Hidden Lesson – Part Three


Simon opened the fridge and took out a carton of orange. He dropped some ice cubes in a glass, poured orange over the top and took a long drink. Suddenly, he found himself horny again as he thought of his afternoon.Climbing the stairs, he decided to seek out the porn star on Red Tube who looked like Miss Duvall. He needed a wank even though he was sure that his balls had been emptied.Reaching the top of the stairs he saw that his parent’s bedroom door was ajar. As he walked past he caught a glimpse of Mandy kneeling at the side of his father. It was obvious that she was giving his father’s cock the sucking of its life. Her back was bare and a black g-string adorned her tight arse and instantly Simon felt his cock harden.Opening the door a little further, he could see that his father was blindfolded and his wrists had been tied to the wooden slats of the headboard with a pair of lace-trimmed stockings.Simon stepped to the side to get a closer look – and the floorboards beneath his feet creaked. Mandy must have heard because she slowly turned around, exposing to him her pert breasts with nipples like dark brown jelly tots. To Simon, they looked just as sweet.Mandy gave Simon a slow smile, before moving round so she was facing him. She took his father’s cock in her hand and started to slowly wank him.Simon felt like not only his cock was going to explode but his head as well. This really was too much to take in. First Miss Duval and now Mandy; there was definitely some horny pheromones flying around but this situation with Mandy and his dad totally confused him.He knew that it was wrong what they were both doing but, somehow, as he watched Mandy suck his father’s cock, he felt like his feet were glued to the spot. He couldn’t move, he was totally transfixed, watching Mandy work her magic.Mandy alternated between wanking his father’s cock, licking the tip of it, and then taking the full length in her mouth. All the time she didn’t take her eyes off Simon.He watched as she lifted a leg across his father’s body and moved her pussy down onto his face.Simon saw a look of sheer pleasure and ecstasy on Mandy’s fine features as his father licked her pussy. She started to suck his cock harder and faster as she rocked against his father’s mouth. Then she stopped sucking and started wanking, faster and faster and faster as she bucked against his mouth. She let out a moan which was accompanied by another and then another, Arnavutköy escort bayan each getting louder and louder until she reached a crescendo and mouthed to Simon, “I’m going to cum.”Within seconds she did just that. Simon felt like he was going to explode at the thought of Mandy’s pussy over his own face. Once upon a time, he would have thought that idea was ludicrous. What could he have ever have brought to the table for Mandy? He had been an eighteen year old virgin, bidding for a woman who had fucked more people than he had eaten Big Macs and fries. However, that had all changed this afternoon. Miss Duval had ensured that he was more than qualified to have a go with Mandy.After she had recovered from cumming, Mandy took his father’s cock in her mouth again and sucked and sucked. Simon watched as his father crossed his feet, his thighs starting to shake as he too built up to an orgasm. Within seconds he’d filled Mandy’s mouth with his hot cream. Mandy opened her mouth and showed it to Simon before swallowing it all in one go.Mandy and his father’s shenanigans had made Simon horny as hell. Walking across the landing to his bedroom, Simon dropped his college bag in the corner and loosened his tie before going into the bathroom for a shower. He looked at himself in the mirror and ran his fingers through his hair. He peered closer at his reflection. His eyes seemed to look brighter and his mouth that had always been a bit surly looked like it had permanently curled itself in the corners.Simon unbuttoned his shirt and let it drop to the floor. He looked down at his chest and he could see a slight scratch where Miss Duvall had grabbed him as she had rammed her pussy onto his cock.Simon finished undressing and noticed that his cock was actually a fair size and the way Miss Duval had ravished it, it clearly was enough for any woman. An image of his father’s cock sprang into his thoughts and immediately Simon shut it from his mind. What the fuck was he thinking? It was one thing comparing your own cock with, say, the guys in porn films… but your own father?Simon stepped inside the shower cubicle. Squeezing a blob of shower gel onto a green sponge he rubbed it all over his body before allowing the needles of the shower to wash away the white foam. As he washed his hair, Simon decided that now that he’d got rid of his main source of embarrassment – his Escort Avcılar virginity – it was now time to ditch his shy attitude.Soaping the length of his cock, Simon decided there and then to restyle himself. Now he’d experienced a bit of pussy, he had absolutely every intention of having sex at any given opportunity. However, to pull the girls, he needed to work on his image and he intended to start right away.After he’d showered and dressed in grey jogging bottoms and sweatshirt, Simon decided to go to the newsagents and buy some of those fashion magazines that were aimed at men. In the past he had to admit he had regarded them as being a bit too gay for him, but he needed all the help he could get to fulfill his mission of transformation. He intended to go from shy boy to stud as quickly as was feasible.Running down the stairs he picked up his trainers and sat at the bottom of the stairs.“Hey cheeky boy,” Mandy whispered in his ear, “can I get past?”Simon moved to the side and Mandy squeezed past. “You were very naughty then Simon,” she said quietly and folded her arms across her chest in mock admonishment. “I really do think that you need to be punished. Although, on saying that, I think a promise that you’ll keep what you saw to yourself will suffice.” Simon nodded. “Yeah sure, well I’m hardly gong to bring it up am I over a coffee with my Mum. ‘Oh by the way Mum I saw you’re sister sucking my Dad’s cock as she came all over his face and then she took a mouthful of his spunk’.”Mandy smiled at him and stroked a finger down his nose. “Good boy. Maybe I should reward you for your silence one day.”She nodded to herself as if she had just made a very important decision borne from a sudden flash of a revelation. “Yes, I think I will do that. Do you want a coffee? I’m going to fire up the espresso machine.”Simon shook his head, “No, I’m going to go to the newsagents. Do you want anything?”Mandy looked at him intently and leant against the hallway wall. “I hope you’re not going buying one of those wank mags?” She arched her eyebrows.Simon shook his head. “No, why would I do that when there’s plenty of porn on the net?”Mandy laughed. “Good point. We’ll have to watch some sometime.”Simon finished tying his laces and remembered that he was re-inventing himself. No point looking all shy and embarrassed like the old virginal Simon would have done. He grinned at Mandy. “Yeah, Bağcılar escort we will defo have to do that some time. Let me know when you’re free.”He felt a rush of smug pleasure as he saw a look of shock on Mandy’s face.“Gotta go, catch you in a bit.”Simon made his way down the hallway, refraining from winking at his reflection as he passed the hallway’s gilt, ornate mirror.At the newsagents, Simon decided to buy FHM and Esquire magazines. He hadn’t even looked at the prices so he was momentarily stunned when Amjad the newsagent asked him to part with the best part of a tenner. Simon took a twenty pound note out of his wallet. That was nearly half his week’s college money gone in one swoop.Taking his change from Amjad he put it in his wallet and lifted the magazines off the counter, hoping that this was going to be a small price to pay in his pursuit of pussy.Over the next week, Simon devoured the magazines and online fashion tips. He decided the first thing he needed was a new hairstyle. His hair was been naturally curly and he’d kept it quite long because it allowed him to almost hide his face, especially with a heavy fringe that hung in his eyes.On his facebook he started to pay particular attention to the guys his female counterparts coveted. The general consensus was that they liked the rough and ready look and none of the guys had long hair. They either had short hair gelled in a quiff or shaved. Okay, Harry Styles had longish hair but looking like someone who appealed to teenage girls was not on Simon’s agenda.He wasn’t interested in attracting anyone under the age of twenty one and Simon knew that his penchant for older women would now remain with him for a life time.After all, he’d been seduced by a teacher, why would he be interested in the younger girls in his class?Simon had big ideas for his pussy search. So, if that meant he had to ditch his hair, then so be it, even if the thought made him feel slightly nervous. He decided to have his hair cut at a small salon in town. It had good reviews and, on the staff photograph on their website, there were a couple of fitties working there, so that was a bonus. He telephoned and booked an appointment for Saturday afternoon.At college, he didn’t see Miss Duval for the rest of the week. Her lessons were being covered by Mr Tranter, a supply teacher who told them that Miss Duval had been struck down by a bug. The news didn’t bother Simon too much. By the time she returned the following week, he would hopefully have perfected his new look and he was secretly hoping that he would be privy to some more horny action.The thought of fucking Miss Duval again consumed Simon’s thoughts and he lost count of how many times he’d wanked thinking of their escapade.

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