For My Hands Only

Erotic Gif

“Finally darling, we’re here. Welcome home.” His warm laugh did indeed feel like home and I smiled as I walked past him into the hotel room.”Oh goodness, babes, I’ve never been so tired in my life.” Reaching the bed, I fell backward and collapsed, dropping my bags on the floor. The bed shifted as he stretched out beside me, placing a soft kiss on my forehead.”Yes, my darling, you’ve had a hard day.” His arm slipped around me and pulled me closer. “I was going to wait to give you my surprise but I think this is perfect timing.” He kissed me softly on the lips teasing mine until they opened on a soft sigh. We lazily tasted each other for a few beats and then he sat back, way before I was ready for the kiss to be over. “Come on now Katie. Time to get up. Trust me baby, I’ll make it worth your while.” He went into the bathroom and I could hear him turn on the bathwater.He came back out with his hands outstretched. “See darling. I told you I’ll make it all better. Up, now baby girl. We wouldn’t want to ruin your surprise.” He tipped up my chin and kissed my nose. “Besides, you know you’ll feel so good once you’re done. And, hopefully I’ll have your surprise here by then.” He tugged on my hands and I stood while he pulled me in tight for a hug, recharging me.He finally stepped back and smiled down at me. “Good girl.” Gently turning me by the shoulders he tapped me lightly on my bum. “Off you go now. Promise me you won’t come out until you’re all soft and warm and comfy.”I smiled at the man I loved, “Promise Daddy.” He smiled for me and I reluctantly turned away to the bathroom, undressing as I went. I inhaled the smell of my favorite bath oil and dipped my toe into the steamy, warm, liquid perfection. Stepping in, I sank my tired body into the wet bliss.Hearing the rumble of his voice on the other side of the door affected me as it always affected me and my legs rubbed restlessly together. I slid my fingers lightly up and down my body feeling my soft curves. I teased my nipples and my mouth formed an ‘O’. Biting my lip I dragged my fingers down over my stomach to the vee of my spread thighs. I lightly diddled my clit loving the slipperiness of pussy juices combined with the liquid silk of the water. “Oh, yess.” I rubbed and played until my hips were rocking up into my hand.Pinching my nipples with my left hand I reached my fingers past my soft tummy and let them slide into my pussy place, as Joe liked to called it. The wet, soft, walls sucked my fingers in and I tightened around them as I tilted my hips, sliding even deeper. Pinching my nipples harder I stroked faster, my hips moving hard against my hands.The water sloshed around me, adding to the sensation. The faster my fingers pumped, the better it felt. From outside the door I heard his sexy chuckle and without warning my orgasm crashed over me. “Oh no, nonono….Ahh, Oh my God!” Panting and gasping, my body bowed forward while my fingers pumped feeling my cum seep into the wet, warmth of my cocoon.Finally finished, I relaxed back into the caress of the tub, breathing heavily while my body came down from the best of natural highs. From outside the bathroom Joe knocked lightly on the door, “Are you all right in there baby girl?”I smiled affectionately. “I think I just became a bit better than alright. Karaköy escort Why don’t you come in here and make sure I’m okay?”He laughed that sexy laugh of his. “I’d love to darling but I have to finish a few things out here. Stay in there and keep uh…relaxing.” Laughing, he faded away from the door and I felt his loss like a missing blanket. But, I stayed in the tub and focused on letting go of the stress of the day.I drifted a bit and fell into a light sleep. The water was just starting to get cool when his light knock on the door woke me from my restless dreams. “Mmm, littlekins, you smell good enough to eat.” He placed a chaste kiss on the top of my wet head. He held out my towel to me. “Stand up now darling…your surprise is ready.”I walked into the room that was now very dim, lit only by a single lamp in the corner and several candles strewn about. I saw the massage table in the middle of our room and a man standing off to the side. A very handsome, tall, tan, and perfectly scruffy masseur.I looked back at Joe. “A massage? Umm, thanks honey…but…well, you know I’ve never had a real massage before.” I blushed since he knew that one of the reasons I’ve always held back is that when my skin is pushed and pulled and touched and kneaded I tend to make such sexual sounds that I’ve always been too embarrassed to let anyone besides my lover hear. “I appreciate it and all but…” I pulled my towel more tightly around my body.”Now honey, you are going to love it. I promise there is nothing to fear. He’s a professional and you’re in good hands. Look at me darling.” He tipped up my chin until I was staring up at him, always aware of how he towered over me. “Do you trust me?” His eyes patiently waited for my answer, like the masseur wasn’t there charging by the minute.”Yes, of course. Of course I trust you. I’m just a little nervous since it’s my first massage.” The last was more to the masseur than to Joe. I shrugged my shoulder as a way to explain and my towel slipped down an inch. I pulled it right back up and I could see the smile in Joe’s eyes even though his mouth remained serious.”Then let’s get you up on that table. Here, I’ll hold the towel up for you like a curtain until you get settled.” Without giving me a chance to protest he did just that, holding it up for me while I climbed onto the table and rested my face in the soft cutaway for that purpose. He leaned down over me and I could feel his breath tickle my ear. “Now, I’m going to let Cass take over. I’ll be right here, and if you get uncomfortable I’ll have him stop in an instant. In fact, I’m sure he would stop on his own.”Cass spoke for the first time. “Absolutely, Mrs. Ward. I want you to enjoy this experience and tell me if there is anything you want or anything you do not want me to do. Now, shall we begin?” I nodded my answer. “Wonderful. I’m going to start with gentle touches just to help you relax.” With that I felt his slippery strong hands glide lightly across my low back.Even that slight touch made me fight back a sigh and Joe spoke right up. “Relax baby. Do what comes naturally. Don’t hold anything in. Especially not those lovely sounds that only you make darling. I’m sure Cass will enjoy hearing them. I know I will.”I was slightly embarrassed Kayaşehir escort bayan but Joe was switching from my sweet Daddy to the one that I knew not to toy with. My brain responded as it always did, with the intense desire to please knowing I would be pleased in return. I relaxed without a second thought, while I felt Cass’ hands stroke firmly up my back. The heel of his hands pressed up and down either side of my spine. “Mmm, ohhh” I softly moaned as I felt some tension release.”Good girl, let it out,” Joe soothed softly. His voice encouraged me to let go of any hesitation and I closed my eyes I hadn’t realized were still open. Cass’ hands slid smoothly up and down fanning out at my shoulder blades.”Ohh my,” I whispered as he pressed my shoulders apart, his hands stretching my skin. “So good. Yesss,” I hissed. The whispers, the touches. True to form I began to feel aroused. The stroking of my skin has always been intensely intimate. Now, knowing Joe was right there watching and observing was making my pussy contract and flood.He moved lower now, his thumbs massaging the twin dimples above my ass cheeks and I groaned. “Oh God. Right there…” I sucked in a sharp breath of air and he eased up on the pressure only to come back with the perfect amount of friction. “Mmm. Perfect Cass. That feels so amazing.”I heard the smile in his voice as he paused to warm more oil, one hand always on my flesh. “Good Mrs. Ward,” his voice rumbled, “Very good.” His hands moved down to my ass and he caressed my firm flesh. Blessed with a high round bubble butt, I have always been secretly proud of my ass that I keep toned and tight. Aroused and warmed I gasped in pleasure feeling his hands massaging me there.I wondered what Joe was thinking watching someone else smooth their hands over me, caressing and kneading so deliciously that I groaned in pleasure. “Oh! Please do that some more.” My voice was getting heavy with arousal. My moans had pre-cum in them. Every time he massaged my ass he was pressing down or rubbing side to side so there was always pressure on my swollen clit. I moaned again, “Feels so good!” the last word ending on an almost pant, and my hands tightened into fists. “Ohhhh!” He kept up the rubbing and squeezing my ass. All I could think of was Joe and what he was feeling watching this stranger’s touch make me breathe shallowly as my nerve endings caught fire.Then I felt Cass’ fingers knead my thighs and they dragged up and down the innermost faces. I knew I was dripping by then and wondered if he could see or feel my wetness. He touched the crease inside my inner thigh and I jerked. “Oh so ticklish there. Careful.” He murmured a soft apology. His voice had changed too. I could hear it was thicker, huskier and was a bit breathless too. Knowing he was becoming aroused was almost too much to bear.Again and again his fingers stroked my inner thighs. I moaned and shivered as his fingers slid over my wet skin and I could tell I wasn’t going to hold out much longer. I shifted my legs apart as his fingers brushed centimeters back and forth from my swollen pussy lips. “Daddy, please…” I moaned without thinking. I craved the release only he could provide.”Enough!” Joe spoke firmly and calmly and Cass instantly Escort Küçükçekmece stepped back. I heard Joe walk to me and shivered when he touched my thigh squeezing lightly, possessively. My pussy was contracting on air, ready to be filled. “Cass, thank you but that will be enough for tonight. You’ve done very well and my princess is more relaxed than she’s been for some time. We both appreciate tonight. I hope you have too.”Cass spoke quietly. “Of course I have. Tonight has been a pleasure. I’m only sorry to see it is ending so soon. But, I hope you have a good evening. If you’re ever here…” he stopped mid-sentence. Obviously cut off by a gesture from Joe.”Cass, if you’d like to stay and watch me continue the massage you are more than welcome. But, watching means just that, watching. The only person touching my baby girl tonight from this moment forward will be me. Other than that, you are free to do whatever pleases you.” He gripped my ass and I felt his fingers trace the wet tracks of pussy juice. I moaned and pressed my pussy closer to his fingers. He pulled away with a small chuckle…”In fact I think my princess would be very pleased if you would stay.” He grabbed my ass and gave me a quick light slap. I was so highly sensitized that I cried out even though there was no pain, just delicious sensation.I was trembling, waiting to see what would happen next. I heard footsteps cross the room then the creak of a chair. Evidently, Cass had chosen to stay. Oh my God! A familiar, heavy hand smoothed over my back. “Darling, how do you feel? Are you comfortable?” All the while, he was smoothing my back with an oil-slicked hand. I nodded, the touch of his skin against mine making me burn. I wiggled restlessly against his hand. My shiny oil-slicked ass was lightly bucking in the air. I needed him. And the fact that Cass was there watching us made me drench the smooth cushion underneath me.I felt Daddy separate my ass cheeks and run his fingers up and down my drenched slit. “Good girl, baby. You’re always so flooded for Daddy.” His long fingers played with me, lightly rubbing my clit and softly brushing back and forth over my pussy.I gave a loan moan, “Pleeeease, Daddy. I need, ohhh, I, I need…” Desperately I pushed back against his fingers, increasing the pressure of his skilled digits against my wet, swollen flesh.”Tell me what you need baby girl. Tell me.” He stroked me harder and shallowly started fucking me. He rubbed my oiled ass and I could hear his voice change, “Tell me Katie. What do you need? You have to tell me.””Oh God, Daddy. I…” gasping I struggled to speak. “I, Oh God. Daddy. I need to cum.” I was so close but I needed him to tell me. Needed to burst into a million pieces as his finger relentlessly stroked my greedy pussy, over and over, and over; my hips pushing back into him again and again as he effortlessly stroked me to orgasm.”Good girl. Cum for me, darling. Cum for me.” He stroked deeper. “Now! Now darling!” His command traveled on nerve endings at cyber speed from my pussy to my brain, where it started splintering me apart into a million pieces.”Ah!!!” I fucked his fingers shamelessly. “Oh, fuck daddy!! Oh God… Jesus!” I came all over his fingers. He kept sawing at my pussy and I came and came and came screaming and moaning while he kept up the same rhythm. “Daddy, Daddy, oh God, Daddy! Ah!!! Nonono! Oh God! Yes!!” I was greedily taking every stroke he was giving me, cumming over and over on his thick, long fingers.”Christ!” I heard Cass using his oiled hand on his cock, the slippery squelching sound steady and sexy as fuck.

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