Her Boots


“You can start by licking my boots,” she purred as she presented one foot to me. Her red lips curled into a smile. “Yes Miss,” I whispered. I took her ankle in my hands softly gripping the leather boot; a knee high tight black leather boot with a platform toe and five inch high stiletto heel. I caressed the precious object as I looked up at her. I was naked, kneeling before her, my heart beating fast, worshipping her beauty, powerless to resist her command. She wore a black leather mini skirt cut high above her knee, and as I knelt I could just see far enough beneath the hem to glimpse the plump gusset of her silk thong tight over her pussy between her golden thighs. Her skin-tight black crop top revealed her chiselled belly with a Şişli escort red ruby glistening at her navel, and the shape of her perfect 36D breasts. My cock grew hard and erect as I looked up at her, jutting up against my belly as I crouched at her feet. “Don’t make me wait,” she breathed heavily as she tapped her fingernails against her skirt with her hands at her narrow waist. I dipped forward and planted a kiss against the inside of her boot just above her slim ankle with my dry lips slightly parted. She slid her foot forward between my knees towards my stiff cock as I caressed her boot with my hands and I began to lick the soft black leather breathing in its wonderful scent. “There’s a good boy!” Sultangazi escort bayan she praised warmly. I flicked my tongue back and forth over the matt leather, wetting its surface, tasting it. I licked up and down the boot from toe to the top and then back down again as she looked on with pleasure. I licked the front of her boot, over shining chrome eyelets and the thick leather laces. I gently kissed the sharp heel. She rocked her weight back and forth and kicked me gently making me work hard to please her. She laughed softly as she watched me struggle. I grasped at the long stiletto heel to hold her, and she lifted it slightly and then brought it down sharply when my hand slid beneath Escort Taksim it trapping my palm. I cried out and threw my head back as the pain flooded through me. “Hmmm…That feels good, doesn’t it slut?” she hissed as I writhed beneath her and she turned her heel from side to side to grind my palm. “Bet that’s made you really hard hasn’t it slut?” she smiled. “Yes Miss,” I groaned and I clenched my teeth trying not to cry out again. “Then show me,” she commanded and she grasped me by the hair and pulled my head and body back still pinning my palm with her heel. My cock stood proudly upward before her jutting from its bed of dark trimmed hair. The shaft was glistening with perspiration and the swollen head was already dripping with pre cum. She lifted her foot and I pulled my sore hand away quickly. She grinned and put the toe of her boot to my shaft and ran it up and down the length of my cock teasing it with the sole of her boot, pressing its length against my muscled belly with her platform toe. I groaned with pleasure.

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