My New Home


I walked up the ornate concrete steps to my new home, my feet dragging. My mother had recently remarried, and while I wanted her to be happy, I had a hard time accepting a new man in my life. With the new man came a new house, and a huge one at that. Huge and extremely expensive. The floors were made of shiny hard wood and the ceilings were higher than I had ever seen in a house before. I stood for a moment, almost in awe of this beautiful palace in which I was to live for presumably the next year or so of my life, for I was 17 and going to college soon. I was shaken out of this daze by a strong, warm arm snaking around my shoulder. “So how do you like your new home?” whispered the owner of the arm. I naturally shrunk away from the new man’s grasp, giggling nervously as I took a few steps away from him. “It’s so beautiful!” I said, stammering a bit, walking a few steps away from him, running my finger against the handrail of the glossy staircase. “And it’s all yours! Nothing in this house is off limits to you. I really want you to feel at home here…” he said, his voice trailing off a bit, and he put his hand on my shoulder and squeezed gently. I quickly moved away and grabbed my bags and started to head up the grand staircase. “So which room is my room?” I asked as I reached the top. “The second one on the right,” he explained, gesturing with his hands. “I took the liberty of buying some new furniture for you. I hope that’s okay.” I heard him walk up the steps behind me. I swiftly walked toward my new room and turned on the light. My mouth was agape and my eyes wide as I stood in the doorway of the pastel pink colored room. It was big enough to fit a whole queen sized bed with an ornate head and foot board, a modest sized but matching dresser, and a desk to the side in which I could study. Even with all of this there was still plenty Escort Bahçelievler of walking space. “It’s so beautiful!” I said again, setting my bags down on the bed. “A beautiful room for a beautiful girl,” the man said softly, as if to himself. I blushed a bit and looked his way to give him a thankful smile, and as our eyes met I saw something dark in them-lustful- if only for a brief second before they flickered back to their usual friendly nature. The look made my heart skip a beat and I felt something stirring inside me, my face blushing even more. He smiled knowingly and walked over to me. He embraced me and this time I reciprocated, grateful for all that he had done for me. His hand rubbed up my back and back down, resting at my lower back, making goose bumps rise all over my skin. “Oh, is it too cold in here? I can warm it up for you,” he whispered, his breath warm against my ear, causing my eyes to flutter back involuntarily. “Oh no, it’s fine – thank you,” I stammered, breaking the hug. “And thank you for everything.” “You are certainly welcome!” he said with a smile. “It’s getting late, you should get some sleep. I’ll see you in the morning, okay? I’m going to wait for your mother to get home from work.” “Oh, okay, goodnight. Tell mom I said goodnight also.” “Sure thing. Goodnight.” He slipped out of the door quietly and I heard him making his way down the stairs. I took a moment to process what had just happened, and I found myself feeling quite tingly on the inside. Shrugging it off for the moment, I sat my bags on the floor in the corner next to my dresser and began to take my clothes off for the night. I lifted off my shirt and slid off my shorts, revealing my giraffe print bra and pink panties. Before slipping into bed I looked myself over in the mirror. My dark brown hair Bahçeşehir escort flowed down over my voluptuous, soft breasts, and I let my fingers wander over my curvaceous body. I turned away from the mirror and slipped into bed, the soft blankets feeling wonderful against my bare skin. As I lay on my back I let my mind wander, unable to stop myself from thinking about the man that brought me to this wonderful house. His name was John. He was very much taller than me: 6’1 as compared to my 5’, and his hair was a wonderful mess of brown and grey curls, making him look very distinguished, and, I dare say, very sexy. His flirty greenish blue eyes were emphasized by his dark, thick eyebrows just as his plump lips were accented by his dark, thick, beard. He had the free spirit and passion of an artist and was talented in many artistic areas, which I admired greatly. As my mind wandered I began to find myself thinking more and more about John: the way his strong arm felt against me, his warm breath against my skin; I felt my body heat up and my breath begin to quicken. I started to squeeze my breasts gently and found myself wishing it was his hands that were touching my body. My panties were starting to get rather damp as I squirmed in bed, starting to touch my hard, sensitive nipples. I moaned gently and then stopped myself, realizing where I was- hoping to God John didn’t hear me. Despite this I continued, gently pinching my nipples and moaning quietly, fantasizing about his lips kissing me right where my fingers were, pulling on my nipples, the feeling of his beard tickling my breast. I couldn’t resist dipping one hand into my panties, feeling my hand slide past my wet folds, gasping as I touched my swollen clit. Due to the move, I had not had any opportunity to touch myself for several days, leaving Bakırköy escort bayan me sensitive and wanting- wanting my step dad. I slid off my soaking panties and spread my legs wide, silently wishing he was between them. Sliding my fingers against my lips again, I turned my face so that it was partly covered by the pillow and I noticed that they smelled like him. His distinct, sexy smell was almost overwhelming, and a flood of lust washed over me. I wondered if he did it on purpose. Something came over me and I buried my face in the pillow, basking in his scent, as I rubbed my lips harder and harder, swirling my finger around my clit, dipping my fingers into my womanhood, unable to control my loud moaning. With a squeak and a whimper my orgasm rocked through me, making my hips buck and my body shake, and I found myself moaning John’s name again and again. As I continued to cum I heard John’s rushed footsteps up the stairs, and he ran into my room before I had time to react. I could hear him whimper as he saw me, so exposed to him, my young, virgin lips aching for him. I noticed his very erect length straining in his pants and I gave him a look that I knew would let him know I lusted after him too. “Grace, I-” he whispered softly. I decided to go forward, and I licked my fingers as he watched me intently, and slowly made his way towards me, unbuckling his belt as he did. I whimpered softly as I knew what was about to happen and I saw him loosening his tie before unbuttoning his shirt one button at a time, making me want him even more, teasing me. He then, hastily, shucked off his pants and I could see his hard, extremely large length twitching slightly in his boxers. I bit my lip and looked him in the eyes hungrily, and immediately I felt his body against mine, almost pinning me to the bed, his hot mouth kissing my neck. “Oh, John!” I moaned in surprise and pleasure, running my fingers through his hair and feeling his length pulse against my thigh. God, I wanted him so badly, and I inched my fingers down to his manhood, gently running them across it as if unintentionally. I felt his body shake in response and I could feel his moans run through me.

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