Jack’s detail


The low quality gravelled mountain road forces Jack to drive at a frustratingly low speed. This landscape is devoid of life; all that can be seen in grey boulders and rocks. There are no other vehicles on this lonely road. Distance countdown markers provide the only bit of company. After four agonizing hours, he crosses the last ridge. Across the shallow valley, there’s finally some color! It looks like a white airliner; but an airport at this location? Jack’s brain gives up trying to figure out the answer. All Jack wants to do is to reach his destination. There is extra pressure on him, as his ‘destination’ asked him to pick up a trailer. He now understands why his hauling over 2000 pounds of diesel. The road winds its way across the valley, and the distance countdown is almost at zero. Jack then realizes that his destination could be that airliner. He tries not to think too hard, as he has a massive headache. His fingertips are tingling, and his breathing quite heavily. He wishes he could have lost more weight. The road ends at a chain-link gate. In front of him, there is a sight like no other. He is looking at the back of the airliner. Behind it, etched in the gravel, the evidence of its belly landing. A good portion of the main wing structure is missing. A stub supporting the engine remains though. He can make out that the engine is running, somehow powered by an external source. On top of the wing stub, there is a white metal chamber, which appears to be welded to the body. Attached to that ‘chamber’ are some metal stairs with three landings. Suddenly, a hatch opens in the chamber. Three women, in military uniform, emerge onto the top stair landing. They make their way down the stairs. A small tremor frightens Jack. Behind the aircraft, in the distance, he spots Ogñushka. The volcano is releasing plumes of smoke. ‘Ogñushka’ is a portmanteau of two native words, which roughly translate to English as ‘fire witch’. Legend has it that Ogñushka has an ‘episode’ every four weeks or so. Jack is mesmerized and stares at the distant cloud of smoke and ash. A knock on Jack’s car window makes him jump, and snaps him from his gaze. He looks at the person knocking. It is one of the women he saw coming down the stairs. He is taken aback by her looks. He is drawn in by her brunette hair, which is neatly tied into a bun. He also notices her stylish black-framed glasses, and her youthful beautiful face. Jack takes a deep breath; she is the first person he saw in the last six hours. Jack opens his window, and a young lady begins to speak, “Welcome to the Volcano Ogñushka Communications facility, Mr Kowalski. We have been expecting you. Please drive in.” As she finishes her sentence, a distant thud resonates in the valley. The sound of the eruption has reached them. He watches her for a reaction, but gets nothing, a clear indicator that there is no immediate danger. Her nametag simply reads ‘A. Montgomery’. Jack is guided to park in a makeshift garage by the other women. Parked outside and exposed to the elements, he notices are a big yellow bulldozer, red agricultural tractor and a few assorted trailers. Jack shuts down his 4×4. He feels embarrassed that he is out of breath; the only physical effort he did, was to get out of his car. His headache persists. He notices three women manhandling his trailer. His attempt to walk over and help them is blocked. A well-toned woman, in her thirties, stands in his way. She is looking directly at his discolored lips. “Mr Kowalski,” she begins to formally address him, “welcome to the 715th Signal Squadron. Welcome to Volcano Ogñushka Communications facility. My name is Squadron Leader Jenkins. Private Kowalski, for the duration of your current mission, you are a member of the 715th Signal Squadron. You are under my command. I expect you to follow our rules, and my word is final. Do you understand?” Jack takes a few seconds to process. He then replies with a breathless, but vigorous, “Yes, Ma’am!” Bağcılar escort bayan “Excellent! Private Kowalski,” S/L (squadron leader) Jenkins continues more casually, “You are hypoxic. That is the reason for your breathlessness and your headache. The altitude is 16,480ft. You need to get into the habitat as soon as possible. Please follow me. My girls will bring your stuff up for you. You need to recover.” S/L Jenkins puts her hand on Jack’s lower back to get him moving. Jack was brought up in a ‘do whatever you want’ attitude, and usually is in light trouble with his superiors. His bosses instilled the ‘challenge everything’ doctrine in him. Although they meant it for technical work, Jack is challenging everything else. He realizes that S/L Jenkins is his boss for now; he shouldn’t twist her arm, as he does with his bosses at the office. The climb up the stairs takes toll on Jack. He can only manage two or three steps before having to stop to catch his breath. He reaches the top of the stairs and turns around to take in the view. To his surprise, there is a queue behind him. His eyes meet those of the ever beautiful Private Montgomery. She gives him a warm smile, as S/L Jenkins snaps him out of his trance. Everyone manages to squeeze into the airlock. This is the chamber he saw on the wing. It is a tight squeeze: Jack’s body is touching the back of S/L Jenkins. Behind him, Private Montgomery’s body is physically touching him. There is a silent awkwardness as the airlock begins to pressurize. Jack keeps his hands in his pockets. He is trying to avoid touching anybody. He fears being accused of sexual harassment, which would get him thrown out of this sanctuary. Jack is taken to the front of the converted aircraft. Just behind the cockpit, there is a tiny lounge where he slumps on the couch. To Jack’s delight, his headache begins to fade away, and his fingers stop tingling. He takes a deep breath of air. The much denser air is a pleasure to breathe. At this stage, Jack realizes that this aircraft has been converted to a work-and-live space. S/L Jenkins’ word ‘habitat’ floats back to his mind. This crashed aircraft has one critical commodity in this unforgiving environment: pressurization. Space is at a premium in this confined environment; yet, they made space to relax in. Jack has already seen four women. From the cockpit, he hears two more female voices transmitting on the two-way radios. Jacks eyebrows lift, as he realizes that this could be an all-female crew. It is such a pity that Jack is an over-weight geek, with glasses of course. It is such a pity that Jack shies away from women, if he wanted to, he could have had quite a bit of fun here… “Ah… Jack,” S/L Jenkins casually sits next to him, only slightly creasing her military issue brown pencil skirt, “I see you have recovered. Shall we start your mission?” “I would say yes,” Jack delivers his reply with confidence. S/L Jenkins acknowledges his response. She walks into the aircraft’s former cockpit. After a short while, a ‘plain Jane’ emerges from the cockpit. She enters a ‘room’ opposite the lounge. Her chair is positioned facing the entrance. As she swivels in it, a mechanical link closes a curtain-like door behind her. Another lady appears from the cockpit. Her freckles, fire-red hair and larger breasts stun Jack. Like her colleague, she looks at Jack. Their eyes lock; Jack smiles nervously and breaks the eye contact. She also disappears to a ‘room’ across the aircraft. “Private Kowalski!” S/L Jenkins calls from the cockpit, “the cockpit is ready for you to do your work. Let me know if you need anything.” Jack settles into the captain’s seat. His work takes him several hours to complete. All the ladies help you where they can. A true sense of team-work is achieved. Towards the end of the day, it’s time for training. Five women crowd the cockpit door. Private Montgomery is in the captain’s seat; Jack is briefing Escort Arnavutköy from the first officer’s position. Behind him, he hears pencils against paper as the women take down notes. Training is over by 8pm. Private Hendricks and Swarthøvn take their places in the cockpit. They are on the night shift. The irony is that this crashed airliner is now involved, amongst other things, in air-traffic control. The two ladies monitor various systems. “Private Kowalski, please close the door and take a seat,” S/L Jenkins invites him to her shoe-box office. The ‘close the door’ instruction scares Jack; he expects some sort of a disciplinary discussion. Jack begins to feel uncomfortable. His heart begins to race. He doesn’t know what he has done wrong. “Yes ma’am?” Jack tentatively asks. “Jack,” S/L Jenkins says placidly, “Firstly, thank you for all your hard work today. You were professional in your work…” Jack cuts in, “thank you, ma’am.” Jennifer continues, “please don’t interrupt. Let me quickly sign off on the work before I get to the business that I called you in for.” S/L Jenkins goes through the paperwork presented by Jack. She reads through it prior to signing off on the job. Technically, with her signature, Jack is free to go. His mission is finished. Practically, he is expected to spend the night here. “Jack,” she restarts the dialogue, “please allow me to be blunt. My girls haven’t had any physical interaction with a man in as long as six months. Christina, our newest recruit, she has been here for 3 weeks. For the most part, my team is hard-working. I’d like to reward them. If you don’t mind, I would like you to spend some ‘adult’ time with them. It is your call; there is no pressure.” Jack’s eyes open up. A sense of fear grips him. He is a geek; he doesn’t know how to handle women. He had sex only once before, and she did all the work. His morals are against prostitution. He also doesn’t believe in casual sex. His morals dictate that he should be faithful to one woman at a time. He has an ‘acting girlfriend’ back at home. He is visibly uncomfortable. However, they did welcome him into their circle. These women are professional and hardworking. He feels it would be impolite to decline. He now has the chance to experience up to seven willing and perhaps desperate women. The fact that there is ‘no pressure’, ironically applies pressure to say ‘yes’. How is he going to morally justify his actions? “Please explain what you mean by ‘adult time’ to me. I don’t want to have the wrong idea in my head,” Jack asks while he’s blushing. “I would like you to have sexual interaction with my girls. Well, most of them. Private Christina de Wildt is on ‘punishment’, so she’s not to have any involvement with you.” Jack takes a deep breath. He takes his time to release it. Jenkins sits back in her chair showing no emotion. “Do I need to have sex with all of them, or can I pick one?” Jack asks. “You need to be fair to all the girls…” S/L now leans forward and asks, “Who’s your favorite?” “Montgomery,” Jack replies immediately. S/L Jenkins leans back, and takes a moment to consider the reply. “Hmm, Private Ashley Montgomery you say…” S/L Jenkins begins to nod. “I think she wouldn’t mind having you for the night…” she pauses for a think, “you still need to be fair to all the girls though. We are a team here; everyone deserves equal.” Jack thinks for a while considering a whole set of options, and makes a proposal, “How about a fair competition?” “Oh, yeah? Do tell more!” A spark of interest triggers in Jenkins. “I was thinking of having the girls compete with each other. Give them one minute to explain to me why I should spend the night in their room. The catch is that they are not allowed to use words or sounds. To make it more equal, they should wait in their rooms. Once their time comes, they will be told of the competition. How does that sound to you?” S/L Jenkins begins to think. A smile is beginning Avcılar escort to form on her face. She begins to slowly nod her head. Eventually she speaks, “brilliant! However, Private Christina de Wildt shall not participate. She is still on her punishment.” “What about your night-shift girls? It wouldn’t be fair to them,” Jack comments. “Privates Hendricks and Swarthøvn are openly lesbian. They have each other.” “So, how many girls will be vying for my attention?” “Three. Privates Montgomery, Aarons, and McGregor. I have something special planned for Private de Wildt.” S/L Jenkins gets a nasty look on her face when she mentions ‘Private de Wildt’. She continues, “Let me just warn you up front, I don’t want any of my girls pregnant. Have fun, but be safe. I don’t want to hear any complaints.” “Yes, Ma’am!” Jack replies. “Excellent. We’ll get started after dinner.” The dinner table is mounted against the side of the fuselage. S/L Jenkins takes her seat at the head of the table. Jack sits opposite to S/L, at the other head of the table. The girls are jockeying for position to sit next to Jack. It looks like Ashley Montgomery fancies Jack, since she sits closest to him. Privates Aarons and McGregor take up their respective positions. One seat is open furthest away from Jack. Private de Wildt is right under the watchful gaze of her task mistress. She is playing the part of the server for the meal. A simple meal of potato and meat with gravy is served. As Jack is served, Christina de Wildt makes sure to break the physical barrier. As she puts down his plate in front of him, she runs her left hand across his shoulder. Without saying a word, S/L Jenkins gets up and catches up with Christina in the kitchen. Both women come out carrying plates of food to make it look as the S/L is helping out. That little incident puts a damper on the girls. They desperately want to flirt with Jack, but the conversation is casual but clean. Each girl at the table reveals how she landed up here. The common theme is that every one of them had trouble in their life. Ashley Montgomery, dodged jail time for her role in stealing a charity’s money. She served her two years at the research facility and got reformed. She made a decision to stay on and help other girls in a similar situation. Lucy Aarons, was caught early on in her carrier as a drug courier. Her judge heard about this program and sent her here. She has only three months of her three year sentence left. She is the senior air-traffic controller at this facility. Fiona McGregor tried to bribe an officer of the law with a sexual act. She failed driving exams twice before, and decided to use her larger ‘assets’ to influence her examiner. She has been at the research centre for the last nine months. Christina de Wildt, this tattooed ‘rock chick’ is the newest recruit. She’s here only for less than a month, and already been punished for bad behavior twice. She is too embarrassed to tell the story of her crime. Dinner conversation revealed that this facility has no social communication links. There is no cellular phone reception, no land-line, and no internet. Calls are made and received over a satellite link. Only business and emergency calls can be made and received. With dinner eaten, once again Christina is tasked with clean-up duty. The three remaining ladies are sent to their rooms. They were asked to change into their physical training uniforms and await further instructions. Jack sits down on the couch. He is getting very nervous, as he doesn’t know who S/L Jenkins is going to call first. He fears the ladies are going to response negatively to his indecent proposal. Jack tries to distract himself with his laptop, but he is too nervous even for that. The big breasted, red-haired Fiona is brought out first. S/L Jenkins briefs her in front of Jack, as Jack appears to be deeply involved with his laptop. Fiona gets his attention by pushing his laptop screen closed. This act angers Jack, but he manages not to show it. She leans forward in front of Jack making sure that he gets a good view of her rack. She shakes her large assets at him. She motions ‘come and play with my tits’. She takes his laptop off his lap, then grabs both his hands and gets him to stand up. She makes sure that Jack gets the point, as she…

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