My embrace with my cousins


When my cousins visit its always a good time but recently wegot closer. My name is Connor and I love to hang out with my cousins. The oldest Shannon is 22 with a nice figure but has more to her but not too much and with a nice pair of D size breasts is looks pretty good in a bikini. My other cousin Jordan, she on the other hand is a smokin hot red head with C almost D size breasts and has that sexy hourglass figure that drive guys wild not to mention that she is 17. I am alright when it comes to looks I am tall with some muscle and have a decent size dick of 8 inches and at 17 years old. Now that you got the picture of what we look like let’s get on with the good stuff. On a hot summer day my cousins and I are sitting outside under a tree talking about what we should do today. “Why not we go to a movie” Jordan says “Nothing good is out” Çekmeköy escort bayan reply’s Shannon Being distracted by the sweat that has soaked their shirts showing the outline of their breasts, with no bra I might add, Jordan asks me what I wanted to do. Thinking I’ve been caught staring I stammer out that the carnival was in town. Liking the idea the girls and I climb into my car and we drive out to the carnival. Personally I hate the idea but I guess that’s what I get for staring. After an hour or so the girls are tired and we get back to the house and Shannon goes for a nap on the couch. Jordan and I go to the basement for the cool air and start to play cards, having not yet cooled down I start to take off my shirt. “Wait, don’t take it off yet I have an idea for a game” Jordan says “Why not” Escort gebze I ask “Let’s make this card game interesting” She says with a sexy wink “You mean like strip poker” I ask “Why not” She says “What if Shannon comes down” I ask nervously “She won’t care, she might even join us” Jordan says After giving in and losing my clothes down to my draws and Jordan to her panties and bra we hear footsteps coming down the stairs. Thinking that I was screwed I look for a place to hide but it was too late. “What the hell are you two half naked for?” Shannon asks “It was hot so we played strip poker, and it was about to get interesting” Jordan says with a sly grin To my surprise Shannon was interested and wanted in on the game. The bad part was I lost the next hand. “TAKE IT OFF, TAKE IT OFF!!!” they chanted and reluctantly Şerifali escort I stripped down till my partially erect cock was in full view of my cousins. “Now if you lose again you have to do whatever we tell you” Jordan explains “What kind of rule is that” I ask “It’s how it goes little cousin” Shannon reinforces “Fine” I gave in, because what’s the worst that could happen. I was gunna find out because after Jordan lost her last hand leaving her beautiful C size breast exposed. I lost and Shannon felt it was her duty to tell me what to do. “Suck on them” “WHAT!” Jordan and I both say in unison “Like a baby suck Jordan’s tits” Shannon says devilishly “go on do it, that’s the rule” With a look of interest from Jordan, I lean in. Her skin was so soft and I felt like just grabbing her and just hold her against me and just keep her there. The soft moan she let out didn’t help this feeling and my cock was growing. When I felt I had spent enough time fondling Jordan I let go and looked over at Shannon. “Satisfied?” I asked “Well it looks like you need to be” She replies Looking down I see my cock is at attention and ready to go.

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