Master Is Home


When her master arrived, she was lying on the floor playing with ink as if it was a watercolor. She was wearing black knee socks, white panties, and an oversized dark-brown sweater that has a bear roaring on it. She was so into her art that she didn’t realized he was there until she heard his voice, which never fails to make her heart stop.”I am home, little whore. Is this how you receive your master?””I’m sorry, sir, I was drawing…””Come here,” he ordered with a stern voice as he pointed at the floor in front of him.Seconds later, she was on her knees as he demanded. She looked at Escort Fatih him with a little smile of devotion adorning her face.”You know already this is your natural position,” he said, petting her head, “and I told you this is how I want you to greet me when I get home.””I’m sorry, sir, I didn’t hear the…” She was not able finish her sentence as he put his index over her lips to silence her. His eyes looked deep into hers and she started to feel horny.”Remind me how long it is been since I put you on denial, little whore?” he asked and leaned her head Fındıkzade escort towards him, making her caress his bulge with her slutty face.”Three weeks now, Sir,” she replied as soon as he gave her a chance.Her heart started racing, her mouth was suddenly watering and her pussy was aching. That no-touch-unless-sucking-cock rule works wonderfully on her. He pushed her head against him again and asked, “Do you smell that, pretty slut? My balls are full of cum for you.””Yes, Master, can I please lick them? Can I please eat your cum? Please?” She Gaziosmanpaşa escort supplicated from the floor, entirely filled with desire.”Not yet, bitch, you have to earn it,” he said, and his thumb found its way into her mouth. She understood and started to suck it like a hungry baby.”Wow, my cum swallower is starving,” he exclaimed surprised. She was already trying to unzip his pants.”Stop right there, stupid slut. Did I gave you permission to undress me?”She stopped and looked at him with only one wish in written all over her: sucking His cock. That, of course, made him smile, but she needed to understand who is the one that makes decisions here, that is why he slapped her.There was only silence for a couple of seconds, her eyes were on stuck the floor, then he added, “Well, I know you enough to know that is enough to have you dripping right now. Show me your cunt, whore.”

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