Nanna Knows Best


I travel all over the Us and a few other countries due to my job and In Feb 2011 I was working at a job site in Hot Springs Arkansas. No lie I hook up with women from most job sites I work at and this place was no different. Her name was Sherry and she was blonde and in her late 40’s. She was around 5″4 120 lbs with 34 C breasts and a nice firm ass. I met her the second day on the job and right away she smiled and laughed at almost everything I said ,which was funny since most of what I said had to do with work not personal stuff. Well I ended up finding out she was married with kids out of the house and hubby was never home since he was a truck driver. After talking during lunch with her and a few others she gathered that I had not had a home cooked meal in forever. She walked up to me and invited me over to dinner, told me she felt bad that I had not been home in over 6 months and that she felt she should do something nice. I of course told her it was ok that she didnt have to but she insisted and on I followed her to her Escort Pendik place. I showed up with a bottle of wine and warmly welcomed in. We talked during dinner and some how sex came up and she began to tell me how long it had been and how all the women at the job site were talking about me and what they all thought of me. I just smiled and asked her what it was that she said about me and what she thought of me. She told me that she thought the same as the rest, said that she would love to see how good I was in bed and that she thought I was hot. I just laughed and asked her ok well you have me here what are you planning on doing with me??? She blushed and walked over to me kissed me and told me to follow her so I lifted her up in my arms and carried her to her room. I placed her on her bed and she quickly began to remove her clothing as if she was really horny so I helped undress her and laid her on her back and dropped to my knees at the foot of the bed and began to slowly lick from her Beykoz escort toes to her thighs slowly kissing and licking behind her knees making her shake as I kissed on her thighs a little more. She began to squeeze my head between her thighs and I reached her hot moist trimmed pussy. I slowly licked between her lips and plunged my tongue deep in her hole and she shook and came hard and her juices filled my mouth and spilled on my chin. I got to her clit and sucked it and flicked it with my tongue and worked her pussy with my mouth for close to 20 mins before she jumped up and had me stand up and she sat on the edge of the bed and unzipped my pants. Her eyes opened up as if she couldnt believe what she saw and she made a small cry like a little kid with a nice new toy and she began to kiss it and hold it with both hands and lick it and began to admire it as she slowly worked it in her mouth inch by inch. She began to gag and could not fit it all in her mouth. and she then pulled it out and Cevizli escort bayan told me she loved me …..I then lifted her up into the air she put her legs over my shoulders and I licked her pussy and clit while she screamed and moaned and then flipped her while standing and began to do a standing 69 which seems like women love. I them flipped her back up and slid her on my cock as her legs tightly wrapped around my waist. and she rode me as best she could before telling me she wanted me to fuck her doggy style. She bent over and I licked down her back and began to tongue her ass making her cum over and over again and then id suck the juices out of her soaked pussy. I slowly worked my head in her and began going in inch by inch till I was in balls deep and she shook and came all over my cock and juices began running down my balls…i was fucking her nice and hard when I heard a noise and she said it must have been her dog so I just kept on. All of a sudden I felt a tongue licking my ass, so I quickly turn around to see what the heck it was, thinking great a dog just licked my ass and behold it was a very older woman that told me not to worry she was her grandmother and to relax and enjoy….she turned me back around and began to lick my ass even more digging her tongue in me as I fucked her Grand daughter.

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