Incidental Slave


My girlfriend loved shock value. It really didn’t matter who got shocked, as long as they had that, “Oh My God, I can’t believe this is happening” look. Together, we were about as kinky and compatible as you could get. She hadn’t gotten me shocked for a while. But that was about to change… She had worked in sex for years. Stripping, Phone sex operator, Escort, and currently doing home sex parties. You know the ones, invite your friends over, and get them to buy sexy stuff. Lotions, vibrators, lingerie. It really didn’t appeal to me, because it’s usually older, bored housewives tired of their husbands. I dropped my girlfriend off and agreed to pick her up about two hours later. Arriving at the specified time, I sent my girl a text, letting her know I was there. She explained she was just finishing up and if I didn’t want to wait in the car, come to the back door. I parked the car and went to the back door, where my girlfriend let me inside. She was packing up when a woman came into the kitchen. I sized her up, about 5’4”, around 140 lbs, nicely thick and curvy in all the right places. She also had a set of 36D’s under her blouse, nice indeed. “Hi, I’m Melanie”, she said. “You must be Catherine’s boyfriend.” “Yes,” I replied. She smiled and said, “we’ve heard a lot about you,” and laughed. My girlfriend looked at me and asked, “there are only a few girls left, and some wanted to see the products on a live model, can you help?” I told her since just a few were still here, sure. Melanie quickly handed me a male thong and asked if I would model Escort Yeşilköy it for them. “Sure, no problem.” I looked for a place to change. “Just change here, I’m going back out to the girls,” she said. Melanie left and I stripped and put the thong on. Catherine adjusted it just so and said, “you’re ready!” As I walked into the living room, I noticed there were only five women left; Melanie and four other women. None of which were old bored housewives, not Playboy material, but very sexy. No introductions were made, so I proceeded to model for them. A few cat calls and one whistle later, a tall dark haired woman stood up, grabbed a blindfold and asked if I would be willing to help her decide if it worked or not. “Sure,” I said. Putting the blindfold on me, she said, “now I’m going to flash you something, tell me what it is.” My girlfriend had one of these, and they work! I could not see a damn thing. So since she was flashing, I just guessed. “Your tits,” I said. Laughter from all around the room. The lady replied, “sorry, but I flashed you my middle finger. It must work pretty well”. Catherine came up behind me and said, “do whatever they want, I make more money, honey.” I just nodded. Melanie asked if I would like to play a game. “Sure,” I said. Melanie told me, “all the girls want to play, but you have to behave yourself. Just go along and do what we tell you to do.” I agreed. The blindfold was left on, but the thong was removed by several hands. They grabbed my wrists and hand cuffed me behind my Yeşilyurt escort back. Someone was trying to get me to lift my right leg, so I went along. The entire group apparently joined in as I felt a stocking being slid up my right leg. Two others were putting a garter belt on me, and when they finished, a stocking was put on my other leg. Hands motioned for me to spread my legs. I did and was surprised to feel straps going around my ankles. I quickly realized it was a spreader bar, so I couldn’t close my legs! Catherine had succeeded; I now had that “I can’t believe it” look on my face. She must have wanted it to last for a while, because, standing right behind me, she said,” welcome to your worst fear.” Melanie then explained. “Catherine has been nice enough to volunteer your services for the evening. You are under our complete control and you will service us in any way we see fit.” I thought I would get out of this and began struggling somewhat, to no avail. These restraints worked really well, damnit! I stopped struggling when a crop came across my ass. WHACK! I opened my mouth to yell and that’s when a penis gag was placed in my mouth and secured. More degrading than a ball gag and just as effective. Catherine cupped my balls and squeezed lightly. “Do you understand?” I nodded yes. She continued, “you will only do what you are told, when you are told, and how you are told. And you will not cum, unless you have specific permission to do so. If you do, Melanie is an expert with the riding crop.” “Your Zeytinburnu escort bayan tongue may be of some use to someone, so if your gag is removed, you will not speak unless spoken to. Got it?” Melanie said. I nodded. Not much else I could do at that point, just go with the flow. Catherine announced,”OK, girls, he’s all yours.” Seemingly, all at once, hands were all over me. Caressing my stocking encased legs, grabbing my bare ass, cupping my balls, short strokes on my cock. My cock had been rock hard for a while and I could have been having a lot of fun. 6 women?!? But, I was bound, restrained, blindfolded and still had the penis gag in my mouth. Melanie whispered in my ear, “step back and get on your knees.” I did the best I could and went to my knees. Catherine instructed me to keep my knees apart. Melanie bent down and said, “I’m going to remove the gag now. Not one word! Anything that is put in front of you, will be licked, kissed or sucked until it is removed. Understand?” I nodded. The gag was removed and a glass touched my lips. “Drink,” I was commanded. The water in the glass was cold and after only a few sips was removed. I licked my lips and felt a woman’s ass at my nose. A voice I hadn’t heard before said, “lick my ass, sissy boy.” I wonder who this is. Expecting her to just be standing there, I extended my tongue and leaned forward slightly. To my surprise, she was bent over and was spreading her cheeks. Not wanting to feel that damn riding crop, I started licking her asshole for all I was worth. Taking the opportunity of me bending forward, a pair of hands separated my ass cheeks, lubed me, and began inserting a butt plug. Once it was completely inserted, Melanie said from somewhere in front of me, “that plug better not come out until I remove it.” I was too busy working on what was in front of me to even acknowledge her.

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