Kissing Cousins


I grew up in a large family. Many siblings and many cousins. My grandparents loved family gatherings, but as you’d expect with so many grandchildren, once we left their house they were left exhausted.As with most large families, there is always a favourite cousin, mine was Cathy. Cathy and I are similar in so many ways. She was born two weeks after me and having a birthday so close to each other our families always made it a joint birthday party.We did everything together, school, concerts, interest in boys or girls. I knew her taste in guys very well and when we were both a bit drunk shortly after our sixteenth birthday we shared our interest in girls. Our confession was in between shots of tequila, so it was only the next day that it dawned on me.She must have come to the same realization, as I got a call from her just that day.“You like girls?” She gasped over the phone. “What do you like about them? Do you look Akbatı escort at the girls’ bodies in the school showers? I do, I’ve often thought about what it would be like kissing them down there.”I laughed and decided it wasn’t the best thing to talk about over the phone. We decided to meet at the ice cream shop around the corner my house. It would take her ten minutes by bus, so I left after a few minutes.When I got to the shop, she was already sitting there as if she was going to explode. She was moving about excitedly, and her hands were fidgeting on the table. I sat down opposite her, and she started talking a mile a minute.“Have you ever kissed a girl? Have you touched another girl? Do you masturbate? I heard my sister having phone sex with her boyfriend and had to touch myself. It was so hot.”I laughed and had to calm her down.“Relax, I’ve done about as much as you. I’ve touched Aksaray escort bayan myself, but that’s about it.”She looked at me disappointed and seemed to settle in her seat. We ordered our ice cream and ate in silence. Then she looked up at me, a twinkle in her eye. I didn’t like it, her twinkle always got us in trouble.“Maybe we can do things to each other. I mean we are cousins, and I’ve seen you naked a few times. I’m sure we can be discreet if we had to.”I smiled, I knew she was a bad influence on me.“Okay, I’ll make a deal with you. I’ll go with your plan and “practice” with you, but I don’t want things to go too fast. We can start with making out and go from there.”She giggled, “okay, when do we start?”I thought for a second and couldn’t stop myself from saying.“No time like the present.”We both laughed and quickly finished up our ice cream.We walked to my house holding Escort Ankara hands like we always did. It didn’t take long before we reached home and with a cordial hello to my mom, we went upstairs to my room. I was lucky as I had a small room to myself, I think it used to be a walk-in closet. Anyway, I had plenty of room, and I had privacy. We walked into my room and locked the door.I sat on the bed, and she sat next to me. The was an awkward silence for a second or two before I decided to pull off my top. It was summer, and it was hot outside, anyway, my breasts were small, so I didn’t wear a bra. She gasped, looking at my soft, young breasts and then smiled. She pulled off her top and then took off her bra. I smiled at her and lay back on the bed.“Lay on top of me and kiss me.”She straddled my lap and lay down flat on top of me. I could feel her soft breasts against mine and knew we were going to be doing this sort of thing a long time.She leant forward, planting her lips against mine. At first, it was a peck, and our lips seemed to press against each other for a while. I slowly opened my mouth, snaking the tip of my tongue into her mouth. I felt her tongue on mine, and we slowly started to kiss properly.

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