Little Sierra’s Confession


“What the heck did you just ask me?”She turned her face away from me, but not before I caught a glimpse of the shock and embarrassment in her eyes. I felt angry, but her expression was one of embarrassment and hurt. I started to reach for her, then thought better of it. I fixed my collar, then placed my hands firmly at my sides. “Did you just say that you wanted me to tie you up and fuck you? Because that just came out of nowhere. This is our first date.”She mumbled something incoherent. Her mumbling annoyed me. “You said, ‘I want you to tie me up. You can do whatever you want.’ Isn’t that right?”Still unable to meet my eye, she nodded her blonde head, then got up from the chair to leave the dining nook next to the kitchen. “Stop!” I ordered. “You don’t get to just walk away from me in the middle of an important conversation. For punishment, you go stand in the corner!” We were in Sierra’s modest apartment in a converted older home. Damned if she didn’t stop dead in her tracks, then walk quickly into her living room and around the side of the sofa. She stood in the corner with her forehead touching both walls. What the heck? Sierra never struck me as the type who might try to trap me into some sort of workplace harassment thing, but that was my fear. Could sweet, quiet, girl-next-door Sierra really be into all that bondage, submission, domination stuff? And if she was into that, how could she be too shy to even talk about it with me?As I looked at her tiny body, standing there in her blue checkered dress, I saw her shake her head and gently bang it against the wall. My gut told me she was sincere, but how could I be sure? “I am displeased with you,” I said. “You can’t spring something like that on a man and expect him to–” Something told me to shut up. A little voice said, Don’t complain. Don’t explain. She needs to see your strength. I looked at her there in the corner, gently banging her head against both walls. Who could resist that? But what to do next? I needed to know if she was messing with me or not. Kindly, I said, “Take off your shoes and socks.” That seemed pretty neutral. Without looking at me, she took off her black leather shoes, then her blue socks and carefully set them down together next to the sofa. Then she put herself back in the corner. So far so good. I wasn’t in trouble yet. “Now,” I said, “take off Esenyurt escort your panties.” Without hesitation, little Sierra reached under her skirt, pulled her panties down and set them daintily on top of her socks. “Very good,” I said. “I am pleased.”I saw her take a deep breath and sigh in relief. What the heck, I thought. “Come over here to the table and sit with me.”She looked back over her shoulder, her blue eyes damp, her face questioning. “Now,” I said kindly.She scurried over and sat down in one of the chairs in the dining nook. I sat down opposite her. Thinking quickly, which was hard given how very cute and vulnerable and sexy she looked in her checkered blue dress with no panties underneath, I said, “We are not having sex right now, are we?”She looked at me like it was a trick question.“Talk to me,” I said. Her mouth tightened and her head sank.“We have to talk about this,” I said. “Even in a, what would this be, a BDS-whatever relationship? There has to be permission. Limits. Consent.”“But I do consent!” she insisted. “I trust you to do the right thing.”“But you shouldn’t trust me,” I insisted. “This is our first date. You have no idea what I might ask you to do in bed.” “But you wouldn’t, you wouldn’t hurt me!”“No, I wouldn’t hurt you. No hurting. And no pooping! We’re not doing pooping anything, no  matter how cute you are.” “No pooping,” she agreed.“But would you let me pimp you out to other men, or make you fuck in a public place?”Her face fell back in shock. “You wouldn’t!”“No. I wouldn’t.”A flash of relief crossed her face. I was struggling with what to do next. Talking about sex seemed to be so hard for her, but she clearly wanted something from me. Permission? A sense of obligation to do what I wanted so she could do what she wanted without having to ask for it? I tried to think of what I’d read online or seen on YouTube about domination and submission, but there wasn’t a lot there to fall back on. It wasn’t my thing. I didn’t fantasize about it or dream about it. At the same time, I hated to see a sexy, cutie pie like Sierra go to waste, and the thought of her coming out as submissive to some other man, well, that thought made me feel afraid for her safety.“This is hard for you to talk about, right?” I said. She nodded.“Okay. Good. Honesty good.” I fixed my collar. Etiler escort bayan “Let’s try this–it’s a sex game–well, it’s a word game about sex.”She waited. “I’m going to suggest a sex act, and you’re going to respond with yes, no, i-don’t-know, or if-it-pleases-you.”She frowned and gave a little nod “okay.”I fixed my collar.  “Yes means yes. Any time. If I say suck my dick, you suck my dick. Okay?”“Yes,” she said. “Very good.” I patted her bare arm. “No means no. At some future time, not during sex, we might talk about a no, but if we’re having sex, I will never ask you to do something that you’ve said no to–like ATM.”She looked away.“Wait. Are you saying that ass to mouth is not off the table?”She looked at me, but didn’t say anything. “If ass-to-mouth is a maybe, I want you to say, ‘If-it-pleases-you,’ but honestly, that’s the same thing as saying yes. It’s a nice way for you to say yes, without feeling like you’re a total slut. So, let me try this again.” I looked her right in the eye. “Vaginal sex.”“Yes.”“Anal sex?”“Yes.” “Okay, good. No sense dating a submissive woman if she won’t do anal. Right? So you like having anal?”“I-don’t-know.”“You’ve never had anal sex, but you want to find out?”“God, yes!”“Good to know.” I looked her in the eye again. “Ass to mouth.”Eyes down, biting her top lip, she nodded her head. Yes.“Okay then. That’s a definite yes, but I have a rule about anal sex: It has to be clean. Your cute little butt hole had better be so clean that you are glad to let me fuck you in the ass and make you suck my dick.” She said nothing. “And pussy to mouth,” I added. “I’ve never done that, and I’ve always wanted to, so you have to do pussy to mouth too!”Her face brightened. She smiled and sighed with relief. She said, “Yes.”This all seemed so very odd. I thought, This poor girl is either so messed up that I’m going to need therapy for years after dating her, or I’ve fallen into the best deal of my life!“Cum swapping?” I asked.“I-don’t-know.”“I-don’t-know also means yes, got that?”“Yes.”“Public sex?”She grimaced and looked down at her hands. Oh so quietly, she said, “No.”“Our first hard no. No public sex. I respect that.” Her face looked pained to have to say no, but she looked up and smiled timidly. “And since I’m in your chain of command at work, no public displays Escort Eyüp of affection in the office.” We both worked in the office at a big factory. While we were both part of the Production department, she did not report directly to me. “At work, we are totally professional. Got it?” She nodded agreement. “Female-female-male threesomes?”“Why would I want that?” she snapped.“Maybe you don’t want it. Maybe I want it. Maybe I’ve always dreamed of having a double blowjob and watching two girls swap a massive load of my cum.”She crossed her arms and said, “If we do a girl-girl threesome, I’m going to make her lick my pussy till I squirt all over her face!” Then she gasped and covered her mouth. “Okay then,” I said, “easy on the girl-girl stuff, but remember If-it-pleases-you is still a yes.” She sat there frozen with her hands covering her mouth, but when I remained silent and calm, she finally put her hands back in her lap and said, “If-it-pleases-you.”“It does.” I took a deep breath, then reached out and unbuttoned the top of her blue checkered dress. There were only three buttons, and undoing the top one revealed almost nothing more than I could see already, but I wanted to know how she would react. Sierra started to tremble and suddenly, I could smell her wetness. “Very good,” I said. I could get into this. I looked her in the eye and said, “Male-female-male threesomes?”“Maybe,” she said, but she was smiling from ear to ear.“Okay then.” That was all the hottest things I could think to ask for, and she’s said yes to almost all of them. I pursed my lips and thought of some of the things that might be on my personal Maybe List. “Peeing?”“Um, maybe,” she allowed. “If-it-pleases-you.”“Wow,” I said. She looked very concerned. “I’m,” she started to say, “I’m … These are things you might ask me to do. I’m not asking you for them! They’re not my idea.”“Right!” I assured her. “I am asking you.”“Well, okay then,” she said firmly.“Well, okay,” I agreed, but I had no idea what to do next. To stall for time, I unbuttoned another button on her blue checkered dress.She sighed and wiggled in her chair. “Stand up. Come here,” I said. She beamed and stood up. With one step, she was standing between my legs and the smell of her sex was nearly overwhelming. I unbuttoned the lowest button on her dress. While I was at it, I squeezed both of her boobs. She was thin, but I guessed she was almost a B cup.She swayed.I was afraid she was going to pass out, so I grabbed her around the hips and pulled her pubic bone to my chest. She sighed and said, “I’m sorry.”“Don’t say sorry unless I tell you you’ve done something wrong. I hate weak women.”

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