My Son’s Ex


My son has always been a player with the opposite sex. His mother first caught him with two girls back when he was only sixteen. Now, at 23, nothing has changed. Girls only last two to three weeks before he moves on, and somehow he’s able to remain friends with all of them. One of these girls, Mona, would lay out at our pool and sunbath. The first day that I noticed her out by the pool, I had just came home from work. I heard a noise out by the pool, so I looked out from my second story bedroom. That’s when I got quite the shock. The bikini was so small that she might as well have been nude. The top literally only covered her nipples. The bottom made it plain that she was both clean shaven and had a pronounced clit. My shorts began getting tight immediately. Mona was about 5’7”, 140lbs, and had black hair. The “C” sized breasts were perfect for her frame. Her musculature was that of an athlete. As she moved, you could see the muscles ripple just under the skin. It reminded me of a panther as it moves. I was so taken by her appearance, that I reached in and released my stiffening cock. My wife had been killed in a car crash a couple of years earlier and I hadn’t been able to get into the dating scene yet. I didn’t want to be a pervert but my feet were planted in front of this window. I began to slowly stroke Escort Akbatı my cock while watching her. Watching the rise and fall of her breasts, the prominent nipples, the droplets of perspiration forming on her taut skin, the pursing of her lips… This continued until I couldn’t take it anymore and I released the largest load ever onto the wall. My knees buckled and I fell to the floor. My heart rate pounding. It had been such a long time since I’d last had a release. After a while, I got myself cleaned up and went down stairs to introduce myself. Mona was quite friendly and not conscience about her near nudity. She never tried to cover herself. I went in and got each of us a beer. The conversation was smooth and easy. I could see why my son enjoyed her, beauty AND personality. Too soon, she had to leave to get ready for my son coming home. As she walked away, I was finally able to see her taut ass. It was the tightest, heart shaped, ass that I had ever seen. Watching the muscles ripple as she walked away brought an instant stiffening. I figured it probably would be better if I wasn’t home when my son got there. I was feeling kind of guilty for lusting after my son’s girlfriend. I went to a local restaurant/pub to get dinner and enjoy a beer or two. The image of Mona was Aksaray escort in my head the entire night – and in my sleep. For the next two weeks the routine was the same. I’d come home from work and see Mona outside my window by the pool. Unable to help myself, I’d release my cock from its confines and slowly stroke it to completion. She had taken to spreading her thighs wide causing whatever fabric that was there to slip between her full lips. The first time she did this, it immediately affected me. I erupted again and again. Afterward I’d get cleaned up and go down to enjoy her company. We’d talk until she had to get ready for my son. One day, while watching her, one of her hands came up to a breast and began teasing the nipple. After a while her hand moved over to her other breast. What I had thought to be prominent nipples before, now stood very hard and swollen. The skimpy bikini now failed to cover them. Mona pushed the material aside and began playing with her breasts. I seemed to lose my ability to breath. A couple of minutes later a hand snaked its way down between her thighs. Her hips raising to greet her fingers. Lightly she teased the lips of her pussy. They had gotten very full and aroused. As she pulled the material aside, it was plain to see her pussy Ankara escort bayan glistening in the sun from her arousal. I watched her fingers encircle her large clit. Her lungs took in a full breath, pushing her perfect tits high into the air. Her masturbation was fueling my arousal immensely. My cock was the hardest it had ever been. Watching her fingers and body movements seemed to last forever and yet only a few seconds. Too soon I watched her body get ridged and begin to convulse. I heard her load moan through the window pane. This was far too much for me to handle. My cock erupted again and again. My balls emptied whatever seed might have been inside. I guess I must have somehow passed out as I woke a while later slumped against the wall. I slowly got up and looked out the window on very unsteady legs. Mona was gathering her stuff and soon left my home. True to form, after only dating her for three weeks, my son announced that he was no longer going to be dating Mona. My heart fell. I would truly miss her – both her beauty and our talks. About a week later, there was a knock at the front door. I went down to see who it might be. There in front of me was Mona. She looked radiant. She wore a form fitting halter dress and 4” heels that had straps ascending up her muscular calf. I was at a loss for words. She asked me if I was going to invite her in. I stammered that my son wasn’t home. “I know that,” pierced my brain. Before I could say anything more she said, “I’m here to see you.” My heart skipped a beat. “Me?” I asked. “Yes, now that I’m not dating your son, I’m under no obligations.

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