My Student Ch 5


”What do you mean?” Bobby asked, ”Something you’ll regret.”I fought my urge to take him right here and now. He was so young and so strong. His cock was long and thick. It looked to be as hard as a granite mountain. I was so wet, and my nipples obviously erect. “I mean, put something on,” I growled, “Or I’m going to kick you right in your nuts.”He covered his privates with both hands instinctively. I turned away and leaned over the bed for the towel. I could feel his eyes on my ass. Not able to reach the towel, I put one knee on the bed and stretched for it. When I turned to face him he was stroking his hard cock.Rolling my eyes, I shook my head in mock disgust. “Bobby, if you’re going to do that, go to the bathroom. I don’t want it all over my floor.”“What do you mean?” he asked confused.“You know what I mean.”With a grin, he said, “No I don’t. What are you talking about?”I shook my head in defeat while he continued to stroke his dick. “Cum, Bobby,” I sneered “I don’t want you to cum all over the place.”“I knew what you meant Mrs. Williams,” he chuckled, “You could let me cum on your tits.”I couldn’t help but laugh with him. I tried to cover myself with the towel but laughing made it difficult. “Weren’t you going swimming?” I managed.“Yes ma’am,” he said over his chuckles, “You going to join me?”“No, Bobby,” I said, “I don’t think Escort Sefaköy that would be such a great idea.”“Well, if you don’t want to swim,” he fairly begged, “Come hang out and get some sun. Your tan is fading.”I looked down at my arms and shoulders. With a frown, I admitted to myself that he was right. “You go ahead and if I can find a bathing suit, I’ll come hang out.”“Great,” he smiled as he turned to go.I couldn’t help but watch his tight young ass as he walked out. “Bobby,” I called.“Ma’am?”“Put a bathing suit on.” He smiled and turned to go. Without closing the door I threw the towel on the bed again. I guess the thought of him walking back in again had me more than turned on. I still shivered from the cold shower. My nipples had been erect for at least the last twenty minutes. I pulled my top drawer open and pulled out a one-piece that was conservative and probably the best choice. Holding it up, I gave it the once over. I turned and dropped it on the bed. A little deodorant then I was ready. I put the deodorant back on the dresser and my eye caught a glimpse of a white bikini. I had forgotten it. Worn only a few times, it was a tan through bikini. It wasn’t for swimming because, like a white teeshirt, it becomes transparent. I held it up for inspection. The bottoms were small, almost Yenibosna escort bayan tiny.  My breasts weren’t big by any means so the top, although small in proportion to the bottoms, would have no trouble hiding my precious. I pulled the bottoms up my legs and over my ass. The small triangle of material barely covered enough. I modeled it in the mirror and was very pleased. It covered about half of my ass. The top was perfect. I shook my head. If I wore this, it would be the ultimate tease. With a smile, I put the one-piece back in the drawer and grabbed another towel.“Wow, Mrs. Williams,” Bobby exclaimed, ”That’s a hot bikini.”I stopped and posed for him with the towel over my shoulder. ”You think so?””You look good in it,” he grinned, ”I thought you were going to put on some old frumpy one piece.”I smiled as I walked to the lounger and sat down. ”Thanks, Bobby. I figured, if I was going to work on my tan, may as well make the most of it.”He was sitting on the diving board watching me as I applied sunscreen. “You’re doing just that. Making the most of it, I mean.”  Finally finished, I laid back on the lounger and took in the sun. My arms laid at my sides and my legs just far enough apart to get sun between them. I could feel the small bikini pull tight on my crotch. I knew well Halkalı escort that if he walked close, my pussy would not be completely hidden. But that’s the problem with tan through bikinis.I raised my head and asked, ”You going to swim or just sit there?”He stood up on the diving board and tied the drawstring, but when he pulled it taught, it broke in his hand.”I told you they were old,” I laughed, ”They will be ok. Just do it.”We laughed and he bounced on the board a few times to see if they would stay up. He had to pull them up a couple of inches but they seemed stable. ”Here goes nothing,” he said as he prepared to jump.I watched as he put his hands over his head. His abdomen stretched taught. He bounced once then again. I saw his trunks sag with the second bounce. He launched himself from the board in a graceful dive. His trunks dipped lower when he jumped. The water splashed and he disappeared into the pool.I laid my head back and closed my eyes. The sun was hot and the little breeze cooled my body. I was suddenly shocked by a wet slap of fabric on my belly. I could feel the cool water soaking into my bottoms and top. Sitting up, I realized that he had thrown his trunks on me.”They came off when I dove,” he announced, ” If you don’t mind, I’m just going to do without them.”I looked around already knowing that no one could see my backyard. ”I guess it’s ok, Bobby,” I said, ”Just stay in or near the pool, just in case.” I took the shorts off my belly and dropped them on the deck next to my lounger. Looking down over my bikini, I could clearly make out my nipples. By the wet feeling on my crotch, I knew it was no different. 

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