something that will meet your needs, Joe.” “Be right back, I have just the one you need in the back room,” Mike said. When Mike came back a minute later he laid out a 14k white gold 1.5 Dual Glitter rope necklace. “I can have a set of handcuffs in the center of the necklace holding your initials in one cuff and her initials in the other cuff,” Mike described to Joe. “That is perfect, Mike. Can you have it ready for Friday?” Joe asked. “I can have it ready Friday afternoon, Sir,” Mike replied adding, “I can make it lockable if you desire.” “Yes, do that, Mike,” Joe replied back. “Do you have Robin’s ring size?” Mike asked. “Yes, I brought one of her favorite rings with me,” Joe answered. “Great, I can have it sized for you and they both will be ready Friday,” Mike told him. Joe handed the ring to Mike, he picked up a ring envelope, writing Joe’s name on the outside then placed both rings inside the envelope. “Congratulation’s Sir, Robin is a very lucky slave to have you as her Master. Now I have to ask is going to be cash or check? Since you are a member of the club Mary has directed that members get ten percent off if paid by cash,” Mike said. “What will the total be, Mike? I will pay cash.” Joe asked. “Let me ring it up for you. The ring is going to be four hundred fifty dollars less ten percent, the necklace will run you three hundred ninety five dollars less ten percent, grand total of seven hundred sixty dollars and fifty cents plus tax,” Mike said. “That’s fine. I have five hundred with me. Can I bring the balance Friday?” Joe asked. “Sure Joe, that will be fine. See you Friday,” Mike answered. They shook hands and Joe walked outside to his bike. Placing his helmet on Joe fired up the bike. Just as he was ready to ride away he saw the travel agency’s sign and a evil thought crossed his mind and he thought to himself, “Why not?” Joe shut of the bike, took off his helmet and walked over to the agency. The agent behind the desk greeted him as he entered the agency, “How may we help you today?” “I would like two round trip tickets to Virgina please. Leaving this Saturday and coming back the following Saturday,” Joe said to the agent. “Sure let me have some information from you and I’ll be glad to help you,” the agent said. Joe gave the agent all the information he needed and paid for the tickets. “This will take few minutes, our computers are being cranky today,” the agent told Joe. “I can come and pick them up Friday afternoon if that’s not a problem?” Joe asked. “That will be fine, I’ll have them ready for you,” the agent replied. Joe left the agency with a huge smile on his face thinking how Robin would be surprised. Joe climbed on his bike and started the engine riding back to the shop. The parking lot was full of cars either waiting to come in or already repaired waiting for pick up. “About time you got back, ever since you left the cars have been coming in non stop,” Dave greeted him as he walked back in. Dave gave Joe a quick explanation of what cars needed what and he went back to work. Joe sat back at his desk looking at the pile of repair orders stacked on his desk. A few minutes later Dave knocked on his door, “Joe, got a minute?” “Sure what’s up?” He asked. “I got a friend of mine here looking for a job, we could use another mechanic,” Dave said. “Okay bring him in and I will talk to him,” Joe answered back. Dave showed his friend in to Joe’s office and went back to work. Joe took his time interviewing Dave’s friend and after a half hour he left. “Dave, come to the office,” Joe called out on the intercom. “I like your friend, he starts tomorrow morning,” Joe said to Dave adding, “with all this extra business we have been getting if you have another friend looking for job let me know.” Joe was happy, the new guy was more than he could hope for. Joe finished up the mess on his desk and just before lunch he told Dave he had to step out for a bit. When Joe got back to the shop, Dan’s car was in the bay. The mechanic Joe had chosen to work on it came up with list of what was wrong. Just a few minor maintenance items, it would be ready this afternoon. Joe called Dan at his office to tell him it would be ready at four. “Thanks, Joe. I thought it would be worse than that.” Dan said. “Do you need a ride here?” Joe asked. “No, Julia is picking me up at four.” Dan replied. “Hey Dan, what are you and Julia doing Friday night?” Joe asked. “Nothing that I know of,” Dan replied. “Will you and Julia join us for dinner at the Breaker’s on Friday about seven?” Joe asked. “Sure, Julia and I would love that.” Dan said. “I have something to give Robin Friday night, and I would like to have you and Julia there when I surprise her,” Joe said. Joe made reservations at the restaurant for a private table outside on the deck. The staff assured him everything would be ready. On the way to work on Friday, Joe stopped at Robin’s favorite dress shop and Joe found the perfect dress for her. The sales woman remembered Robin and her exact size, which made shopping less embarrassing. Joe told her what he was looking for, she led him over to a rack of dresses, Escort Yeşilyurt pulling a few off the rack to look at. Joe saw a little light pink dress with a low revealing cut in the bust and slits on the side of the dress. It would show off her tanned body. “Would you like to look at some undergarments, Sir?” she asked. “Yes, I will need some stockings and a garter belt to match the dress.” Joe replied. “Anything else, Sir, how about some high heels to match?” she asked Joe. “Yes, thanks that would be a good idea.” Joe replied She went over to the shoe area, coming back with a pair of black open toe shoes with five inch heels. “Can you put these in a box please while I wait?” Joe asked her while she wrote out the slip. “Yes Sir, I can do that right now, just be a few minutes.” she said, walking towards the back room. The florist was next door to the dress shop, Joe stopped there for a corsage. While waiting for the corsage, Joe went over to the card rack picking up a card. At the desk, Joe wrote her a note: Hello my slave, I hope you like the corsage. In the box, you will see that I have got you something else. I have made dinner reservations for us at the Breaker’s restaurant for seven tonight. Wear this for me, no underwear; place the egg vibrator in your pussy before you leave work. It will be a night you will never forget, Master. Placing the card in the envelope and sealing it, the clerk came back with the corsage in a clear box draped with a ribbon. On the way back to the shop, Joe stopped off at the house; Joe had to get the remote egg vibrator. Joe placed it in the box with the dress, putting the controller in his pocket. Joe stopped at the jewelers and picked up the ring and necklace. The final stop to make was the travel agents, Joe picked up two plane tickets to go visit her mom in Virginia. When Joe got back to work he called the local courier for a pick up, the courier arrived thirty minutes later to pick up the packages. An hour later Robin called to thank him for the corsage and the dress, “What’s so special about tonight?” she asked. “Oh, just a night out with Dan and Julia,” Joe replied. “Please Master, may your sexy slave ask what is so special tonight?” Robin purred in his ear. Joe knew when she used that voice she was alone in her office. It was all he could do and not chuckle, saying, “No, Master will not tell his sexy slave.” “Awww, Master, please,” she purred again. “Just follow orders, slave. Do not make me punish you,” he said in a stern tone. “Yes, Master,” Robin said adding, “Mmmm.” The rest of the day went surprisingly fast and before Joe knew it, it was four thirty. Joe knew she was leaving straight from the office at six, so Joe had to get ready; Joe had switched cars with a friend so she would not recognize him. Parking in the garage where he could see her car he waited for her. It was not long before she came out of the elevator wearing the dress and the corsage on her wrist. Watching his slave walk towards her car dressed as he requested he noticed how seductive she was in her outfit. Joe had to test the range of the vibrator; just as she reached for the door handle, Joe hit the switch. He watched as her body tensed when the vibrator came to life in her pussy, grasping the top of her car door. Joe let the vibe buzz in her pussy for a couple minutes, when he turned it off, Robin turned her head looking around with fear in her eyes. She opened the car door with caution. She did not see him. Joe waited for her to drive down the ramp before he followed her. She was going to have a tense trip to the restaurant. She was at the traffic light when Joe finally pulled onto the street. It was busy this time of night, so Joe waited until she was out the downtown area before Joe turned it on again at the next traffic light. From his position on her left he saw her hands grip the steering wheel tight as she rose off the seat a bit, the distance was perfect. Joe saw her search her mirrors looking for who was controlling the vibrator. Joe left it on for a few minutes as Joe saw her squirm in her seat. As the light turned green he shut off the vibe. At every red light Joe teased her wet pussy with a vibe, he knew she would be a hot mess by the time she arrived at the restaurant. The restaurant had two entrances so he pulled in the first driveway as Robin turned in the second driveway. Joe quickly had the valet park his car. Dan and Julia were already waiting when Joe walked in. They followed the server to the table, and then Joe saw Robin enter the restaurant lobby. She had a smile on her face when she saw all of them at the table. As she was following the waiter to the table, Joe turned the vibrator on high. Joe saw her ball her fists as it sprang to life in her pussy. Robin leaned down giving Joe a view of her breasts as she kissed his cheek, whispering in his ear, “It was you doing that on the way here, wasn’t it?” Joe just smiled, Robin’s hand touched his thigh, “Let’s order some drinks and look over the menu.” When the drinks arrived, the waiter placed them on the table and took their orders. Robin asked, “May I go to the restroom, Sir?” “May I go also, Sir?” Julia asked Dan. When they left the table, Joe showed Dan the necklace. They returned to the table a short time later looking refreshed. All eyes were on them when they walked back. The waiter came over with their dinners, placing the orders in front of everyone. “Will there be anything else that I can get you folks?” he asked while looking at the cleavage in Robin’s dress. “No, this is fine, thanks.” Joe said. The waiter recognized Robin; he was the same waiter they had when they came here on their first date. He glanced over at Julia as he walked away, with a noticeable bulge in his pants. The conversation at dinner was entertaining and relaxing. The waiter came and cleared the empty plates away. Taking the necklace case from his pocket, Joe placed it front of Robin, her eyes following the case. “Accept this necklace as a symbol of our commitment together,” Joe told her looking deep into her eyes. Joe saw them start to water a bit, as she opened the case. Her eyes grew larger as she picked up the necklace. Julia let a gasp Zeytinburnu escort escape when she saw the necklace. “That is beautiful!” Julia exclaimed. “Please place it around my neck, Sir.” Robin whispered. She moved her hair so Joe could clasp it on. Robin straightened the necklace, leaning over towards Joe, “Joe, I am yours, use me as you wish.” she whispered. “I have something to ask you, Robin. You are a ray of sunshine that brightened my life, your beauty has captured my heart and my soul. I will cherish these last few months for ever. You gave Me your body and soul to own, but you own my heart, my soul and my being. I want you to be my wife, my lover and my soul mate. Robin, my sweet slave, will you marry me?” Joe asked her as he pushed his chair back from the table, lowering to one knee. Joe pulled the box of the out of his pocket. Robin’s eyes grew wide when Joe opened the box, her eyes flooding with her tears as Joe took her hand and slid the ring on her finger. “Oh, yes yes,” she cried. “You have made me the happiest woman in the world tonight, I am so lucky!” Robin held her hand up looking at the ring that Joe placed on her finger, tears flowing from her eyes. Robin moved her hand over to Julia. Julia said, “How beautiful. I am so happy for you. Congratulations!” Julia put her arms around Robin and they hugged, tears coming down both of their cheeks, Dan shook Joe’s hand saying, “It is about time you asked her.” Then Robin said, “Master, I have to call my mom. Can we go home now?” “How about we fly out and tell her in person?” Joe said as he pulled out the tickets. “Wow,” Robin said. “You really had this all planned out. I am so lucky to be Yours. I love You so much!” Robin’s hand rested on his cock, feeling it grow in the confines of his pants. The waiter brought the check to the table, Dan took the bill, handing the waiter his credit card. Joe started to protest about him paying, but Dan held up his drink, “Congratulations Robin! That is a very stunning collar, the ring is beautiful. May you both have a long and wonderful life together.” They left the restaurant saying their goodbyes and thanking Dan for dinner. Julia hugged Robin, giving her kiss on the cheek before walking to the car with Dan. Robin turned and took Joe’s hand in hers as they waited for the valet to bring them their cars. The drive home did not take long as Joe thought; his mind was elsewhere. Joe pulled into the garage, Robin parking behind Joe’s car. Robin got out of her car walking inside the garage. Joe saw she had managed to take her dress off on the way home. All she had on was the necklace, her ring, stockings and her shoes. Robin’s heels clicked on the hard concrete floor as she walked up to him, her tongue slowly licking her lips as walked closer to him. Her head leaned towards his head and Joe felt her soft moist lips touch his. She kissed him deep, her tongue probing his mouth while her hands unbuckled his belt. Joe felt her fingers wrap around his hardening cock. Joe wrapped his arms around her, pulling her closer to his body. Her hand was stroking his hardening cock as she stepped back flashing her seductive smile. Still holding her Masters cock in her hand Robin lead Joe to their bedroom. When they reached the bedroom Joe felt her fingers unbuttoning his shirt and pushing it off his shoulders. Robin slowly knelt down and took Joe’s shoes and socks off. Looking up to her Master and future husband, Robin pulled Joe’s pants off his body. Laying down on the bed, she started to kiss his nipples, lightly biting each one. Slowly she worked her way towards his cock with her mouth kissing his stomach. Robin started licking up the sides of his rigid cock in slow circles towards the tip opening her mouth. Feeling her tongue probing the slit of his cock, Joe let a small moan escape his lips. Moving her tongue around the swollen head of his cock. Robin turned her body sideways exposing her wet pussy to his probing fingers. Joe pulled the egg vibrator out of her soaked pussy. Robin parted her lips, going slow down the bulk of his cock. Her nipples were rock hard; her hips were going with the rhythm of his fingers. Joe felt her take his cock down her throat, where she stopped, just using her throat muscles to manipulate his cock. Joe heard her start to hum around his cock and he knew it would not be long before he filled her mouth with his hot cum. Robin knew he would be shooting his hot cum down her throat as she quickly sucked his throbbing cock down her throat, her humming increasing as her throat muscles squeezed around the shaft. She felt the grip of his hands on her head as Joe pushed her head down holding it there. Her pussy flooded her hot juice down her inner thighs as took him deep. Entwining her hair in his balled up hands, he pulled her off his cock. The sound of her taking a deep breath and the groan of denial as Joe pushed her on her back. Robin saw the fire in his eye as he leaned down pressing his lips on hers. Using his arms Joe pushed himself up from her, he saw the wanton lust in her eyes as he spread her thighs wide. Kneeling between her spread legs, the tip of his cock teased her wet pussy lips. Grasping her ankles in his hands Joe placed her legs over his shoulders. Robin raised her ass off the bed willing his cock inside her. She was rewarded soon as the swelled head of his hard cock slowly opened her. Her pussy muscles were trying to pull his cock inside her as she begged, “Give your slave your cock, pleaseeee Master.” The fire in his eyes intensified as he shoved his cock deep. “Ohhhh, yesssss,” Robin wailed. Holding her hips Joe pounded her hard and fast, her hips slamming into his thighs with each stroke. In the dim light he saw her hands ball the sheets tight in her grasp. Her head rocked side to side as his cock drove deep and hard. “Oh, fuck yes, yes,yes,” Robin voice getting louder with each hard stoke. The sound of their flesh hitting rang out in the room. His balls slapping her ass hard with each stroke. Joe felt his balls begin to boil and tighten. His stomach muscles squeezing hard trying to hold back the hot lava surging up his shaft. With a final hard thrust his cock swelled with hot cum. Joe groaned deep as the first hot blast shot from his cock. Her climax exploded as the first hot blast struck her cervix, jet after jet bathed her spasming pussy. Her body shook hard as wave after wave racked her body. Her eyes closed tight as the feeling of sub space invaded her mind. Joe collapsed beside her still quivering body and he fell in a deep sleep.

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